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New York Institute, 2007

Clary took another tentative step as she tried with all her might to take the heavy box up the stairs. She felt her foot slip through empty space and caught herself before she stumbled and let the contents of the heavy box spill and possibly hurt herself. 'Are you alright?' She looked up and saw Isabelle in front of her and felt a sharp pang of jealousy. While she struggled with the box, Isabelle didn't even break a sweat.

'I'm fine,' she replied as she grasped the box tighter and told herself to take another step. And another. And another. For some reason, Clary felt that the stairs were getting longer the more she tried. As if they mentally and physically pushed her to her limits.

Or maybe they were just the effects of her Shadowhunter training. To be constantly pushed to her limits.

At last, she made it to the landing and happily dropped the heavy box to the floor as Isabelle reached the trapdoor to the attic separate to the one they used as a training room and opened it. A ladder came sliding down and the girl narrowly dodged it. 'Whoa! Who knew ladders could be so lethal?' She said to no one in particular as she gaped at the ladder with wide blue eyes.

'Great,' Clary said as she threw her arms up in the air in exasperation. 'First a box that almost killed me and now a ladder that is lethal. What next?'

'You're complaining,' Isabelle smiled at her and took the box off the floor. She then started to climb the ladder with ease, despite the box. She finally made it to the attic and Clary groaned. Isabelle's head popped out of the attic 'You need to get some muscles in those skinny arms of yours Shadowhunter,' Clary glared at her as she disappeared back into the attic.

With a deep breath, she picked up the box off the floor and started climbing the ladder. She was halfway there when she almost fell and Isabelle told her to give her the box. Clary happily gave her the box and climbed the rest of the way up. When she got there, Isabelle closed the trapdoor and she glared at the boxes.

'Why do they need to be kept here anyway? Is the attic at the London Institute packed or what?'

'I don't know,' Isabelle shrugged then straightened and placed her hands on her hips. 'But I'm sure ours is almost full,' Clary stood up and agreed with her. She saw that the attic had boxes of all sizes scattered everywhere in no particular order as it was being illuminated by the dimming afternoon light. Isabelle placed the box on top of another and smiled 'Mission completed,' she seemed to be proud of doing such a small task that she didn't have any problems with.

Isabelle's mother, Maryse Lightwood, had asked Clary and Isabelle to put away the boxes from the London Institute in the attic and they also did it to pass the time while waiting for Jace and Alec to come back with their takeout from Taki's. Clary picked up the box again and placed it on top of another box and looked at the attic. 'I know Shadowhunters haven't heard of a lot of things, but this is ridiculous,' Clary gestured to the mess in the attic and the layers of dust over the boxes. 'Have you guys never heard of spring clean?'

'Or maybe we were fighting demons for the most of our time so we didn't have spare time for cleaning up,' Isabelle defended and Clary looked back at the attic. At the very end of the room, she saw a pile of boxes that were also covered in some cobwebs and had at least a century of dust piling on it. She walked towards it in curiosity, dodging boxes along the way so she won't trip over them, and Isabelle followed after her.

They reached the end of the attic and Clary looked down at the mess. 'That's disgusting,' Isabelle remarked as she bent down and brushed the centimetre thick layer of dust. 'Ew,' she shook the dust off her pale hands and Clary bit back her laughter as she watched the dust drift to the dusty floor. 'Come on,' Isabelle said as she whirled around and made her way to the trapdoor. 'They'll be back soon.' It was true. The sun was preparing itself for nighttime and the light cast long dark shadows in the attic. They mixed with the dust on the floor.

Clary followed her.

Pulvis et umbra sumus.

We are dust and shadows.