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Deidara was a fifteen year old high schooler, artist, and well...blonde boy? Anyways, this blonde boy was what one would call 'fuckable'. Everyone in the entire school wanted this blonde. Why? Most said for his cuteness or sexiness. But either way they all wanted his body. But of course there is always one who doesn't give a rats ass about the most-popular-in-style-as-of-right-now-thing. His name was Akasuna no Sasori.

Not much was known about him. All everyone knew was; he was a hot, sexy, absurd bastard. Of course Deidara, be the chipper one, avoided him. Not much said everything was running smooth in the blonde's life. Until the first night he discovered something quite unusual.

It was around 8:00 PM and Deidara was out walking on the street. Now that it was winter, night came early so he was shrouded in darkness. "it's freezing, un..." Deidara said aloud. 'why did I even go out for a walk, un?' the blonde pondered. He heard a small shuffle of feet behind him. Weird. The blonde turned around to see what the noise was. 'nothing, un...' Deidara thought as he continued to walk to his house.

Again, there was that shuffling. Scared, Deidara quickened his pace. 'gah it's really getting creepy, un!' the blonde shivered. The shuffling was moving closer. Panic spread through his body and he began to jog lightly. This time a hand came on his shoulder. With a small "EEE" he took off faster than lightning. His mind was racing, his body was trembling, and he was scared. Well who wouldn't be? Tears, were already forming at his eyes from the bitter cold air.

He closed his eyes trying to black out the darkness with his own. But that ended quickly when he felt himself hit something warm and cause him to fall on his ass to the ground. "are you alright?" a kind voice asked. The blonde opened his eyes and looked up at the 'thing' he had ran into. "u-un.." the blonde shivered. The other tilted their head and held a hand out towards the blonde. Deidara, gladly obliged. "t-thank you, un..." the other nodded and stared at the blonde.

Deidara stared back, "you look quite familiar" the other sale. "u-un?" the other nodded, "here." Deidara looked at what was handed to him. "your freezing, I'll walk you home if you like. You seem to be frightened." Deidara nodded and slipped the jacket on. The person was no bigger than himself. So it must have been a male. Though the other's voice gave it away.

Soon both males were walking. "I'm Sasori, may I ask who you are." Deidara thought this over for a moment. Sasori. The name was familiar. "Deidara, un." the male, known as Sasori, nodded. "I know who you are now. You're that blonde everyone wants to fuck at school, ne?" Deidara blushed, "oh...I didn't know that, un" "hn"

"t-thank you, un. You know for walking me home and stuff" Sasori nodded. "why are you out so late?" Deidara asked as he got a good glimpse of the male when they passed under a street light. "I could ask you the same." Deidara blushed, "oh, uhm...I was taking a walk, un..." Sasori looked the blonde boy over with half lidded eyes. " hm, I see. A little late, ne?" "well why were you out, un?" the blonde asked rolling his eyes at Sasori's smugness.

"I was at the library" Sasori sneered. "oh" Deidara looked around. "you know it's weird" Deidara looked back at Sasori, "how, un?" "I never imagined someone as happy-go-lucky would talk to a heartless bastard like me." Sasori chuckled. "you don't seem to heartless or a bastard to me. In fact you seem quite sweet, un." Sasori scoffed. Deidara couldn't help but smile. "you don't have to act that way you know, un?"

"its not acting, brat" Deidara giggled. "sure, but why did you even help me up, un. Why did you give me your jacket? Why did you walk me home, un?" the redhead huffed and spoke again, "first, you ran into me and it's not very polite to just walk off when you see someone fall in front of you. Second, you were freezing. And well I figure why let you get hypothermia. And third, I live right next door to you" The blonde cocked his head cutely. "you live next door to me, un. How could I have not notice?" Sasori shrugged.

"it's not like it's a big deal anyways. I mean once we go back to school tomorrow everything will be the same." Deidara gave him a blank look. "be the same, un?" Sasori nodded, "I'll go back to studying, working on my puppets, and being alone- wait why am I telling you this?" Deidara giggled and shrugged. "well it looks like were home anyways so you can let go of my hand and go in your house." Deidara blinked and looked down. His face turned a bright red. They had been holding hands the whole time?

"s-sorry, un!" he said letting the redheads hand go. Sasori chuckled, "yea, whatever. Good night, brat." he said walking to his front door. "eh? W-wait, un! Do you want your jacket back?" Deidara asked flailing his arms. Sasori turned around and smiled and the blonde. "go ahead and keep it." he said before entering his house with a soft click of the door closing.

Deidara stared at the door for a minute and walked to his own door. The porch light was brighter. He now could see the jacket's design. It was black with small buttons at the top. It had a purple patch on the pocket. He looked at the buttons. One was a the design of the British flag, a pair of vampire teeth with the saying 'I Bite' above it. And another was a bottle cap, Grape Crush to be exact.

His parents gave him an odd look as he walked in with the jacket on. Their son had no clothing of that style. He was bought clothes from Holister and Fitch. He smiled and said good night, not noticing the looks. His mind was on Sasori. How could anyone think he was heartless. He seemed almost sweet to Deidara. He was also very cute. Deidara went approached his bed. He thought about changing. It was probably a good idea.

