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Bosavian Screw-Up

By Gunnery Sergeant

Sequel to "Bosavian Fever"

Set about six months after the first story

Dedicated to all the readers who had been hoping for some animalistic sex in the previous story…


It was a Saturday afternoon of one of their on-call weekends, and Tony was sitting at his desk, typing quietly. He was tracing cell phones, e-mails, credit card transactions in the attempt to locate Lieutenant Lawrence Dempsey, the elusive roommate of a dead ensign—not to mention the prime suspect of his murder.

This was usually McGee's work, but Probie was home after yet another close encounter with poison ivy- a very bad one too, since he had tripped and landed straight in it, face first. Ziva wasn't there either, having taken two days of vacations to be near an aunt who had travelled all the way from Haifa to see her.

That left Tony alone to man the fort and handle Gibbs—which wasn't that bad. It wasn't bad at all, in fact.

First of all, it wasn't the first time he worked alone with the Boss. Many years ago, before Kate and McGee's arrival, Gibbs and he had formed a very efficient two-man team. Secondly, Gibbs now was much more than his supervisor and Tony had gotten used to handling him…in more ways than one.

Tony observed the older man across the squad room. Gibbs was staring at his computer screen as if he wanted to incinerate it and the younger man thought he looked adorable.

Yes, adorable. That was the right word, even if Tony would never say it aloud, not even to Gibbs when they were alone. Especially not to Gibbs!

His lover might purr like a big pussycat when he was happy and satisfied, but he was still amply able of justify his second "B" when he wanted. Although, Tony had to admit, it was only on the job.

When they were alone, Gibbs was a completely different guy. Well, almost. While he tended to be his usual functional mute, he was also considerate of Tony's needs and opinions. He was also very physically affectionate, generous with little caresses and kisses. For Tony, who had never known real affection since his mother had died it was like a dream come true. More than once he had blessed the snow which six months ago had trapped them in that cabin. It had started the chain of events that had led to him and Gibbs falling in love with each other.

A loud beep brought Tony back to the present and he stared at his computer screen.

"Boss! Dempsey has just switched on his cell phone!" he exclaimed excited.

Gibbs stood up and quickly approached his desk, leaning over Tony's shoulder as he observed the screen, "Find his location."

"On it, Boss," Tony pressed some more keys, locking on the cell phone's signal and Bang! He got a location, "He's at the Monroe University Hospital."

"His sister works there as a nurse," Gibbs supplied, already moving to retrieve his badge and gun from his drawer as Tony did the same, "Let's go!"


Thanks to Gibbs' breakneck driving, they reached the hospital quickly and began to look for Dempsey.

The nurse at the reception told them Laura Dempsey worked in the general surgery department on the second floor, so they started from there.

The two agents walked calmly along the hallways, eyes scanning every male face they saw until they spotted a man with a woman dressed in a nurse uniform talking animatedly in a corner.

"That's him," Gibbs said, "Let's approach him quietly."

Tony nodded.

They didn't want to scare the Dempsey because they wanted to avoid a chase along the hospital corridors crowded with patients, wheelchairs and stretchers. However, their best laid plans went down the drain for the man bolted in a run as soon as he spotted them.

"Stop, NCIS!" Gibbs yelled, but Dempsey ignored him. He knew very well the two agents wouldn't open fire inside a hospital.

"Take the emergency stairs!" Gibbs ordered, "Block his path! I'll pursue him."

"Okay, Boss!" Tony pushed open the door leading to the emergency stairs and ran down the steps until he reached the first floor. He opened the door and stepped in the corridor, looking for Dempsey and Gibbs.

As if on cue, the two men appeared, coming down from the main stairs. Tony moved forward, blocking their suspect's path.

Dempsey skidded to a halt and looked around searching for a way out.

"There isn't any," Tony commented, pulling out his handcuffs. "Now be a good boy and came with us."

"No!" Dempsey yelled. He grabbed a syringe from a tray posed on a medical cart near to him and brandished it like a weapon. Then, perhaps thinking he would have more chances against Gibbs than Tony, he threw himself against the older man.

