A/N Just so you know, Tobi's dialogue is supposed to be that way.


The plant-like Akatsuki member frowned as he was glomped by his subordinate, Tobi.

"Tobi so happy he was made part of Akatsuki!"

Zetsu grunted. "Get off of us, kid. Please let go of us, Tobi."

The childlike nin obeyed, hugging Zetsu's arm tightly until Zetsu yanked it out of the kid's grasp. Zetsu rolled his eyes in annoyance, but he was used to this kind of thing – it was a daily occurrence.

"Tobi was wondering if Zetsu-san wanted to train with Tobi?" Tobi asked cutely, tilting his head.

Zetsu sighed but smiled anyway, good at controlling his temper – when it came to Tobi, anyway. "Tobi is a good boy. We'll train with you."

"Yay!" Tobi hugged Zetsu tightly again, chattering away as they walked down to the training grounds.

"Shut up and listen, brat!" Kuroi growled when they arrived, having had enough of hearing Tobi's voice. "We want you to work on your defensive skills. Are you ready?"

"Yup!" Tobi smiled, completely disregarding Zetsu's snappy comment. He was certainly used to Kuroi's nasty side.

Both Zetsu and Tobi drew their kunai, Tobi getting into a defensive position. As soon as Zetsu lunged at the boy, a glitter of what presumably was metal flying towards them caught his gaze. He gasped, changing his body position to stand protectively in front of Tobi and pushing said boy onto the ground.

Tobi whimpered, not understanding what was happening, even when Zetsu fell to the ground above him and began coughing up blood.

Zetsu looked up into Tobi's one eye. "Run." He muttered weakly.

Tobi, not noticing the tears in his own eye, nodded. He crawled out from under Zetsu, whimpering as he saw kunai and shuriken lodged in Zetsu's back.

"Zetsu-san!" Tobi screamed, trembling. He could sense others around their area, and with Zetsu in this state, he knew that he was in trouble.

"Get out of here, brat!" Zetsu shouted as loud as he could, slowly getting to his feet. "Be careful, Tobi."

Tobi fled, terrified. He could hear Zetsu grunting and whimpering with the clang of kunai against kunai. He couldn't think of anything except getting away.