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~Last Time~

Gaara smirked triumphly, when he had well hacked the camera system. "guys, I got it" he said into the headset. He looked at all the screens. "good job, find Dei's mom" Sasori said as he hit a guard with the end of his gun. Gaara nodded and looked from screen to screen. His eyes widen, when he came across something. He picked the screen and zoomed in on it. "oh shit..." he said not realizing his headset was still on. "what happened Gaara, un?" Deidara asked as he got away from a guard, deciding to catch up with Sasori. "I found your mom..."

Deidara frowned and switched to Sasori. "Sasori main control room" Deidara said, making his way over to the room quickly. "okey, meet you there" the redhead said as he knocked out one last guard before going to the main control.

Gaara stared wide eyed at the monitor. Sasori and Deidara came in panting heavily. "Gaara where's my mum, un?" Deidara said worriedly, walking up to the redhead. Gaara pointed to the screen. The blonde gasped and covered his mouth. Sasori walked up closer to see what happened. His eyes widened and he looked at the blonde, who was already sobbing. "D-Danna! S-she's..." he wrapped his arms around the redhead, sobbing in his chest. Sasori frowned and held his love closely, stroking his hair.

On the monitor, showed Deidara's mother brutally slaughtered. She was hanging upside down like a freshly slaughtered pig. Her mouth was sewn together and her eyes were gouged. In the other monitors, guards were seen running and looking for them. "Sasori, we have to leave right now" Gaara said as he stood and walked away from the monitors. The older redhead nodded in agreement and helped the blonde gather himself before making a run for it.

"come on Dei, we have to hurry" Sasori said as they ran. Deidara nodded some and tried to hurry, but the picture of his mom slaughter appeared. The redhead stopped running and grabbed the blonde's hand. "Dei, we need to go now. I promise I will try and make everything better." he kissed the blonde's forehead, "please, lets go" Diedara nodded and kissed his Danna lightly on the lips before gripping his hand tightly. Sasori gave a small smile and the both ran to catch up with Gaara. But he was already gone.

"JASHIN DAMNIT THIS SUCKS!" a voice yelled. "shut up! It's not my fault it happened!" another voice hissed.

The teens were about at the door when suddenly, the guards surrounded them all. They started to enclose on them. Sasori held Deidara closer to his chest. There was nothing they could do. They were trapped.

"well well. Lookie who we have here" Orochimaru hissed evily as he appeared through the crowd of guards.

"miss anything?" a voice asked. "nope" the other voice chuckled.

Hidan came out with a wicked grin. "can we kill them now?" Orochimaru chuckled. "I don't think so" he laughed before turning around and shooting the albino.


Orochimaru turned back to his captives. "well now that he's out of the way, time for the blonde to go!" Guards get the blonde away from my lover"

"fuck you, Orochimaru!" "now, now, calm down"

The guards grabbed the struggling blonde. Sasori tried to hold onto the blonde much as possible. His attention turned at the sound of the gun being reloaded. Deidara's cried in agony as he was held in place.


Time seemed to freeze at Orochimaru smirked at Sasori. He pulled the trigger. Sasori's eyes widened and he struggled to get free. Deidara's heart felt like it had stopped. The redhead finally broke free after biting the guards hand. He jumped in front of Deidara, pushing him out of the way. Everything went black.

Sasori cracked his eyes open, the light burning. "s-shit..." he tried to move his arm in front of his eyes, but saw that it had a bunch of tubes in it. Footsteps sounded closer to him. "D-Danna?" was the light playing tricks on him? Was he dead? A familiar face showed in his blurry vision. He smiled, "I must be dead" the blone shook his head, "no, you're alive Danna!" Sasori opened his eyes more, "am I? Cause I thought only dead people got to see angels." he said playfully. The blonde laughed and crawled on top of the bed. "hey, baby" Deidara smiled and leaned down, kissing the redhead sweetly, "hey, Danna"

~About two weeks later~

"when do I get to leave, this shit hole?" Sasori asked as he tried to move. Deidara pushed him down gently. "when the doctor says so, un. You were shot above your left lung. You must heal" he said, almost motherly like. Sasori chuckled, "yea yea...but seriously, I have other things I have to do! I was out for like three weeks!" the blonde laughed and pulled a chair up next to his hospital bed, "so do you remember what happened, un?" Sasori shook his head, "I only remember jumping in front of a bullet and waking up here to see a beautiful face" Deidara blushed and giggled, "un...after you were...shot. Orochimaru got mad and tried to kill me...un, then Gaara showed up with the SWAT team! They arrested Orochimaru, and charged him as an adult."