He pulled the jacket off of him and set it on his bed, the cold air sending goosebumps up his arms. He pulled off his shirt, his pants followed next. Now he stood only in his boxers. He loved to sleep naked. So those boxers were on the floor also. He smiled and climbed onto his bed. Sasori's jacket still laying there. He touched it. He then noticed that on the hood were to cat ears. 'aw how cute, un!' Deidara thought. He pulled the covers onto himself and brought the jacket to his chest.

Of course this might have been a little strange in some people's eyes. A naked blonde cuddling with a, practically stranger's jacket. He breathed in the scent which belonged to Sasori. It smelt like Axe cologne. He sighed dreamily. Was this a bad sign? I mean he already had a boyfriend. Sure his boyfriend smelt like cologne. Hell, he even used Axe. But Sasori had a special scent with it, a scent that belonged to the Akasuna himself. It was intoxicating. He smiled and fell asleep to that scent. His dreams full of odd hands grabbing him and Sasori walking with him.

~The Next Morning~

Deidara woke up with a smile. He yawned and rose up, still clutching onto Sasori's jacket. He squealed quietly and buried his face in it. Deidara was in a very good mood today. The blonde stood and went to shower. He grabbed a few clothes, including the jacket. After a quick shower he practically ran down the stairs. He had woken up extra early. He was hoping to meet up with Sasori.

Why was he so important to talk to all of a sudden. I mean they had only talked last night. But he was so...intoxicating. The blonde smiled kissed his mom on the cheek and ran out the door. At the same time Sasori was exiting his home. "Sasori, un!" the blonde beamed. Sasori blinked at the blonde before noticing he was wearing his jacket. "hey" he said walking up to Deidara with a smile. "hi, un!" the blonde was all bubbly inside. Of course he was always bubbly, but this was a different bubbly.

"why do you leave so early, un?" Deidara asked as they walked casually to school. "I like to go to the library" Sasori shrugged, "I see you kept the jacket" the blonde blushed and looked the other way. "u-un. I mean it would be rude to toss it, un? Plus I think its cute..." Sasori gave the blonde a charming smile. "mm, that's good to know." Deidara blushed more. Sasori chuckled, "it's amusing to see you blush. But, you have a boyfriend, ne?" Deidara frowned a little but covered it quickly with a smile.

"un, do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend Sasori, un?" Deidara asked. Sasori shook his head. The blonde gaped, "but why not?" Sasori shrugged and tapped Deidara's jaw up with a a single finger. "keep gaping and a bug might decide to have a visit" Deidara blushed and giggled. "your funny, un." Sasori gave a amused smirk. "so I'm told." soon they arrived at Konoha High.

"Sasori, do you think I could, uhm...maybe...join you in the library, un?" Deidara asked blushing. "hm, sure. But, once we get ready to enter the school gates I suggest you let go of my hand." Deidara's eyes widened and he looked down. Once again their hands were linked. "I-I'm sorry, un! gah I did it again!" Sasori chuckled and gave the blonde's hand a little squeeze. "mm, it's fine with me actually. I thought I'd just tell you. I mean surely you don;t want your boyfriend to see this."

Deidara nodded. "so, uhm...that means...we can..." Sasori smiled and brought their linked hands up to his face. He softly kissed Deidara's hand. "just think of it as a friendly gesture" the blonde blushed and nodded. Sasori smiled and let their hands fall, "good, now to the library" "un!" Deidara cheered. Once they approached the gates, their hands unlinked and walked casually to the library.

Only a few students were in their. "wow, I never been in here before, un" they were in the grand library. "go to the main library instead of this one?" Deidara nodded. "this way, Deidara" Sasori said linking their hands again tugging him towards the back of the library. The blonde blushed and followed. "where are we going, un?" Sasori looked over his shoulder giving Deidara a reassuring smile, "just to my favorite part of the library" once they reached the back there was a small door. "do you trust me?" Sasori asked and Deidara nodded. "good"

He opened the door and let Deidara in first. "oh wow..." he gasped. Inside was a small gallery. "this use to be the old art room. Now it's just a small gallery for students to admire other student's work. Deidara smiled, "I love art, un...what do you think art is Sasori?" Sasori walked next to the blonde answering, " I believe art is eternal, beauty that shall last forever" Deidara smiled, "hm that's interesting, I believe that art is fleeting, beauty that last only for a moment, un." Sasori gave him a quizzical look before chuckling softly. "I guess that's a way to look at art"

"thank you for respecting my view. I guess some things should last forever." Deidara said smiling sweetly. "indeed, and I guess fireworks could be counted as art. Sure they're not eternal. But they are beautiful." Deidara nodded. "maybe we could go see fireworks sometime, un!" Sasori chuckled again, "asking me out when you have a boyfriend, ne?" the blonde blushed, "I mean like friends, un! I m-mean were friends right? Because I under-" Sasori put a finger to his lips. "I'm teasing." he gave a charming smile, like the one from the night before. "yea, were friends."

