A/N: Hattie loses to Cynthia. Working on a set of Hattie/Cynthia oneshots.

-I do not own "Ella Enchanted" or "Pokemon."

Cynthia likes Hattie best when she's on her knees. When she's groveling at the feet of the Champion, begging for a rematch, begging for victory. Cynthia likes Hattie that way. She likes it when she can clearly see the desperation in her eyes; the shattered pride/bruised ego/broken heart/torn-up dreams. Cynthia loves seeing her like that. It's her own little version of sadism. Her own way of making herself superior. It had to be done. And Cynthia doesn't mind. After all, it was what Hattie deserved.

"This is what you need." Cynthia find herself saying, as she kneels down to be on the younger female's level.

"A good dose…" she stroked her face, fingertips brushing over unhealthily pale skin,

"…of reality."

Cynthia can see the tears begin to form in Hattie's eyes. She should feel pity. She should feel regret. But Hattie is pretty when tainted with despair. She's beautiful when she's broken.

And Cynthia likes her that way.