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Just because he's gonna be a rapper, doesn't mean I won't throw in some Pop, Hip-hop, or R&B songs. They all blend and you all know it.

So without further ado, I give you all: NARUTO: Student of the Killa Bee

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Song one: My Name Is

Two figures were walking towards the village of Konohagakure. Both were around 6'4" and had an insane amount of muscle seen clearly even with their dark skin. They shared the same white-blonde hair. There were several differences though.

The one on the right, dressed in Kumogakure's Kage robes, was Yotsuki A, the Yondaime Raikage. He had a small moustache and short triangular beard, the same white as his slicked back hair. He took a sideways glance to his little brother, Yotsuki Kirabi, or as he called himself, The Killer Bee.

Kirabi had a simple goatee on his face and a bull's horn tattooed on his left cheek. His black oval sunglasses gleamed in the sunlight and he hummed a tune. Atop his head was his white Kumogakure hetai-ite bandana, covering his hair. He had a white single shoulder strap flak jacket on his torso, which had seven katanas attached to it. With tape around his wrists and a red belt around his waist, he truly took to the name, "The Hero of Kumogakure". A was roused from his thoughts when his brother spoke up.

"Yo, bro. Where'd you go? We're almost there, man! Pick up the pace or I'll leave you alone while you tan," rapped out Kirabi. A sighed as his eccentric brother made a fool of himself. For being the only known jinchuriki alive to control his biju, Kirabi was too cocky for his own good.

A hurried his pace and stopped at the check point at the village gates. The guards seemed intimidated by the two hulking figures, but A figured it was because no one in this village knew how to make commitment about training. (Elsewhere, a green clad jonin sneezed. He then proclaimed how, through the power of youth, he would climb the Hokage monument using only his mouth and feet.)

After getting checked out by the guards, A and his brother walked towards the Hokage monument. After ten minutes, however, it became apparent that Kirabi was no longer at his side. A groaned before going to look for his brother.

"Bee!" A called out, "Come on! I've got to do this meeting! This is important, dammit!"

Unknown to the slightly fuming Raikage, Kirabi was investigating something his biju had sniffed out. The tall man quietly made his way over to an orphanage, where he heard a woman shouting, skin smacking skin, and a child crying in pain.

"Yes...Now I remember! That son of a bitch finally got caught," Hachibi muttered in Kirabi's mind, "Hurry, Bee. My brother may be strong, but his container obviously isn't."

Kirabi walked into the orphanage and saw a sight that angered and horrified him. A caretaker, he assumed, was smacking a toddler across the face several times. The woman was shouting obscenities at the boy, asking him why he thought he was allowed to eat food meant for humans. Kirabi scowled and made his appearance known as he grabbed the assaulting woman's hand before she could strike the boy again.

"Leave the kid be, bitch," he said, "Or I'll make sure you'll never again be able to scratch an itch."

The woman looked horrified at the sight of an obviously strong man threatening her. Before Kirabi could say another word, the frightened woman ran out of the room. Turning back to the crying child, he looked over his features.

The boy was smaller than he should have been; looking slightly malnourished and his clothes were nothing more than shredded rags. The boy had spikey blonde hair and his eyes, though red from crying, were a cerulean blue that hid nothing from the Killer Bee. Kirabi smiled softly to the boy and knelt down next to him. The toddler looked up at him while sniffling.

"Hey there, bud," said Kirabi, "What's got you down in the mud?"

The boy giggled, slightly amused with how he talked. Kirabi smiled, taking this as a good sign.

"So what's your name, little man?" he asked. The kid sniffled and rubbed his eyes before replying.

"Uzumaki Nawuto," he whispered out. Kirabi gave the boy a grin.

"Strong name ya got, kiddo," he said, "My name is Yotsuki Kirabi, but you can call me the Mighty Killer Bee!"

Naruto giggled again, "You silly."

Kirabi deflated slightly, "Nuh-uh, bro! Rapping is the only way to go!"

Naruto laughed again before sighing, "You probly gots to go back to Jiji, huh?"