Deidara blushed and nodded. Sasori moved his finger and walked around the gallery with Deidara more discussing about each one. Finally they exited the gallery laughing. "your really fun to be around, un" Deidara said gripping the other's hand. "mm, well so are you, Dei" the blonde blushed as the nickname. "class starts soon. We should head back to the courtyard." Sasori stated. "un!"

When they exited the library their hands were unlinked again. Deidara frowned at the loss of warmth. " YO BLONDIE!" a rather obnoxious voice yelled. Deidara scanned the area and saw his albino friend. "looks likes your friends are waiting for you" Sasori said looking at the group of people standing next to the doors. "I guess I should be going. I want to get to class early." Deidara frowned, he didn't want the redhead to leave yet. "w-wait, un!" Sasori blinked and looked back at the blonde. "hm?" "I-I wanna...uhm I mean..will you..." Sasori blinked again then chuckled. "want to walk to class with me Deidara?"

Said male blushed and nodded. "shall we?" Sasori said holding his elbow out. Deidara giggled and linked his arm with Sasori's. "we shall, un" Sasori smiled a warm smile. "you look good in my jacket. The blonde blinked and blushed. "r-really, un? The sleeves are a little long, nut I like it that way" Sasori chuckled. "I noticed" the both laughed and walked arm in arm to class.

Hidan gaped at the blonde. He ignored him? "yo Itachi! Your blonde bitch ignored us!" Itachi looked up, "what do you mean?" Hidan flailed his arms, "he fucking ignored me when I called out to him!" Itachi furrowed his eyebrows, "well do you see him?" he said walking up, so he was next to Hidan. "uhm...yea...hey is that..." "Akasuna no Sasori" Itachi finished. "why the fuck is he with him?" Itachi glared.

"hell if I know..." both male's eyes grew wide. They watched as the blonde linked arms with the redhead. "dude...Akasuna is soooo fucking stealin blondie." Itachi growled and shoved his backpack at Hidan. The albino laughed and watched as the raven haired male stomped into the building. "things are about to get fucking interesting"

Deidara and Sasori were talking casually. Their arms unlinked and hanging at their sides. Sasori was currently telling the blonde about what his grandmother did yesterday. "yea, can you imagine your grandmother walking calmly up to you then suddenly going, 'WAZZUP!' it was kinda freaky" Sasori chuckled. Deidara giggled, "I wanna meet her, un!" Sasori gave him a challenging smile. "oh no you don't" Deidara was about to reply back when a hand grasped over his shoulder. Memories from the other night emerged and he jumped, clingy onto the closest thing to him. Sasori.

Sasori's eyes widened a fracture as the blonde wrapped his arms around him. "Deidara?" a raven boy questioned. Deidara was trembling in Sasori's chest he couldn't even hear the outside world. Sasori wrapped a arm around him. "uh, who are you?" Sasori asked. Itachi narrowed his eyes at the arm wrapped around his blonde. "Itachi. Who do you think you are?" Sasori scoffed, "I know who I am. " Itachi growled. "why are you holding my blonde?"

Sasori narrowed his eyes, "well you scared him so he went flying onto me. Not my fault." Itachi scowled, "whatever leave my blonde alone, you pathetic piece of shit." "takes one to no one." Sasori remarked. Deidara was still trembling, he gripped onto Sasori's shirt. He inhaled his scent, it calmed him. "whatever, we could go on and insult each other. But I'm taking Deidara to the nurse." Itachi growled and went to say something but Sasori already turned around and started to walk towards to the nurse's office.

"Dei? You okey?" Sasori asked as he sat Deidara on the bed. The blonde was pale. "what happened, un?" "some dude, uhm...Itachi, like put a hand on your shoulder and you spazzed." Deidara blinked and buried his face in his hands. "shit, un." "so what happened with you?" Deidara sighed, "last night some creeper grabbed my shoulder and I panicked, un. That's why I ran into you." Sasori nodded. "I've been very sheltered as a kid, so I tend to get scared easily. A trait I share with my mother, un." Sasori smiled and helped Deidara to his feet. "well at least you're all right" Sasori said. Once the blonde was on his feet he was pulled into a warm embrace.

Deidara blushed and hugged Sasori back. "mm, sorry bout that" Sasori said sheepishly. "It's fine, un" Sasori grinned, "good cause I'll end up hugging you anyways." Deidara giggled, "Sasori is cuddly, un!" Sasori rolled his eyes playfully and chuckled, "I guess so. Class already began so were late." Deidara frowned. "oh, un. I'm sorry" Sasori raised a hand, "it's okey. Since were already late, wanna ditch?" Deidara gave him a concerned look. "I never ditched before, un." Sasori smiled, "me either"

Both grinned. "so its settled. I give you my ditching virginity! Will you give me yours" Sasori purred in a sexy and alluring voice. The blonde blushed and giggled, "yes, you have my ditching virginity, un" Sasori smirked, "good" he took Deidara's hand and led them, sneakily, to the grand library.

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