A/N: Well I'm back! But with a different story...Sorry I am working on it I just need a little more time.

Lucifer maneged to get out of the pit and was walking around in a body he created for himself not wanting to posses anyone. As Lucifer was walking around God flashed down before him and took Lucifer up to Heaven. Lucifer thinking he was going to be smited struck out against his father. God smiled knowing why Lucifer was acting this way. " Lucifer, my son, be at peace for I am welcoming you home. On one condition. You have to spend one year with your brothers and the Winchesters." Lucifer gaped at his father and sat down rather hard. " I can come home?" He asked sound like a lost puppy. " Yes little one you can come home. Now I know a certain big brother who wishes to see you" God said. Lucifer tilted his head to the side and looked at his father, realising who he was talking about got up and ran towards the door to his fathers house.(A/N: Heehee couldn't resist) When he opened the door Michael was standing on the other side. " Michael!" He yelled running into his brothers outstretched arms. "Lucifer." Michael said fondly hugging his brother close. Lucifer sighed contently holding on to Michael tightly, not wanting to let go. When another pair of arms wrapped around Lucifer he wasn't surprised to see Gabriel behind him. " Hey Luce how ya' doin' kiddo." Gabriel said pulling Lucifer into a hug as well. " I can come home." Lucifer whispered his brothers straining to smiled happily and teleported to where they were to stay the next year.

A/N: I know its short but I couldn't think of any thing else...Plus this is just the prolog of sorts.