These Roles We Play

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"You don't need me anymore. You never did."


"Dude, just admit it, you fail at FPSes." My 'friend' comments as my character on the screen falls over from being riddled with bullets for what would be the twentieth time this match. Honestly, I don't know no remember how this guy convinced me to get this, these games usually frustrate the crap out of me. Partially because the players I get saddled with are, to be blunt; annoying as hell in almost every conceivable way possible. Perhaps it's what I get for being unable to say 'no' to a friend.

I chuckle lightly into the headset, "Aw come on now. That was probably the longest I've lasted, I'm sure the guy was lucky."

"Or you just can't aim for shit," was the almost-immediate response, "especially when you're moving." Bastard. You should be nicer to the one who agreed to play with you on this game even though I was busy working.

…Even though I'm not particularly good at said game yet."Whatever, let's just keep playing alright?"

Hours pass by as I seem to fail even more every round I end up playing in. With my friend here continuing to shoot down most of the other players with relative ease while I barely manage to get one kill in. Huh, wasn't I supposed to be doing something important instead of—

"Oh shi—Sorry man, gotta go."

I lower the controller as my character drops dead from a headshot for what would be the umpteenth time today. Not even paying attention to what my friend was saying as I turned off the console. I'll apologize to him later. Crap, I was supposed to finish up that work by today!

Alright, calm down now, I tell myself as I push my glasses back into their proper place, good thing they didn't fall off completely. I wouldn't know what I'd do if I lost them again.

Now where was I? Right, work. I stroll over to my desk as I turn on the monitor to my computer; I have to get this programming work done eventually. Then I'll be able to pass the class once the semester rolls around again!

Right, let's get started…

According to my the clock, it's only been a few hours and I'm already close tobeing finished. Just gotta test it for a moment, check for errors and then…

"Well, that's an interesting little program you got there. Pretty basic, but not bad." A notably male voice says from behind me.

Well gee, thanks for the constructive input there—wait, no one is supposed to be back yet. I quickly turn to face whoever entered my room. I grab the closest object to possibly use against this 'intruder'. Whoever the hell you are, you better… whatever thought that was trails off.

People aren't supposed to be glowing blue like that. The glowing stranger is a young looking man, who has this smile on his face, the kind that you just want to punch after looking at it for a while just to wipe it off.

"I'll be honest. This might hurt a bit." Is all he says, still smiling by the way, before that blue aura of his flares up. For some reason, this is looking actually looking a lot like… no, can't be. That's just something from a videogame right?

"That's just not possible… biotics… don't…" I trail off as I feel my consciousness quickly leave me. The feeling though is akin to having something being forcefully ripped out, stupid bastard was wrong about it hurting a bit.

So this is how I'm going to go, dead due to some possibly crazy robber murdering me with sci-fi powers that shouldn't exist. Not exactly the nicest of deaths, but it could be worse.

Heh… and that's my choice of final thoughts? My friends would probably be laughing at me if they heard that.

The last sound I hear is that of my body hitting the ground.

Huh, where the hell am I now? Last I checked, I was about to be killed by something via brain powers! It's really hard to tell where I am, the whole area seemed to be covered in a thick sheet of fog. There is someone who I can see is standing in front of me, the face obscured by that oddly convenient fog.

What I can see is the gun that the mystery person is slowly raising and aiming straight at me.

What the hell is going on? C'mon legs, move! Gah, something is preventing me from running, moving out of the way, or anything. I don't think anything is actually holding me down either, I just can't move!

There seems to be a pause as the stranger kept his or her gun aimed directly at me until there was a loud bang!

My eyes immediately snap open at that moment, staring up at a dark ceiling. From what I can tell so far, I am on a bed, a rather nice one at that, so nice that I'd want to fall asleep in it right away.

However, given that the last memory I had was that dream and before that, that some guy broke into my house and was using biotics, or at least what I'm assuming are biotics. Of course I draw into my memory of videogame knowledge first. Gah! Whatever, get out of… wherever I am first, think about concepts of fiction being reality later. It doesn't look like I'm being restrained in anyway, odd, so I sit up slowly and checked my surroundings.

Everything looks so… dammit, I don't have my glasses on, where are my glasses? I start feeling around for them, huh, it kind of feels drafty in here now that I think about it, ah, there they are!

Right on what I assume is a table. I grab my trusty spectacles and place them back where they always were. Much better, now that I have these on, I can see that the room I'm being presumably held captive in looks rather well-furnished…

…and that I'm only clad in boxers. Well, that explains the drafty feeling, but the implications now seem to be growing to rather unpleasant levels. I shiver out of either the thoughts of what possibly happened to me during my period of unconsciousness or if my lack of clothing is starting to get to me. I'm hoping it's the latter.

No no, focus! Find out what's going on, then get the hell out of wherever this place is. First off, aside from my current state of wear, I can see I'm not dead and or injured in anyway. …Go me.

Second, just need to have a good idea of where I am, maybe there's something in this room.