Kirabi arched a brow, "I ain't got to go anywhere little man. What's say ole Killer Bee gives you a hand?"

Kirabi picked the boy up and set him on his feet. He dusted the boy's shoulders and back off and then spat into his hand and wiped some dirt on his face away. Naruto giggled and shoved his hand away while Kirabi smirked and ruffled his hair.

"There we go," he said, "good as new."

Naruto smiled up at him, "Thanks Killer Bee-san."

The door opened again and two robed figures walked in. A looked almost murderous whereas his elderly companion had a soft smile on his face. A stormed over to Kirabi and gave him a good whack across the back of his head.

"Dammit Bee! How many times do I have to tell you not to run off while we're in another village?" scolded the Raikage to his little brother. Kirabi rubbed his head.

"I think we were on number two fifty four," he muttered out, "But after that whack, I don't really know."

A giggle from the sunny blonde gained A's attention and he looked down at the smiling toddler that was standing behind his brother. A looked at the boy with wide eyes before looking back at the Sandaime with narrowed eyes.

"You. Me. Talk. NOW." He said sternly as he walked into another room. The Hokage sighed and nodded as he followed the fuming Raikage into another room. A cleared the room and shut the door before placing a silencing jutsu on it and turning on the Hokage.

"What the Hell is your jinchuriki doing in an orphanage?" he hissed out. Having seen what happens to jinchuriki because of his brother, he strongly supported their proper training and care. He viewed them as the people they were, which is easy to do when your little brother has a biju sealed inside him.

"Due to circumstances from three years ago," the Hokage said, "We cannot afford to put him in his rightful home without the council and villagers throwing a riot."

"A riot?" A repeated, still considerably upset, "Your jinchuriki, who contains the strongest biju might I add and is the heir of the Namikaze clan, is being treated like a pariah and you're worried about a fucking riot? You're the Hokage for Kami's sake, Sarutobi! Act like it!"

Sarutobi sighed, "A, I know you and Minato were close despite being on opposite sides of the war, but things have changed ever since he died."

A punched the wall, nearly knocking it down but still making a large hole in it, and said through gritted teeth, "Minato's son deserves better..."

"Jiraiya felt the same way," Sarutobi said, "The council forbade him from interfering with him though..."

The Raikage growled as he crossed his arms, "And you're just going to let the beatings continue? You're the one that saw the beating through your crystal ball, are you telling me that woman isn't going to be reprimanded?"

The Hokage became grim, "The woman will indeed be reprimanded, A. Don't think me as cold hearted as you make me out to be. That boy is the only thing I have remotely close to being a grandson. I do my best to make his life better with what I can do, but there isn't much I can do..."

It was then a gleam appeared in the old man's eye. His grim look turned into a smile and A wondered why he would smile during this conversation. He then realized The Professor just thought of a very good loophole in the council's rulings.

"What are you thinking about, old man?" A asked cautiously. The Hokage smiled as he lit his pipe and opened the door, breaking the seal. He walked over to Naruto and Kirabi, who were sitting and thinking up raps the older jinchuriki could use. The approach of the elderly Hokage made Naruto smile brightly and he stood to greet the Hokage.

"Hi Jiji!" he cried out, "Killer Bee-san and me was makin' rhymes for later times!"

"That's a good one, Little Nine," Kirabi muttered as he wrote the lyrics down. The Hokage chuckled and A walked into the room, curious of what the Hokage would do next.

"Naruto-kun," Sarutobi said, gaining the blonde's attention, "How would you feel about leaving the orphanage with Kirabi and A?"

Naruto's smile grew larger as he cheered. A smirked as he realized just what the old Hokage was planning. He walked forward and smiled at the blonde, who looked amazed at the bulky Raikage as his mouth was agape and his eyes were wide.

"So you're going to come to Kumogakure with us, if that's ok with your Jiji..." The young Raikage said with a smirk. Naruto immediately started pleading to Sarutobi to let him go with the two Yotsuki back to Kumogakure in Kaminari no Kuni. The Hokage pretended to think about it before dramatically reluctantly agreeing. Naruto cheered and rushed back over to his new friend Kirabi's side and excitingly telling him what just happened (AN: come on, what little kid hasn't done that?) A and Sarutobi exchanged a smile before quietly conversing amongst themselves.

