Wild Horses

Chapter One: Always Been

Zoe Rachael

Summary: It's been five years and things have changed, kids, marriage, but one things ha always stayed the same, their feelings for each other. Brooke/Sam.

A/N: Just trying this out, would really like to know what you all think and see if I should continue… sorry if the end is confusing, but I would like you all to form your own opinions about it. Thanks, read and review. Oh… unedited, sorry!

It was a Sunday, a day that in this particular suburban LA street saw no more action that a mid-day barbeque or a hung-over business man stumbling form his house to retrieve his Sunday paper.

But this day was different.

Cars filled the street, from sporty convertibles to large family-sized SUVs, all parked, it seemed around a small red-brown fibro house which in its driveway, housed it very own golden SUV.

Samantha McPherson, it seemed was late when she pulled her own Orange Ford Fiesta up to the curb in front of a house 4 down from the red-brown one she intended to visit.

"Shit," Sam said to herself, pulling her keys from the ignition and tossing them into her hand-bag as she simultaneously opened the drivers side door, "Brooke is going to kill me!"

Hurrying up the path, Sam removed her shades, placing them atop her head and straightened her shirt before sighing and rolling her neck as she reached the white front door.

She hadn't meant to be so tardy. In fact, she had planned on arriving early to help Brooke with party decorations and snacks but as it seemed when Sam was involved, life got in the way. Sam's 'life' however lived in San Francisco and seemed to take up more of her time than when it had lived on the next pillow.

As she knocked, Sam though back on her morning. Cindy, her partner of two years had moved to San Francisco for a job a few months previously and Sam, still finishing out her final year at UCLA had stayed. The move had put a strain on their already failing relationship and Sam had had enough. Sam and Cindy were both trying but as it was, things were just not working.

"Why don't you come here?" Cindy had asked, tired of the arguments the jealousy, the distance, "I could fins you a job, you're a great journalist Sam and you only have a few months of school left, you could send in your assignments and go back for your exams. It will work, we just have to try it. I'm not ready to give up on us."

It was a fair suggestion and Sam knew that things would improve for them if she just for a second had considered the idea. But in reality, Sam knew she couldn't leave LA, she had too many reasons to stay.

And one happened to be standing right in front of her.


What could Sam say about Brooke? Beautiful, Stunning, Step-sister and most importantly, the love of Sam's life.

"Finally!" Brooke sighed, reaching out and pulling Sam inside, closing the door behind them. "Where have you been, Spencer has been asking about you."

Even with that look of indignation on her face, Sam loved her and knew… she could never leave LA. "I tried, It was Cindy, she called just as I was about to leave."

The blonde rolled her eyes, she for good reason had never been a fan of Sam's red-headed girl. Sam suspected, they were too similar, exuberant, beautiful, witty, quick… probably the reason Sam fell for Cindy in the first place.

But it was only a matter of time before Cindy was just Cindy and not Brooke in a red-headed, much shorter disguise.

"Aunty Sammy!"

A huge grin spread across Sam's face at the sound and she turned to find two small bodies flying at her at full speed, or at least as fast as their 3 and 2 year old legs would carry them.

Carmen reached her first, a beautiful three year old girl who honestly was the spitting image of her mother.

Picking her up Sam spun her around, "She looks more and more like you everyday Brooke," Sam spoke over her shoulder, "Carmenator… high five," holding her hand beside her head Carmen placed her small hand right in the middle and grinned.

Bending down, she placed Carmen's feet on the floor but remained there so she was face to face with the blonde girl. "Piggy-back later?" she whispered and was rewarded with a huge almost bobble-head like nod as Sam then turned her attention to the smaller boy beside her.

"Hey birthday man!"

Spencer held out his arms and Sam took the queue to pull him into her arms. "You having a good time?"

Spencer, unlike Carmen looked much like his father, apart fromt eh vibrant blonde hair. "Where's your daddy?"

The boy shrugged but behind her she heard Brooke say, "Harrison got called into the office… again. Said he'd be an hour… he's been three."

Sam turned to her step-sister and raised an eyebrow. "You okay?" Brooke responded with a 'we'll talk later' gesture and motioned for Sam to move further into the house.

In the kitchen Sam felt like she had walked in a circus. There were parents everywhere watching small children run around the small under-cover entertaining area outside the back patio door and more running around the small grassed area beyond that. In the kitchen itself her family seemed to have congregated. Mike was in the back behind the counter cutting something Sam couldn't see into small child-sized pieces. At the dinning table sat her little sister, flanked by their mother, Jane who was fussing over something on Mac's dress.

"Hey kiddo," Sam said walking up behind her sister and rustling her hair.

