The Boys and Girls are Doing It

A little ditty I just came up with. It will mostly be talk and then some actual smut for Lily and Ben, my favorite couple on Off the Map so far. I think you will enjoy it if you love this kind of stuff lol Rated M.

Part 1/3

"Seriously? You and Tommy?" Lily asked as she watched Mina feeding the chicken she affectionately called Dinner.

Mina tossed Dinner some bread and the bird quickly swallowed the chunks whole, moving closer and immediately squawking for more. "Yeah, me and Tommy. It was random but kind of hot... I know I told him if he was the last man on earth I would not be tempted but ... But it was dark. The whole little shit city was blacked out last night because some guy went and got himself electrocuted ... We were alone. There was nothing to do..."

Lily shook her head. "It's just... It's Tommy. The skirt chaser. I mean, he could spit in a Petrie dish and start a new civilization."

Mina shook her head. "That is so something I would say, Lily. You've been around me too long."

Lily mocked checking her watch and tapping her foot. "Yep. Three weeks, two days, thirteen minutes and fifty nine seconds... And counting..."

Mina smirked. "Okay so you're keeping time now. That's sad. You should get laid too. It would do wonders for your complexion. And really your whole anal retentive personality shtick."

Lily smiled. "I don't think I'm ready for that. And besides, who would I -" She shook her head. "Never mind. There's no one I would be remotely interested in -"

"Having sex you up?" Mina said. "I thought that too, really I did. But Tommy ... well, he's a plastic surgeon by trade so he knows precision and -"

"I don't want to hear this," Lily said, holding up a hand. "It's not even spring now and you're all ..."

"Rutting like dogs in heat," Mina guessed. "Yeah, I guess so. The blackout started it all. I even saw that kid whatever his name is who usually follows Tommy around macking on some girl."

Lily shook her head. "Thank god Charlie - his name is Charlie - wasn't around when you and Tommy were-"

"Fucking," Mina said. "You can say the word, can't you? It's not that hard. Don't be so uptight. I mean, you have had sex before, right?"

Lily blushed. "Mina -"

"You have, haven't you? And you liked it I'm guessing..."

"I'm so not having this conversation," Lily said.

"Okay, you're either a nun-like virgin or a closet nympho. Which is it?"

Lily mocked zipping her lips. "I'll never tell." She grabbed her backpack off the chair. "Now instead of daydreaming about our roommate's bedroom - or cabin as is the case here - prowess maybe we should get to work."

Mina groaned as she got to her feet and tossed Dinner the last of his well, breakfast. "You're probably right. Even as much as I don't want to go. I have to work in the clinic again while you and Ranger Dan AKA Dr. McSexyAccent go off god knows where looking for interesting things to do ... Ooh - do..." Her eyes suddenly let up. "Hey!"

Lily laughed and held up a hand. "Don't say it, Mina."

"Oh come on. Tell me you haven't fantasized about having that big, strong man tackle you and -"

Lily started out the door. "Again. So not having this conversation."

"Okay just think about it. You'll be in the jungle all day. Get your groove on, Brenner. Let the wildcat buried deep down inside of you claw its way to the surface."

Lily covered her ears and started hurrying off. Mina was so wrong. She did not want Ben. Okay, not really. Sure he was good looking - okay, gorgeous - but she had heard whisperings around the clinic about him and Ryan Clark having some crazy, complicated history. She had even caught Ryan looking at her and Ben sideways as if she suspected Lily was moving in on her territory. Which Lily was not. Definitely not. She still had a fiancé - at least in her mind. Just because he was gone where she could never hold him or touch him again, did not mean she was ready for that kind of relationship again. Besides, he had been her first and only. She never had been with anyone but her fiancé in bed and she didn't intend to sleep with someone just because she might want to. Just because "" had a gorgeous voice and hair that begged to be tangled in between her fingers...

She shook her head to clear her thoughts. Mina sneaking in early this morning noticeably sans Tommy and with a huge purpling love bite on her neck was just messing with her mind. Not everyone was hooking up. Not everyone felt that animal pull.

Or at least she hadn't thought so. But she now noticed no less than four couples in front of the clinic kissing and fondling and hugging each other. One of them was Otis and Zee. They didn't look up when she passed by, didn't even come up for air. She rolled her eyes. What had gotten into people this morning? Was that big blackout really some kind of aphrodisiac? She had been alone in it with Ben anyway and he had made no moves, not even touched her once or so much as stand near her. He wasn't interested - obviously - and neither was she.




She noticed him suddenly come out of one of the clinic doors and she watched him for a second, noticed the sinewy muscles exploding through his blue dress shirt. Sheesh...

He looked up at her suddenly with those piercing aqua eyes of his and sighed. "Just going to stand there gawking or are we going to get a move on? There's a case of malaria running rampant twenty miles downstream and we have to get a move on treating those people."

"Coming," Lily said. "I mean, I'm ... Yeah ... Let's go."

How did Ben manage to make talk of malaria, like everything he said, sound so damn sexy anyway?