"We'll take good care of him," the Raikage said, earning a nod from the Hokage.

"I know you will," said Sarutobi, "And be sure to have Kirabi train him."

A smirked, "Nah, I'd thought I'd let Katsu do it. Who else could train the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune?"

After a meeting between the council and the Raikage over trade proposals, the Yotsuki brothers and their newest charge Uzumaki Naruto were at the gates of the village. Naruto was wearing new shorts and a green shirt, courtesy of the Raikage, and was riding the shoulders of Kirabi. Both were happily chatting/rapping away as the Raikage said his final farewells to the Hokage. The three newcomers went on their way back to Kumogakure, where they would settle the Uzumaki into his own apartment next to Kirabi.

~~~~Time Skip: 11 Years Later~~~~

"UZUMAKI-IIIIIEEE!" The teacher, Maikeru-sensei cried as he suddenly found himself dangling from the ceiling of the classroom. The class all turned to look at a smirking blonde with feral looking whisker marks on his cheeks.

He had a sleeveless white flak jacket on (imagine a white bullet proof vest) that had several spots where scrolls could be stored and on his back was the signature Uzumaki swirl. Atop his head was a blood red bandana that held up his spikey bangs over his head. He wore standard shinobi pants along with a red belt and a katana attached to the right of his belt, his feet had black shinobi sandals on them. Tattooed on his left shoulder was the image of a curled up sleeping fox with nine tails running down his arm. His cerulean blue eyes glistened with humor dancing in their reflection.

"Sorry Sensei," the blonde replied with his smirk still plastered on his face, "I'll cut you down... once you change that B+ to an A."

Maikeru grumbled under his breath for not remembering to change his ace student's grade back to it's rightful spot after an accident with his typewriter caused him to mismark his paper.

Several students were snickering at the small rap attack the blonde was known for. His best friend, Omoi, who was too paranoid for his own good, was nervously gnawing on his sucker's stem. The dark skinned blonde was often seen at Naruto's side, the two were inseparable ever since they began attending the academy. The only downside was whenever Naruto would pull one of his pranks, Omoi would be muttering his worries of conspiracies, which annoyed the other blonde to no end.

"You know, if you don't cut sensei down, Naruto, you could be reprimanded," he said, "Or the Raikage could throw you in prison, or the council could expel you from the village. Or-"

He was cut off when the red-headed dark-skinned girl behind him slammed her fist into the back of his head, causing his face to connect with the desk. Another round of laughs adorned the classroom when the students witnessed another Omoi/Karui comedy moment. Naruto flung a shuriken at the ninja wire that held his sensei immobile and hung in the air, causing the chunin to fall, flailing his arms as he fell, and hit the desk, knocking the poor man out.

Naruto stood up and stretched as he walked to the front of the classroom. He stepped over the unconscious form of his teacher and erased the front of the blackboard. He formed a single seal and two Kaminari Bunshin appeared next to him. One was handed a scroll Naruto pulled from a drawer in the desk and the other wrote on the board "My Name Is". The students all clapped and some whistled as they knew what would come next.

The clone with the scroll unsealed a beat mixer from the scroll and began scratching the record.

(AN: Italics are Naruto and parenthesis is his back-up or in this case, his clones)

Hi, my name is (What?) My name is (Who?) My name is, Slim Shady.

Hi, my name is (What?) My name is (Huh?) My name is, Slim Shady.

Ahem, excuse me? Can I have the attention of the class, for one second?

The kids all cheered as Naruto rolled his shoulders and grinned.

Hi kids, do you like violence? (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!) Wanna see me stick Nine Inch Nails through each one of my eyelids? (Uh-huh!) Wanna copy me and do exactly what I did? (Yeah, Yeah!) Try 'cid and get fucked up worse than my life is? (Huh?)