The redhead sighed, "finally" Deidara nodded and rested his head next to Sasori's. "hm..." the redhead hummed and kissed his blonde. Deidara kissed back, "hm, un?" Sasori nodded, "ya know, walking around in this gown...doesn't it make you horny? Just seeing my naked ass." he teased. The blonde blushed, "Danna! You need to heal! Don't make me want you, un!" the redhead grinned, "aw, but Dei...Danna hasn't got any action in awhile" Deidara blushed and smack his head, "pervert" "all the time, baby" he smirked.

The blonde shook his head and giggled, "of course, un" he crawled on top of the hospital bed. "I was really worried about you, Danna" Sasori wrapped his arms around his lover, "really? I was worried about you" Sasori poked the blonde's nose. Deidara blushed, "I wasn't the one who was shot, un" Sasori nodded, "but, you would of. And I couldn't let that happen" he gave him a loving smile. Deidara hugged the redhead, "I love you Danna" his lover chuckled and kissed the blonde lightly on the lips, "I love you too, baby"


"THIS MOVIE FUCKING SUCKED!" Hidan yelled as he threw popcorn at the screen. Sasori and Deidara rolled their eyes, "shut up already, you've been complaining the whole time during the movie, yeah" Hidan glared back at the couple, "how the hell you know? You guys were too fucking busy, feeling each other up!" Deidara blushed and looked away. Sasori shrugged, "not my fault the director made it so sexual" Hidan groaned when he was hit upside the head. "the fuck Kuzu!" he turned to yell at his boyfriend. "shut up. We were paid to act in the moive, then paid to watch it."

"SQUEE! YOU GUYS WERE GREAT!" Kaede said as she went to glomp the teens. "no glomping in the theater" another girl scolded. "b-but Tsukiko!" the girl, now known as Tsukiko, shook her head. "later" Kaede pouted, but nodded. Hidan glared at the girl, "that movie sucked" she gave a strong laugh, "pfttt, the other's liked it" she gestured to the fangirls and fanboys watching the credits. "you just didn't like it because you turned out to be a bad guy and you weren't the main character" Hidan glared for a moment before nodding. "yeah! Fucking shit! I didn't get to have a hot fuck with my boyfirend! But, these fuckers get to fuck like ten times in the movie!"

"actually, there was only five limes and four actual lemons. So technically nine times was it sexually related" Unmei smiled. Kira rolled her eyes, "yeah, she kept count..." when the credits were over people started leaving. Aki rose from her seat, "meh...that was a long ass movie" everyone nodded in agreement and looked at the director. She glared at them, "I could of made it longer" "notice how she says 'could of' instead of 'would of'" Unmei smirked. "imma slap a OC!" the aburn haired girl yelled. All OC's ran out of the building, an angry Keade chasing them behind.

The Akatsuki looked at each other and shrugged, before leaving. "hm..." everyone looked at Itachi, "next time, I say we do a Twilight movie" the Akastuki thought about it and agreed. "I want to be Bella!" Hidan yelled. Kaede popped up out of nowhere, "no Itachi fits Bella better. But, if you makes you feel any better, I'll make you a vampire" she flashed a smile. "HELL YEAH! Can I be Alice?" "no! I wanna be Alice, yeah!" Deidara argued. Kaede sweat dropped and turned to go back to her studio, then shook her head.

lol, if you dont get this, i'll explain it. The whole story you were reading was a movie, and my OC's and the Akatsuki were watching it. They were the actors and were paid to watch it. Also remember how some of the paragraphs were bold? (srry on DA you cudnt see the diff) those were interuptions. But lol, I made them fit in with the story line so yu cudnt tell...unless you already figured it out O.o ppl who did deserve a cookie ^^ lol hope yu liked the story and your brains arent too broken...i already broke half a brain (yu know who yu are) ^^'

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