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Skulls on Mantelpieces

John looked up from the newspaper and glanced around the sitting room for, what felt like, the hundredth time that day. He couldn't shake that strange feeling like someone was watching him, even though he was the only one in the flat all day. Sherlock had gone to the mortuary before the sun rose and probably wouldn't be back until late that night.

As John dipped his head to finish reading the article, something moved out of the corner of his eye. He snapped his head back up and looked at the mantel, where he saw the movement.

At first glance, John saw nothing wrong, then he noticed that Sherlock's skull was not looking straight ahead, but looking more at John, who was sitting in a chair on the left side of the fireplace. John stood up and moved the skull to its original spot, then continued to read.

"Sherlock! Help!" were the words that greeted Sherlock when he entered the flat. He rushed up the stairs and burst into the sitting room where he saw John crouching behind a chair that was closest to the door.

"What are you doing?" Sherlock asked. He knew, of course.

When John looked at Sherlock, his eyes were wild. John glanced around the chair. "Hiding."

Sherlock followed John's gaze to the skull on the mantelpiece. He hid a smirk. Thought so.

"Oh. Now what did my skull do to you?" Sherlock's voice implying his amusement.

John peeked around the chair again and glared suspiciously at the seemingly innocent skull, which was staring back at John. "That thing is alive. Today, I felt it staring at me. I saw it move. One moment, it- he- it was staring ahead, then I look at it and it was staring back at me. Sherlock, what is wrong with it?"

Sherlock calmly walked to the mantelpiece and straightened the skull and said, "I still can't believe how slow your mind is. Even after all these months you still haven't grasped the obvious: The skull really is alive."

"That's it," John said, standing up and grabbing his jacket off the hook on the back of the door, "I've gotta find a new flat. I'm gong crazy and my flatmate is already there."

When the flat door slamed shut, Sherlock looked at his watch and smiled triumphantly. He had estimated the exact time when John would snap. He looked back at the skull and said, "We don't need his disbelief here, do we?"

The skull nodded.

The End

A/N: So that leaves us with the question: Is the skull really alive? Yeah, OOC. I apologize for that. I just decided to torture John. I hope you enjoyed. :D