The impact was so strong both men ended on the floor. Dempsey struggled to get on his feet, but Gibbs grabbed him and pulled him down. Tony jumped forward and grabbed Dempsey from behind, pulling him away from Gibbs, and pushing him down, face first to the floor. He quickly cuffed the suspect and raised his head to exchange a smile with his lover.

However, his smile fell when he saw Gibbs holding the syringe Dempsey had attacked him with, while rubbing his shoulder with his other hand.

"Did he inject you with it?" Tony asked when he noticed the syringe was empty.


"Damn. You gotta have a doctor check you. We don't know what there was in that thing."

Gibbs nodded, "Go to find a doctor, I'll keep an eye on him."

Tony was surprised by the fact Gibbs had sent him to look for a doctor instead of going himself, but then realized the older man was acting as if he had just bitten by a poisonous snake. The first rule in case of a bite was to move as little as possible to slow down the spreading of the poison in the blood stream.

Tony just hoped it would work for whatever Dempsey had just injected Gibbs with. There were so many medicines that, if given to a healthy person, could cause serious problems, if not death. He could only pray this wasn't the case.

However, thirty minutes later when they left the hospital pushing and pulling Dempsey toward their car, the younger agent was in a much lighter mood.

After a thorough search, it had been ascertained Gibbs had been injected with a cocktail of testosterone and other hormones destined for a woman who was preparing for sex-change surgery.

According to the doctor that had checked him, Gibbs was in no danger of any serious side effect because of the injection. The worse thing that could happen to Gibbs until his body metabolized the surplus of testosterone was he could get a bit more aggressive, and hornier. The doctor had not used that word, but the meaning had been clear – and that, according to both Tony and his lover, wasn't going to be much of a problem.

They had a very healthy and active sexual life. After the first time Tony had discovered what a great lover the older man was, he could never have enough of Jethro. So the idea of having to deal with a horny Gibbs was more than a little appealing…


Tony was in the observation room, watching as Gibbs interrogated Dempsey. It was just routine, because by the time they had returned from the Monroe University Hospital with their suspect, Abby had provided them with the forensic proof the Lieutenant was indeed the murderer.

Tony had always liked to watch Gibbs interrogate suspects or guilty culprits. He admired the way his boss used different approaches according to the person he was facing, and the ability he had to read people and know when they were lying. Gibbs never failed to find what he was looking for in an interview, and it was one of the many reasons their team had the highest solving rate of the whole agency.

However, as the interview went on, Tony began to think there was something off with Gibbs.

In the many years he had worked with Gibbs, he had never heard him yell so much during an interrogation. But it wasn't just the yelling, it was his stance with Dempsey what set off Tony's inner alarm.

Gibbs was pacing back and forth in front of the one-way mirror with his fists clenched by his sides as he snarled threats about what would happen to Dempsey if he didn't say everything he knew about the drug ring both he and his victim were involved with.

In Tony's eyes, Gibbs looked like he was working hard to prevent himself from attacking Dempsey, who, apparently scared shitless by his threats, was spilling his guts in record time.

Tony frowned and then remembered what the doctor had said earlier, about a possible increase of aggressiveness. That could explain Gibbs' current behavior.

So, when Tony stepped out in the corridor to meet with Gibbs after he stormed out of the interrogation room, he was fully expecting to be confronted with an extremely short tempered Boss. What he wasn't expecting was the look in his lover's eyes: burning, desperate...scared.

Tony had seen that look only once before and it sent a shiver along his spine. It was the same look Gibbs had six months before, when he had calmly told Tony he would die if he didn't mate soon.

"Oh God," Tony said shocked as he added two and two together, "The Fever is back, isn't it?"

"I don't's just...look," Gibbs showed him his hands and Tony cursed under his breath when he saw his fingers already showed the beginning of his Bosavian claws.

"I need to find Ducky," Gibbs urged. "This has been caused by that injection, not by my biology. Maybe he has something to counteract the effect of the testosterone I was injected with."

