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NARUTO: Student of the Killa Bee

Song 6: When I'm Gone PT 1

It had been four weeks since their arrival in Nami no Kuni, and not a peep has been made by Zabuza or his mysterious counterpart. Naruto yawned in boredom as he lounged on a finished portion of the bridge's edge. Currently, he and the pink-haired howling monkey named Sakura were on 'bodyguard' duty. The girl was sitting on covered materials, her chin resting on her left hand as she watched the 'Super' bridge builder. The blonde Jinchuriki repressed a scowl when the girl spoke suddenly, "I wonder if Sasuke-kun is learning a special jutsu from Kakashi-sensei?"

"Tch, why worry bout him when the mission is right here?" Naruto countered with a scoff, "The cyclops and fag are none of our concern; we gotta make sure Tazuna doesn't die after drinkin' a beer."

Sakura swiveled around to glare at him, "Don't disrespect Sasuke-kun! He's the strongest-"

"In your class, but tell me again, how long has he been an ass?" the blonde countered as he sat up, "Guys like him are self-centered and hopeless, do yourself a favor and find a new focus."

"You don't know what sort of pain Sasuke-kun has been through!" the pinkette defended her crush, "His own brother turned traitor and slaughtered his whole family."

Naruto snorted and crossed his arms, "That all?"

"That all? What kind of asshole-?" "Stuff it you pink haired bitch!" Naruto snapped as he appeared in front of her, his blue eyes narrowed in fury, "Your little boyfriend has a whole village kissing his ass and he continues to act like he's the most unfortunate person in the world! How many times have you seen the Uchiha go hungry? How many times was he ignored? Your boy may be a lot of things, but knowing suffering ain't one of 'em."

"W-What does-?" "Oh grow the fuck up!" Naruto snarled his mood officially worsening, "Look around you? These people are getting by through scraps, and you have the nerve to suggest your precious Sasuke-kun has it worse. You know what? Go back to the house. I'll handle guarding the bridge since you can't keep your mind off your wonderboy."

"I..." Sakura looked around for some sort of defense, but all she got were a few loathing glares and a few disappointed looks. Not thinking of the repercussions, the girl quickly ran back towards Tazuna's house.

The bridge builder in question cast a questioning look Naruto's way, "Was that necessary?"

"She was more a hindrance than a help," Naruto muttered before going back to his perch, "I can't do my job if I have to watch your back and that ninja-pretending whelp."

The other builders scratched their heads in mild confusion at his words before getting back to work. Naruto sighed and spammed a few more Bunshin to help with the process. He was starting to wonder if complaining to A was worth the migraines this mission seemed to be giving him and Yugito. Thinking of his fellow, yet more beautiful, Jinchuriki, Naruto idly wondered, I hope she won't be too mad that I sent the banshee her way. Meh, I'll deal with it later on today.

I'm going to kill him! Yugito raged in the confines of her mind. While Hatake, who was losing more and more respect from the Kumogakure Chunin, taught the Uchiha basic chakra control methods like Tree Walking (something she and Naruto had mastered at a young age due to their tenants and their obscene chakra pools), the Nekomata Jinchuriki was protecting Tsunami and Inari. Tsunami was a kind woman and had already explained the incident that had cost her husband and Inari's stepfather's life, earning a large amount of empathy from the teen. She knew what it was like to lose someone; as her mother died sealing Nibi into her body at the ripe age of two. Yugito later told the same story to Naruto, who then went to talk with the brooding Inari. Whatever he said to the boy surely changed him for the better, because now instead of moping all day, Inari was helping his mother around the house and asking Yugito about her life as a ninja.

It was going well for the first few hours, until Sakura came in with a depressing aura around her. Tsunami's mothering instincts picked up on this and immediately asked the girl what was wrong. Yugito was currently clenching her fists at the new headache her teammate and fellow Jinchuriki had brought her as Sakura finished sobbing out an apology. The platinum blonde knew what she had to do now would more than likely cause problems between them and the Leaf shinobi; the only saving grace was that this joint mission was not the first and that Yugito would easily be able to avoid missions with Team 7 later on in life.

"Listen, I know what he said made you mad and embarrassed you on the bridge, but sadly..." the chunin hesitated before finishing her thought, "Sadly, Naruto is right."