My brain's dead weight, I'm tryin' ta get my head straight, but I can't figure out which girl I wanna impregnate. (Umm...)

The girls in the class all giggled and the boys all laughed as Naruto made small pelvic thrusts quickly before continuing.

And Dr. Dre said, (Man, Slim Shady you a basehead!) Uh-uhh! (Then why's your face red? Man, you wasted.)

The kids cheered and clapped as he continued with his rap. The DJ clone scratched the record again.

Well, since age twelve I've felt like I was someone else cuz I hung my original self from the top bunk with a belt. Got pissed off and ripped Pamela Lee's tits off and smacked her so hard I knocked her backwards like Kris Kross.

I smoke a fat pound of grass and fall on my ass faster than tha fat bitch that sat down too fast. Com'ere bitch

Naruto reached for one of the girls sitting in the front but his clone pulled him back and slammed him into the wall.

(Shady, wait a minute that's my girl dawg)

Naruto shrugged and dusted himself off before smirking and flicking his clone off.

I don't give a fuck, Kami sent me to piss the world off!

Hi, My name is (What?) My name is (Who?) My name is, Slim Shady

Hi, My name is (Huh?) My name is (What?) My name is, Slim Shady

Naruto was now standing on the desk waving his hands, causing the class to mimic him. Unbeknownst to them, a genin-ranked blonde girl was walking through the hallways. She was helping several of her old senseis with their classes. She approached her old final year class room and paused at the door when she heard music and cheering behind the door.

"Hmm...that's new," Her biju muttered, "Shall we explore, Kitten?"

'Hell yes!' the blonde kunoichi thought angrily. Her jaw dropped once she barged into the room and she saw another blonde standing on a desk nodding his head to the beat.

My English teacher wanted to flunk me last July. Thanks a lot, next week I'll be 10 plus five. I smacked him in the face with an eraser, chased him with a stapler, and stapled his nuts to a stack of papers. (OWW!)

The blonde girl's jaw was popped open as she watched the blonde teen hop down and jump down onto her tied up sensei. Maikeru grunted in pain and clutched his stomach as Naruto stepped off him.

Walked into a strip club, had my jacket zipped up. Flashed the bartender, then stuck my dick in the tip cup. Extraterrestrial, running over pedestrians, in a spaceship while they screaming at me, "Let's just be friends!"

Ninety-nine percent of my life I was lied to, I just found out that my mom did more dope than I do. (Damn...) I told her I'd grow up to be a famous rapper, make a record and name it after her. (Oh, thank you!)

"MM...he's very delicious isn't he, Kitten?" Nibi purred as she watched the blonde shinobi-in-training through her container's eyes. The girl slowly nodded before shaking out of her stupor and narrowing her eyes at the rapping blonde. 'Shut up, Nibi!'

You know you blew up when women rush up your stands and try to touch your hands screamin' like Usher fans. (Aah) This guy at the White Castle asked for my autograph (Dude, can I get your autograph?) So I signed it, "Dear Dave, thanks for the support, ASSHOLE."

It was then Naruto noticed his unwelcomed guest. A smirk appeared on his face and he rushed over to the girl, grabbing her hand and pulling her into the classroom. The other students all gasped collectively. The DJ clone kept working on the beats and Naruto asked, "Hey there, what's your name, you pretty thing?"

The girl had a small tint of red from being pulled into the thing and she said, "Nii Yugito. And you are?"

Naruto just smirked and pointed at his DJ clone, who scratched the record again.

Hi! My name is (What?) My name is (Who?) My name is, Slim Shady.

Hi, My name is (Huh?) My name is (What?) My name is, Slim Shady.

Stop the tape, this kid needs to be locked away (Get him!) Dr. Dre, don't just stay there, operate! I'm not ready to leave, it's too scary to die (Fuck that) I'll have to be carried inside the cemetery and buried alive. (Huh, yup)

Naruto walked up one of the rows of steps and walked onto the top of the middle desk.

Am I comin' or goin'? I can barely decide. I just drank a fifth of this vodka, dare me to drive? (Go ahead!) All my life I've been very deprived, I ain't had a woman in years and my palms are too hairy to hide.