"Okay," Tony nodded. "I'll come with you."

"DiNozzo, you should start on the report-"

"Forget it," Tony cut him short as he followed his boss, but also the man he loved to the elevator. "It's Saturday and Vance isn't here. The report can wait till Monday." Gibbs didn't protest or glare at him, and the younger man didn't know if he should be happy or worried about it.

When the elevator's doors opened on the autopsy floor, the two men found themselves face to face with Ducky who, dressed with a raincoat and hat, was clearly ready to go home.

"Oh Jethro, Anthony, I was-" he began, but then his focused on Gibbs' face and he exclaimed, "Good Lord, Jethro, what's going on?"

"We got a problem, Ducky," Tony answered, when Gibbs failed to speak.

He gently steered his lover toward the Autopsy. He was concerned by the fact Gibbs seemed almost in shock now. He was not speaking and was looking fixedly in front of him.

"What happened?" Ducky asked, as he followed them inside the room and removed his coat and hat.

Tony made Gibbs lean against one of the slabs and turned to face the other man. "About two hours ago, a suspect injected him with a cocktail of testosterone and other hormones. The hospital doctor who checked Gibbs said he wasn't in danger of any negative reactions aside possible aggressiveness, which he displayed, and...Uhm..."

"A stronger libido," Ducky supplied, as he examined Gibbs's dilated pupils.


"Which he is displaying too," the doctor added softly. Tony looked down at Gibbs' groin and saw his slacks were tented.

He swallowed hard and looking up at Ducky said, "Yeah, but that doctor had no idea of this other side effect..." and speaking so he took one of Gibbs hands and showed it to Ducky.

"Good Lord!" the ME exclaimed again as he saw the claws and Tony realized that while Ducky knew about the Fever and the change Gibbs underwent during it, he had never actually seen the transformation.

However, Ducky recovered quickly and a moment later he used his fingers to gently raise Gibbs' upper lip.

"He has fangs now," Ducky said, with a bit of wonder in his voice.

Tony stretched his neck to take a look before Ducky removed his fingers and commented, "They will get longer."

The ME turned to look sharply at Tony, "Why do I have the feeling you know more about Jethro's nature than I do?"

"It's a long story and I'll be happy to tell you another time. But now, is there something you can do to help him? You know something to counter the testosterone he was injected with?" Tony asked anxiously. He didn't like the way Gibbs was now sweating, nor did he like that fixed gaze. It looked like his lover was far more gone than he had been in the cabin...

"There is nothing I can do, Anthony. Maybe we could have done something if we acted immediately after he was injected, but now it's too late," Ducky answered, running a hand along his hair. He was clearly worried by the situation.

"So you think the only way for him Gibbs to get well again is to mate?" Tony asked, looking at his lover, who was still standing there, unmoving but for his clenching and unclenching fists.

Ducky nodded, "I'm afraid so."

"And how long this will go on? Last time it lasted three days, and we can hardly stay coped up here for so long!" Tony exclaimed.

Ducky's eyes widened, "Last time? We? Anthony, you really need to tell me what you are talking about."

Tony nodded. There was no point to stay silent now. "Do you remember six months ago, when Gibbs and I were stranded in a cabin in the Appalachians for almost a week?" Ducky nodded. "Well, he went through his Fever during that time."

"But he later left for Papua New Guinea..."

"We both agreed to keep what happened between us private. To be blunt, Ducky, we didn't want you to ask personal questions or poke and prod us to get details." The ME opened his mouth to speak but Tony stopped him. "You only need to know I wasn't hurt in anyway and that I'm more than willing to help Jethro again."

Ducky stared at Tony for a long while and commented. "So I guess I wouldn't be wrong if I said you are the reason Jethro has been smiling more in these past few months? I never connected it to the time you spent in the cabin, but now that I think of it, well, it's quite obvious."

Tony smiled back, "Let's just say that experience opened our eyes on a few things and that we have been together since then."

"Happily?" Ducky pressed, looking at him like a hawk.

