All the Little First Years


time to welcome a new generation
soon to be filled with tears, drama, and cheers
but for now they're just terrified

They've just been sorted
(tick, tock, time doesn't stop)
four different houses
alike in glory
but not alike in substance

welcome to Gryffindor
(home of the brave)
once home to Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley-
long lists of once-students

The first Gryffindor is Mary Alice Finnigan
daughter of Seamus and Lavender Finnigan
first question for her is "Are you Irish?"
red hair and little cinnamon freckles
but she's never lived outside of Britain
funny, forever hyper, cute
outgoing and fun, the epitome of Gryffindor

her twin brother, Martin Melvin Finnigan, follows her into Gryffindor
identical to his sister with mop of red hair and freckles
but different in every other way
shy and quiet, unable to do anything
thinks he'll probably end up in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff
imagine his surprise when he ends up a Gryffindor
now he's funny, not shy little Martin anymore

here comes little Muggle-born Lorrie Garrow, the next Gryffindor
blonde hair && blue eyes that shine like the stars
terrified about what is to come
she's different than the r e s t
she has a life outside or the Wizarding World
she strives to be an a c t r e s s
but now she's just another little Gryffindor

well, there he is, small Zimri Jordan, another Gryffindor
almost his father (Lee Jordan) but not quite his mother (Alicia Spinnet)
except in his amazing Quidditch skills
he's just this goofy little dreadlocked boy
dark eyes && dark skin, the perfect combination
when he skipped up on to the stage, we all knew where he was meant to be
he's the perfect young Gryffindor

when they hear the name Lysander Scamander people think insane
his mother, the most insane Ravenclaw there ever was
but that's not who Lysander is
he's all blonde hair && blue eyes, bright smiles
a troublemaker, a bright spirit, a skeptic
someone who's not afraid to do what he needs to
he's his own person, and a Gryffindor

Brady Toller, the most mature first year
just another Muggle-born, and not only that, he's half-Asian
just look at his almond-shaped eyes
he dreams of a day of when people will see him and know who he is
so he decides to start studying the second he gets there
join all of the after-school clubs
but he's a Gryffindor, despite all his ambitions

here's the proud 'only Gryffindor Asian', Bob Wang
Chinese, black hair && deep brown eyes && an adorable smile
he's called a transfer student, and he's not afraid to break the rules
daring beyond comprehension, in case you couldn't tell
this boy could make the old Professor Snape laugh
with his hilarious antics and Chinese charm
he has to be a Gryffindor

then there's the first of the three Weasley girls, Dominique Weasley
veela-blood, long blonde hair && bright blue eyes
almost a Slytherin, wasn't she? she's constantly plotting
she's covered in sarcastic jokes and loves to sleep
(no, she's not your average Weasley)
but she's always been covered in her sister's shadow
now's her chance to break free, in Gryffindor

next comes Molly Weasley, the one in the middle
flaming red hair && blue-green eyes, just your average Weasley
she strives for p e r f e c t i o n, baby
but it's so far out of her reach
talkative, funny, always getting good grades, finds Quidditch boring
a young girl with ambition, but she's not a Slytherin
no, she's most certainly a Gryffindor

here comes the family bookworm, Rose Weasley
her hair falls around her face in red curls with her big brown eyes
she adores reading and especially loves adventures
smart, enjoys reading, wishes to find other worlds
sweet, but has a nasty temper, not unlike her mother
and honestly, who isn't surprised when she isn't a Ravenclaw?
no, she's actually a Gryffindor instead

welcome to Ravenclaw
(home of the intelligent)
home to Luna Lovegood, Cho Chang, all of the brilliant students
they've got something to measure up to

there's another twin, Albert Boot
light blonde hair && big brown eyes, the picture of adorable
cute little smile that lights up his face
but little do they know that he's hardly innocent
he's heard all the tales from his parents (Susan and Terry)
he knows all the d a n g e r
but he's smart, so they stick him in Ravenclaw

his twin, Jayma Boot, thinks she'll never measure up
bushy, dark red hair like some Weasley && big hazel brown eyes
she's not cute but she is intelligent
study, study, study all of the time, little girl
she tells herself, maybe one day she'll be noticed
she thirsts for knowledge, of course
so where else would she be but Ravenclaw?

hey, you can see her, Rhea Cho
that half-blooded American-born Korean (born from two Korean wizards)
last name the same as Harry Potter's love's first
and she reminds everyone of her, with her Asian good looks and black curls
always make good grades, little Rhea
the pressure's going to make her e x p l o de
but hey, you've always worked best under pressure, little Ravenclaw

welcome to Hogwarts, Julio Desir
just another curious Muggle-born that has no idea what to do
he's got that dark, tanned skin && big brown eyes
adoring football, a regular Muggle game, and trying to learn Quidditch
(whatever that is)
he's always been smart, his parents say, but he doesn't believe them
until the hat booms out, "RAVENCLAW!"