"Damn right! The nerve of this girl! Ugh, she disgusts me!" NOT NOW! Yugito scolded internally while keeping her gaze on the depressed genin. Sighing, Yugito started to explain herself, "Kami...What I mean is that shinobi life isn't the fairy tale you expected, and that baka just doesn't know how to tell you that. Sure, the Uchiha had a bad roll from destiny's dice, but someone else will always have it worse. I can't promise that my teammate is wrong, Haruno-san, but I can promise you that the way he expressed it was...and he will pay for it. Dearly."

"T-Thank you...Yugito-san," Sakura said with a small smile.

Hours passed, with Kakashi and Sasuke returning shortly after the pink haired girl had, before Tazuna and Naruto strolled in, the former with a small bottle of sake in hand and the latter with a bag of ice on his head. Sakura and Tsunami were in the main room, and despite the morning's disagreement, Sakura did show some concern for the blonde, "Uzumaki-san, are you alright?"

"Nothin' to worry about, Haruno," Naruto muttered as he sat down on the couch, keeping the ice pack on his head, "I just overused a technique and now I feel like I got sent through a wall by my big bro."

The girl growled in irritation at the rap and conveyed her thoughts, "Can you stop rapping? It's so irritating."

"Maa, maa, everyone is allowed to have their own quirks, Sakura," Kakashi said calmly as he descended from the stairs. The man lowered his porn for a slight moment to address the teen on the couch, "I need you to go get Yugito-san, Naruto. Sasuke and I had a very...interesting experience today that everyone should know about."

"Man," Naruto groaned as he stood up, "May want to hold it off till tomorrow, can't promise that Neko-chan will let me walk back in her without some damage to my bone marrow."

Kakashi sweat dropped, "Y-Yeah..." Kami that one was awful...

The blonde Kumogakure genin went out the back, a nod to Tsunami as he did so, before he began releasing some chakra to find Yugito. He scrunched his face up in confusion with his eyes closed as he sensed her to be right on top of him. Which is strange, because Yugi-chan ain't, shit.

"BAKA!" A fist collided with his throbbing head and Naruto howled in pain, Yugito then delivered a "light" roundhouse kick to the back of his head, sending her fellow Jinchuriki flying out towards the water that the back of the house faced. Naruto sent chakra to his hands and knees as he bounced across the water before skidding to a stop like it was land.

"Ok...I might have deserved that..." the teen muttered as he pushed himself to his feet. He barely managed to bring his arms up to defend himself when Yugito sent another kick towards his face.

"You freaking baka!" Yugito scolded as they fell into a taijutsu battle, hers focusing on powerful kicks whilst his focused on the Nin-Taijutsu of the Raikage, unfortunately, he was on the defensive. Yugito swept a leg at his feet, making Naruto jump backwards.

"Oi! What'd I do? Or is this another one of those painful flirts from you?" Naruto attempted to bring his flirty-rap side out, only for the words to fuel the fire in Yugito's eyes. He quickly blocked another kick to his core, still sliding back from the impact.

"Baka!" Yugito snapped once more rushing towards him and bringing another leg up, "You could have ruined our relations with the Konoha Genin. It would have reflected poorly to the Konoha Council!"

Naruto's confusion turned into understanding, before it snapped into anger, "So what? Fuck them!"

Yugito's eyes widened and she quickly found herself on the defensive. Naruto brought his left arm back, quickly enhancing it with chakra, "Kyouda (Haymaker)!"

The slightly overhanded punch caused Yugito to take a step back when she blocked it. Naruto's own rage was causing his eyes to turn red and he brought his other arm up, "Fukku (Hook)!"

"What's gotten into you?" Yugito demanded as she slid away from the impact once more, panting slightly. Is this Bee and A-sama's power? Kami...

"What's gotten into me?" Naruto growled as he was on her once again, extending his arm out, "Rariatto (Lariat)!"

OH SHIT! Yugito quickly ducked under the attack, knowing the damage her teammate could do with it. Doing so left her back exposed and made her remember that Naruto was much more nimble than his two bulky brothers.

"Hiji (Elbow)!" the attack was called out, and even then, Yugito couldn't dodge. The joint struck true and fast between her shoulder blades. A bit higher would have killed her, and even if he hadn't enhanced it, it would have knocked her out.

As it was, he did neither and aimed lower, resulting in the older Jinchuriki falling to her hands and knees. Two arms slipped under her own and hands interlocked behind her head.

"Neruson (Nelson)," Naruto calmly said, though the anger was brimming in his tone. Yugito felt the lock hold her in place as he brought her to her feet, and thought she was a few inches taller than he was, he kept the lock strong. Naruto took a few calming breaths before he spoke softly, "Neko-chan, I...I'm sorry. I lose control of myself when that...Council is involved."