"Very," Tony confirmed.

The older man relaxed and smiled, "Good, Anthony. I'm happy for both of you-" He raised his hand to pat Tony's shoulder but a roar-like sound made him stop mid-way.

They both turned to face Gibbs, who was looking at Ducky with his upper lip raised, showing his fangs and his body coiled, and ready to spring. Had he had long, pointed ears, they would be certainly pinned against his skull to complete the threatening stance.

"Uh-uh," Tony said, taking a few steps away from the ME and closer to Gibbs. "I guess he doesn't like you touching me."

"I think Jethro just made it obvious."

"So, what we do now? I don't think it would be prudent to let him out of here in this condition. There are too many people around. Besides, given the state he is in, I wouldn't put past him to jump me in the elevator. Which would be totally hot and so exciting if he was in his right mind…but not now," Tony ran a hand in his hair.

"We could do something like this: I'll block the doors, so no one will be able to enter or leave this room and I will close myself in my office. If the guards call to know why I'm still here, I'll told them I'm working on something potentially dangerous and that no one can step in here. What do you think?"

Having sex in the Autopsy with Ducky nearby had never been among Tony's fantasies, but beggars couldn't choose and there wasn't any other option given Jethro's condition.

"Okay," he said. "Let's do it." A pause then, "Uh, Ducky, is there anything I could use as lube?" he asked, feeling his face burn with embarrassment.

Ducky disappeared into his office and walked back holding a small, roundish container, which he put on one of the slabs, without any attempt to get close to Tony. This was good, giving the way Gibbs was tracking his every move. "Here, it's glycerin-based cream for hands. It gets slippery when warmed by body heat. It should do well for the job." Then he walked to the doors and locked them, covering the glass rectangles with paper towels and tape. When he was done, Ducky exchanged a final look with Tony and walked back inside his office, closing the door.

Tony didn't lose time. He removed all of his clothes and folded them on a slab, as Gibbs looked him intently. Then he opened the cream Ducky had left and scooping a good dose of it, he used it to thoroughly slick and stretch his opening. After six months, he was used to be taken by Gibbs, but he had no idea of how rough his lover would get, thus he took his time with his preparations.

When he was ready, Tony walked toward Gibbs, and without a word, he started unbuckling his belt.

"W-What are you doing?" the older man mumbled.

"Ya know what I'm doing, Jethro," Tony replied with a reassuring smile. "I'm undressing you so we can have sex."

"It's hot in here... so hot..." Gibbs said as Tony tugged at his polo shirt and white t-shirt. He was bathed in sweat and the cotton adhered to his skin.

"Yes," Tony commented, "It's hot in here..." And it was true. Despite the fact he was standing stark naked in the Autopsy, he was feeling warm...with excitement. It took a moment to realize why, and when he did, Tony blushed crimson. He was looking forward to have sex with an out of control Gibbs.

During the Fever, Gibbs hadn't been anything like what he had said he would be. He hadn't behaved like an animal. He hadn't cared only about himself. He hadn't lost his control. If anything, his control over himself and his needs had been almost exaggerated. It had been because they had had started having sex before the pressure could get too strong, and before Gibbs could really lose himself to the needs of his body.

Back then, Tony had been grateful for it. Despite his desire to help his boss and friend, and his attraction to Gibbs, it had been his first experience with a man, and he had been afraid to be hurt. Later, after he and Gibbs had got together for good, Tony had begun to feel like he had been cheated, as irrational as the idea was. Jethro was a hell of a lover, passionate and demanding, and Tony had wondered how much more intense their couplings during the Fever could have been if the older man had really lost his control.

But now, maybe, Tony would discover it. He finished undressing Gibbs and took a step back.

God, the man looked so good. His fair skin was slick with sweat. He still had the lean, agile, yet strong body of an athlete, and a hard cock jutting proudly from its nest of curls.

Tony licked his lips as his own cock twitched at the sight of his lover and taking a step closer, he touched Gibbs' chest and asked softly, "Where do you want me?"

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