here comes the strangest of the bunch, Janelle Elwood
blonde curls && rare violet eyes that are usually usurped by her pink star glasses
baby, she was always meant to be a star
she plans to discover the Nargles someday and prove them real
researching, researching, all of the time
reading those all too useful Wizarding books
she's a perfect fit for being in Ravenclaw, taking over for Luna Lovegood

Matthew Goldstein, that's his name, don't say it twice
half-blood son of Anthony Goldstein and Ria Parnks
both of whom think he is partially insane (maybe)
because all he does is swim, swim, swim
and read up on famous Muggle swimmers in the local library
because not too many wizards are swimmers
he's determined, sure, so it's no surprise when he's a Ravenclaw

then there's that boy, Eric Hart
quiet, stern, forever organized
the Muggle-born boy with his tie tied tight and head held high
perfect smile upon his face
because he's headed straight for the Ministry
(nothing will stop him, boy)
he's got wit beyond measure, so he's a Ravenclaw

well, you've found her, Natalie Patil
she's never known her own father, just her loving Mum
long black hair & dark black eyes (all black)
but she wears a big smile all of the time
and she does her best in school all of the time
though her mum loathes it, she's always had a knack for technology
don't be afraid to do your best, little Ravenclaw

then there's the other Scamander twin, Lorcan Scamander
absolutely identical- blonde hair && blue, blue eyes
followed by the legacy of his great Ravenclaw mum
vows to create something for himself
(so what if he's a little selfish?)
he's going to make a breakthrough in the world of wizarding
maybe he should've been a Slytherin, but for now he's just Ravenclaw

the last of them is Kate Thomas
dark brown, long hair && dark eyes, with tanned skin
a smile that never fades (really, it's like a game to her by now)
tomboy girl that a d o r e s Potions with her whole life
she also loves people, makes friends easily
but she's always been bad at defending herself
hang on, damsel in distress, you're a Ravenclaw

welcome to Hufflepuff
(home of the loyal)
home to Cedric Diggory, Susan Bones, Nymphadora Tonks
the most overlooked bunch

the first Hufflepuff is Ariana Cauldwell
same name as Dumbledore's dead sister
just as loyal, kind, and loving
blonde waves && frosty brown eyes, you just see her to love her
just a little Muggle-born girl that has many friends
sometimes, she's a little quiet, though
but still, she's Hufflepuff, through and through

hey there, Peter Finch-Fletchley
shorn brown hair and deep blue eyes that could pierce your soul
all your life you've kept the spotlight
but now your one year older brother's already stolen it
just because he's good looking
(no one cares about kindness anymore)
not much you can do, Hufflepuff

well, there's always Lou Fisher
teased in her Muggle schools for being 'fat'
she'd never had the guts to stand up to them
tell them that she's just round
maybe she'll be a c c e p t e d here
it's what she's always craved
she'll find her place in Hufflepuff

you can see that little Catherine Kays
pride of the school's girls
nice to everyone, regardless of who deserves it
good grades, always, but she's still in her Prefect brother's shadow
doesn't matter, anyway, because she's made a name for herself
kind, young Catherine, smart Catherine
where could she be but Hufflepuff?

oh, and there's David Macmillan
dirty brown hair && those sunken in brown eyes
little Ernie, he's always been called, until now at least
when he starts to rebel (of a sort) and bleaches his hair blonde
he's become sort of like a class clown
because no way is he becoming his father, the quiet Hufflepuff
and it all started cause he was sorted into Hufflepuff

you could see Max Rogers
little Singaporean boy, stranded far from his parents
weird glasses perched upon his nose, covering his black eyes
some people think he's just a mop of dark hair that didn't fit anywhere
but really, he's a sweet boy (when he wants to be)
and he has feelings (especially for that one girl)
he's just a normal Hufflepuff that does fit somewhere

yeah, there's Ellie Lexa Summers
an Asian girl with a Western name
wavy black hair and big, dark eyes
always a little ball of energy && sunshine
just to match her name
except when she's in a bad mood
but yeah, she's a Hufflepuff

you could also see little Haleigh Turpin
still hasn't lost her childish innocence
blue eyes, blonde hair && chubby cheeks
always prancing around as if nothing is wrong
and she's not pretending either, it's all okay with her
rainbows & butterflies & warm days
welcome to Hufflepuff, baby

if you look, you'll find Markus Whitby
a tangle of light brown curls and dark brown eyes
little Hufflepuff boy without a clue where he's going
he's been sheltered all of his life
and so he now has no idea what to do with himself
but he feels that he can be nice
and when the hat gives him a choice, he chooses Hufflepuff

finally, you'll find Curt Zane
the one that everyone calls weird but secretly finds funny
he places hair ties in his long black hair
dances to songs you'd never imagine for a boy
always laughing, always happy
making everyone else watch him
where else but Hufflepuff for him?