Concern replaced any embarrassment or anger she might have felt. Before Yugito could ask about it, Naruto released his hold and started walking away, heard in the soft padding of his feet on the water. Yugito quickly turned around and followed after him. Once again, before she could ask, he interrupted her, but rather than with actions and said "Hatake-san has some news for us. Better hurry or the others might cause a fuss."

"Ooh, shot down. Tough luck, Kitten. Oh, hey! I know what you could do! Later tonight, sneak out, wake Ruto-kun up, and then go outside and-!" FOR THE LOVE OF-NO YOU PERVERTED NEKOMATA! I AM NOT GOING TO HAVE SEX WITH NARUTO-KUN YET! AND...And...The color visibly faded from Yugito's face as she realized what she thought. A happy squeal/purr was heard from her tenant and Yugito resisted the urge to go to the nearest tree, hold it tightly, and smack her face into it as hard and as fast as she can.

"Oh Kitten! I'm so proud of you! That's one step forward! Now, all you have to do is seduce Naruto and...Ooo, I get the jitters just thinking about it! Listen to me, I sound like a proud mother, No wait! I am a proud mother! Hurry and give me a healthy litter of grand-kittens, Kitten!"

"Naruto, when you get back to Kumo you may do so alone, because I may kill myself before the night is over. I want you to know that if it happens, I leave all my belongings to Samui. Try to cut back on rapping, kick Bee in the face for me, and give A-sama a hug for me."


Kakashi kept a gaze on Yugito and Naruto as soon as they sat down at the table. There was some tension and he was sure it was because of the fight they had on the water. Now while he didn't mind overhearing a lover's spat every now and again (it led to a raunchy Icha-Icha scene after all), now wasn't the time for it.

Once he was sure the two Kumo shinobi weren't going to cause any more problems, he sighed, "Just before Sasuke and I finished our training, we ran into that hunter nin."

Naruto immediately perked up at this and interest was evident in his eyes. The shinobi sighed.

"Before I realized it was him, and thus removed him from the equation, he was picking herbs. The kind of herbs one would mix in a healing salve for burns. Needless to say, I think Zabuza's just about done healing. We need to come up with a game plan."

Naruto growled, "I should just go kill that pig now; life would be easier without that sow."

"We don't even know where Gato's base is, Naruto," Yugito reprimanded the teen, "Even interrogation on Zabuza and his partner won't work. Our best bet would be to split up."

"I agree. My team and I will join the bridge builder tomorrow-"

"No" the words came from Naruto instead of Yugito as his features became unnaturally serious, "Unlike your team, Zabuza and his hunter nin are shinobi in the truest sense of the term. Yugito-chan and I aren't up to par on his skill level, but we can definitely defend Tazuna better than Uchiha and Haruno."

"Naruto's right," Yugito said before anyone could debate the thought, primarily Kakashi or Sasuke, "Unlike your students, Hatake, we're both high chunin level, even if I'm the only one with the rank. The Uchiha at his best may be a low chunin, but even then, he still hasn't awoken his Sharingan. I suggest, you, Naruto and I guard Tazuna tomorrow while your team protects Tsunami. I can assure you that Gato probably has a contingency plan in case Zabuza falls."

"Sensei, I can hold my own-!" "Now hold on a minute Sasuke," Kakashi said with his hand raised, his shinobi mind coming forward as he thought, before he continued, "Yugito-san is right. Neither of you are prepared to face Zabuza, and I can't let you fight the Hunter Nin alone. You will stay here tomorrow with Sakura and guard Tsunami. Understood?"


"That was an order, genin." Kakashi replied with a no-nonsense taking tone. Sasuke scowled and crossed his arms before huffing out an "Understood."

Meanwhile, a certain swordsman crushed an apple in his grip, "Good...I barely feel the tingling sensation that Lightning technique left and your back has healed completely."

"Hai, Zabuza-sama," the masked nin replied as they frowned, "The Kumo shinobi will not get the drop on me again."

"They had better not, Haku," Zabuza sternly said with a scowl, "I have no use for a useless tool."

"Of course, Zabuza-sama," the newly named Haku said with a bow. Zabuza gripped his massive blade's handle and impaled it into the ground.

"We will strike the bridge tomorrow, before Tazuna arrives." "Hai, Zabuza-sama."

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