"Sammy!" Mac jumped up at her voice, standing on the dinning room chair facing it's back, hands clutching the wood firmly as she turned to Sam. "Mom took my… my scooter again."

Sam laughed, turning to her mother who shrugged and smiled. "Well kiddo… if you stopped taking it on the road mom might let you keep it longer than one afternoon a week.

Mac deflated.

"But…" Sam continued, "If you're good, how about instead of riding it on the road at home, I take you out to the park and we'll ride on the ramps after the big kids have gone home?" Sam was rewarded with a jumping clap and squeal combo before Mac got off the chair and bounded outside.

"Hi Ma," Sam said, bending slightly and kissing the cheek her mother presented to her.

"Daughter," Jane replied, "You look upset about something? Cindy?" Nodding, Sam moved around to the kitchen where she gave Mike the same kiss she had given her mother, "Need some help?"

The graying blonde man shook his head but smiled.

The day continued as Sam had expected, Children rushed around and Sam spent the afternoon moving between her niece, nephew and sister playing various games. And of course, observing Brooke from afar.

Sam sighed deeply as she thought of her, once again seeking her out with her eyes.

Brook looked as beautiful as ever as she moved around the back yard putting paper plates into a garbage bag she was carrying in her hand. She was the spitting image of the 16 year old Brooke that Sam had all those years ago fallen in love with, her smile still enough to reduce Sam into a puddle.

Her body was as toned as ever, her body bounced back after both pregnancies like and she looked fit and powerful, and Sam would know, she had been admiring that body since she was 16 herself.

For Sam, it didn't really start until the accident. Or at least she didn't realize until it was almost too late.

The accident.

Sam would never forget that night, the sounds, the screaming, her hot tears running down her face as she on the cold asphalt confessed things that she had only just realized.

It was at the precise moment that Brooke's body connected with Nicole's car that she realized that the attraction she had always been aware of was soo much more than that, more that just a physical appreciation of her step-sisters body. She loved her, madly, deeply and she told her. It echoed in her mind, the sound of her tear strangled voice as she leant down and kissed her, whispering the three words that changed her life.

Brooke turned and found Sam watching her and smiled, a smile that made Sam weak. A smile that made her fall even further.

Her life changed drastically after that night. Brooke was in a comma for two months, two months that Sam sat by her side, her hope faltering just a little everyday that Brooke's eyes remained closed. She spent every day vowing that if she got the chance she would tell Brooke everything and she did.

After Brooke woke one morning when Sam was reading her one of the newer Harry Potter books, Sam told her how much she had missed her, how much she meant to her how glad she was to have her back. She came so close so many times to telling her just how much she loved her, adored her, worshiped her, but she never got the chance.

That's when Carmen happened. Sam's friend, her best friend of so many years became just one in thousands that were victims of the terror that was the 9/11 disaster. While Sam withdrew into herself, Harrison went to Brooke for comfort, a comfort which Brooke provided in spades.

After Brooke found out she was pregnant, Sam knew the rest was history.

Only five years had passed since that night, and so much had changed, and still, Sam always loved Brooke.

It was late into the evening when the last of the party goers left the John residence. Harrison was till a no-show and Sam cursed her friend. She had been so jealous of him over the years he had been with Brooke they had drifted so far apart she could hardly call him a friend anymore. There were in fact times, like that night that Sam hated Harrison, hated him for what he took from her.

"Mom seemed happy today. She's been a little down lately," Brooke commented as she moved another dish from the sink into the drying rack.

Sam shrugged, "I haven't seen her much. Too busy driving between LA and SF every other weekend."

Brooke rolled her eyes once again.

"I know, I know," she said in reply, "I just feel obligated to stay with her."

"I don't know why. She treats you like crap. You're happier when she's not around and miserable when she is… No brainer Sam."

Shaking her head Sam continued drying the dishes, "If I leave her, I have nothing."

Brooke was silent then, seemingly deep in thought. The kids were in bed and Sam reveled in the silence after a long, loud day. Taking a deep breath, she walked to the cupboard and deposited the six or so plates she had just finished drying on the top shelf. Taking her time and folding the dish towel more evenly over her hand as she did so.

When she turned, she sucked in a deep breath and slammed into the lower counter, her hands jumping to grab toe edges of the countertop to stifle her fall.

Brooke stood right in front of her. Hand still wet, eyes dark and frown firmly in place. In a single second before Sam knew what was happening, Brooke leant forward and captured Sam's lips with her own, the familiar feel causing Sam to then sink into the counter behind her with ease.

It lasted a while, not passionate but certainly heading that way when Brooke pulled back, her wet hands raising to Sam's face, holding it steady as she looked directly into lust darkened eyes.

"No Sam. You'll always have me."