welcome to Slytherin
(home of the cunning)
home to Draco Malfoy, Daphne Greengrass, Tom Riddle
those with the bad reputations

then there's Aquarius Flint
the one with the brown eyes && brown hair
the nicest Slytherin out of them all
funny with a love for Muggle rock music
but she can still be a little bit mean
and she's always been in the shadow of her brother
trying to prove yourself? Welcome to Slytherin!

her twin, Augustus Flint, is next
a mop of brown curls && brown eyes
he's always been sort of a playboy
not to mention his affinity for Quidditch- he's rather good
even if he's not as good as his father was
(he's forever being compared to his father)
ooh, making a reputation, Slytherin's right for him

hey, it's Merilyn Goyle!
brown hair to flow down her back && big blue eyes
caked with unneeded makeup, the girl version of a playboy
moving from boy to boy, breaking their hearts
but she doesn't mean to, really, it's hormones
an extremely good athlete (except at Quidditch)
heartbreaker, Slytherin is for you

then there's Royale Higgs
that girl who's never quite fit in with the rest
but she's still evil in her own Slytherin way
a brown bob && large green eyes
she's pretty smart, for a thickheaded Slytherin
and yes, did we mention she's a Slytherin?

we can see Scorpius Malfoy
the boy who's spent his whole life running from the name
not to mention his own reflection
blonde hair && grey eyes, just like his father
he wants to be different
but he's just making himself the same
Slytherin for you, my boy

then, hey there, Juliet Montague
cute, short little Slytherin
carrying along the ideas off blood purity to your generation
with your dark brown hair and almond-shaped eyes
corrupted but very persuasive
perhaps she could be a reporter of sorts
but until then, you'll find her in Slytherin

next, you'll find Dawson Nott
notorious playboy and hot boy according to most
arrogant and believes himself above all others
but he can be sort of smart at times
other times his head is full of air
brown hair && hazel eyes
well, he's going straight to Slytherin

ooh, the (in)famous Albus Potter
the spitting image of his father, green eyes & tousled black hair
but he's different, somehow
he's cunning, he's always been, and he has that streak of rebellion in him
he doesn't want to be his father again
he wants to be Albus Severus Potter
this desire to prove himself got him into Slytherin

and then there's Allan Rosier
shorn blond hair, bright blue eyes && a sprinkling of freckles across his nose
descendant of the noble Rosiers
(but they're not so noble anymore)
a bit of a jerk, mean, but an excellent musician
plays guitar when he's not torturing people
oh, this mean streak is what caused him to end up in Slytherin

finally, we have Elinor Vaisey
one of the two that mainly believe in blood purification
curly black hair && glasses to frame big brown eyes
always flirting with different boys
likes to pretend that she's p e r f e c t
an expert at fashion and hexing people she doesn't like
of course, she would be in Slytherin

the new first years
all sorted into their four houses
while the four houses unite as one

Peter, David, Markus, Curt, Max
Haleigh, Ariana, Catherine, Lou, Ellie
(H u f f l e p u f f)

Merilyn, Juliet, Aquarius, Elinor, Royale
Scorpius, Albus, Dawson, Allan, Augustus
(S l y t h e r i n)

Rose, Lorrie, Dominique, Mary Alice, Molly
Lysander, Martin, Bob, Zimri, Brady
(G r y f f i n d o r)

Lorcan, Matthew, Albert, Eric, Julio
Jayma, Kate, Rhea, Natalie, Janelle
(R a v e n c l a w)

all the different personalities
crammed into one school
forced to share the same classes
(what will happen?)

who knows, with these first years?

all the little first years
sorted into their houses
what will happen?
only time will tell

A/N: Okay, this is like the most insanely long freeverse ever. About 2, 500 words, not counting this A/N. It's just a little side project from Rose Weasley & the Keeper of the Fire, to really divulge into each character's personality. I'll probably be writing another one with just the NextGen canon (Molly, Teddy, Lily, Lorcan, Lysander, Albus, Rose, Scorpius, Victoire, Dominique, Louis, Hugo, James, Lucy, Roxanne, Fred II). But this one is just for their year, and in seven lines :D

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