He held his hands up and two yellow patches were visible, causing several girls to be blown back by massive nosebleeds. Yugito blushed heavily as she saw the hair vanish in a puff of smoke. She heard Nibi purr in approval and she thought, 'You think that's good?'

"Kitten, how many boys have you been with again?" Nibi asked. Yugito's blush increased and Nibi chuckled, "Exactly. Trust me when I say, the ones with the dirty mouths, know what they're talking about."

Yugito then saw that the blonde had lost his shirt, leaving his chiseled body in view and causing her to have a slight nosebleed. Nibi's purr increased tenfold and a look of lust appeared in both Yugito's and the Nekko's eyes.

Clothes ripped like the Incredible Bulk (Haaa-choo!) I spit when I talk, I'll fuck anything that walks! (C'mere!) When I was little I used to get so hungry I would throw fits. How you gonna breast feed me, mom? (Wahh!) You ain't got no tits! (Wahh!)

He started pulling his vest back on and continued.

I lay awake and strap myself in the bed, pull a chainmail vest on and stab myself in the head. I'm steaming mad, and by the way when you see my dad (Yeah?) Tell him I slit his throat in this dream I had.

Naruto hopped back down onto the stairs and walked back to the front of the room as the DJ clone scratched the record.

Hi! My name is (What?) My name is (Who?) My name is, Slim Shady.

Hi, my name is (Huh?) My name is (What?) My name is, Slim Shady.

He bowed before the class as the DJ clone did a final record scratch. The class erupted into cheers as Maikeru broke his bonds and stomped over to Naruto. He raised his hands and growled out, "Uzumaki...Na-ru-to!"

Naruto turned around, rubbed the back of his head before yelping and jumping out the window, his clones in tow. Maikeru hollered out the window after him, "You just wait until I tell Raikage-sama what you did!"

Yugito cleared her throat and Maikeru swallowed and dismissed the class. Yugito crossed her arms and smirked, "So, sensei...Are you having a bit of trouble with one student?"

Maikeru sighed, "Yugito you have no idea...he's Raikage-sama's adopted brother. As if that isn't enough, Kirabi-sama has taught him his...interesting speaking habits."

Yugito's jaw dropped, "H-He's Raikage-sama's..."

"MM...No wonder he's so solid," Nibi purred. Yugito wiped the blood off her lip from the image Nibi sent her of the other blonde's body. She shuddered as Nibi kept sending her images of the blonde doing things to her.

"I believe we should look into this mystery of Uzumaki Naruto, Kitten," purred the Nekko. Yugito nodded as bid her sensei goodbye and shunshined to her hotel room. The past few minutes had given her an urge she needed to settle. As Yugito filled her tub, she cursed the Nekko for passing her heat onto her. She then climbed into the tub and enjoyed her private time. Not before Nibi had one last say, though.

"I wonder if he's single..."

Yugito's scream of frustration was heard throughout the village. A spikey blonde looked up when he heard a fit of rage and chuckled as he walked towards his hotel. His head was nodding to a beat that was non-existent and writing lyrics down in his small notebook. Suddenly he stopped in mid step and sentence as he heard a soft whistling sound approaching him.

He leapt to the left. Dodging a blade that was now imbedded where he once was. Unnerved, Naruto stood and shouted at a figure standing on a roof, "Eight! What the fuck man? I was tryin to make a clean escape!"

Kirabi leapt down next to him and pulled his sword from the ground, sheathing it before he rounded on the young blonde, "Shame on you, Nine. Skippin out again, what'd you do this time?"

"I didn't do nothin," replied Naruto, "Unless you count hanging your sensei upside down by a thread."

Kirabi chuckled before smacking Naruto upside the head. Naruto glared at him while grumbling obscenities. Kirabi started walking towards the Raikage office, with Naruto reluctantly following. The blonde knew he was going to get chewed out again anyway, so why not get it over and done with early so he can focus on his lyrics, something he knew he could beat his brothers at.

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