I look around the room once more, more thoroughly this time. The room is actually kind of dark, though I suppose that's due to the large shutter looking thing that can be seen blocking what I'm guessing is a way out, or a window. Nearby, there is the night stand that I got my glasses from next to the bed, though there is no drawer and just a few feet away is what looks like a coffee table with something on it.

As soon as that registers, I immediately lift myself off the bed, only to almost fall back onto the bed. Whoa, that wasn't supposed to happen, probably shouldn't have stood up so quickly. I quickly shake off the dizzy feeling as I regain my balance and walk towards the table since it happened to be the next closest thing I can see.

Sitting there were two items, the first was a glove, a single black glove looking thing. It looks about as long as my arm up to just above my elbow. It looks rather useless, but looks can be deceiving. I take my thoughts off the glove and pick up the second object.

It's an earpiece. I stare at the thing for a few moments; I think I have a feeling of what's going to happen. The door would be locked obviously, nobody is that stupid. I put on the earpiece and wait for whatever may happen.

Not even five seconds passed after I put the thing on when a familiar voice causes me to jump a bit, "Oh good! You're finally awake! Thought I might have actually killed you there for a moment," the voice says as if he just left the TV on before leaving the house.

"You're the bastard who broke into my house!" I yell in response, but quickly reel in the anger. Calm down, I can't let myself get riled up that easily, I'm the one at a disadvantage here. I don't even know if the bastard can even hear me or not.

"Whoa, calm down there, don't wanna push yourself so hard after just waking up." Well that answers that question, "I know you probably want some answers and I assure you, you'll get them," the bastard's voice continues, he sounds like he's really enjoying this, "however, all of you have to do is follow my directions and you'll be out of this room in no time flat." Oh, I see where this is going.

A brief pause, "Either that or you die of slow painful death via starvation, your choice really. I do hope you choose the former though, it's much more fun that way."

"Aww, I'm so touched you cared," I respond with a nastier tone than I intended, "but why should I trust, let alone listen to, anything you say?"

The answer was almost immediate, "Easy, because I'm the only one who knows you're here as well as your only semblance of any connection to the outside world. I made sure of that, trust me." I really did not like how he worded that; my family was all out at the time, he couldn't have done something to them, could he?

"And if you want to know anymore than that, you'll have to come out and find me." I sigh, I'm not exactly given much choice here, am I?

"…fine," I say, "I'll play along," for now, anyways. "What do you need me to do?" An amused chuckle is heard through the earpiece. I know this is going to bite me in the ass some time later.

"Good boy," the man says as if praising a puppy, "Now, the first order of business for you is…" he seems to like dragging out these odd pauses doesn't he?

"To get out of this hotel room!" He finishes with a dramatic flair in his voice. Well, good to know he's having fun with this. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding, but really, that's it? Get out of the room? That seems rather deceptively easy.

At that moment, all the lights turned on at once, with me squinting as it flooded my eyes. After they adjusted, it turns out that the bastard was right about one thing, that it was a hotel room. Or at least it was nice enough looking to be a hotel room, that shutter looking thing is still closed though.

And wouldn't you know it there's a door nearby.

Naturally I go to open it, but I quickly find out that there's no door handle.

"Like I would make it that easy for you." Of course, I should've known better. "Now, getting out is very easy though."

If the next thing he says is going to end with me having to gouge my eye to get the key that's hidden behind it, I'll deck him if I ever actually meet him face to face.

"You've had the tool you needed the whole time." I raise an eyebrow at this, wondering what the hell this voice is talking about, when I remember the other thing that was laying next to the earpiece and pick it up from the table. The glove, what am I supposed to do with it? Slap the door with it and challenge it to a duel for its honor?

…Okay, I admit that even sounded stupid even by my standards.

"Well, go ahead and put it on your left arm." The voice says, and from this I can figure out that he's probably watching me from nearby or from a camera. Though that doesn't settle down the sudden eery feeling I'm getting from that thought.

Whatever, the faster I do this, the faster I can get home, right? I equip the item in question and then the 'glove' suddenly turned into something that I recognize. That being a certain something that I've seen so many times while playing the game that it would be impossible for me not to recognize it.

This is an omni-tool.

This is an omni-tool.

I have an omni-tool…

"Oh good, it looks like you're finally starting to figure out the full-extent of your situation." The voice says with a light laugh, "Then allow me to formally introduce you to your 'new home', so to speak." As if on cue the shutters blocking the windows slowly opened, revealing a blizzard that was going on outside, but what really caught my eye was the conveniently timed starship that soared by before flying into the skies.

Tell me I didn't just see that.

"Welcome my 'friend', to Port Hanshan. Your first task is to use the omni-tool to free yourself from the room I've locked you in."

There is a long awkward silence as my mind tries to register what I had just learned in the past couple of minutes. After a moment, I hold my hand out and sharply strike myself across the cheek.

Ow, okay, definitely felt that. So I'm not dreaming, I think.

And then the full culmination of my current feelings comes out in only one single word.


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