The Fate of Lightspeed

Another week passed and Alia and Ryan found themselves back at the tomb, reading the inscriptions on the wall. After dusting off some cobwebs, they found a symbol resembling the Golden Key, and when Ryan touched it, it turned into the Key and floated into Alia's hand.

"It's the Key to the Shadow World," said Ryan.

"How on earth did this get here?" murmured Alia.

"Uh, Lia…" Ryan pointed to a column's inscriptions which were glowing blue.

Silvery smoke then formed around the key and it glowed as the smoke and red light formed images on the wall, showing an eclipse and dozens of demons trapped in the Shadow World.

"Oh no," said Ryan.

Alia handed him the key and began rummaging through her bag for the magic mirror. "We have to warn the others of the Queen's plans!"


Back at the Aquabase, all was quiet and the Rangers were in a meeting with Captain Mitchell and Ms. Fairweather. Recently, the Queen's true regard of her people had become clear as she'd sacrificed Loki and Vypra, then Olympus and Diabolico had destroyed each other in battle, and one of their Megazords was under repairs from their last battle.

Suddenly, Dana's mirror came to life with Ryan and Alia's images.

"Dana, can you hear us?" said Alia.

"Ryan? Alia, what's going on?" asked Dana.

"We've found out the Queen's plan. You have to stop her!" said Ryan.

"What is it?" asked Carter.

"She's trying to resurrect all the demons from the Shadow World!" said Alia.

Silence fell upon them all with feelings of horror and dread.

"The ceremony's going to happen—" Ryan was cut off when the light in the tomb suddenly went out and then Ryan and Alia's images on the mirror were gone.

"Ryan? Alia?" said Dana, worried. "Guys, please respond!"

But there was no reply.


The mirror slid from Alia's hands and shattered to bits when she and Ryan found themselves face-to-face with Queen Bansheera.

"It's going to happen right, and no one is going to stop it!" she cackled. She then attacked and subdued them before they could fight back. And then Queen Bansheera scooped up the Key in her hands.


Despite Dana's frantic efforts, there was no response from Ryan or Alia and now all were worried and downhearted.

"Great, the Queen has Ryan and Alia," said Chad.

"What'd we do?" asked Joel.

"She'll probably take them to Skull Cavern," said Carter. He rose up from his seat. "I'll go get them."

Dana shook her head. "No, Carter. I'll go."

"I can take the Mobile Armored Vehicle," said Carter. "The Queen would never expect it!"

"Of course not, because it's crazy!" said Chad.

"I agree, it's very risky," said Captain Mitchell.

But Carter was still going. Dana tried to stop him again.

"Carter, you can't—"

"Don't worry," he interrupted. "I'll bring them back."


At the Skull Cavern, Ryan and Alia were being dragged to Queen Bansheera by a pack of Batlings.

"Well, it's so good to see we're finally making some progress!" said Jinxer. He then bowed. "Oh, my Queen."

"Lock them up and make sure they never get away!" she ordered.

They were taken away and Jinxer resumed talking to the Queen. "What next, Your Highness?"

"It's time to release the Batlings. I don't want those Rangers interfering with my ceremony!" she said.

Unbeknownst to the Power Rangers, Jinxer had stuck a Batling Card on the leg of their Megazord.

"Yes, my Queen." He began waving his hands. "Little batlings, take to the wing, rise up and destroy everything!"

As he spoke, the Batling Card activated and soon countless Batlings were in the Aquabase.


At the Aquabase, Carter was in his Red Ranger form and nearly ready to leave. He entered the lab as Ms. Fairweather approached him.

"Carter, use stealth mode and you should be able to go in undetected," she said.

"Now, if I'd know you were going to do this cockamamie thing, I'd have never taught you how to fly," said Joel. He shook Carter's hand, who nodded.

Dana then kissed him gently. "You'd better come back to me safely," she said. "Good luck."

"I promise, I will," he said. "Thanks."

He then boarded his vehicle and took off.

But trouble soon followed just moments after Carter left. Ms. Fairweather had found the countless Batlings surrounding the Megazord and Captain Mitchell put on Red Alert as the Batlings began destroying everything.

The remaining four Rangers morphed and split up. Dana and Joel fought and destroyed the Batlings on side of the Base, while Kelsey and Chad fought and destroyed the others.

Things got worse when the Life Force Megazord—under the control of other Batlings—began attacking and destroying the Aquabase from the outside and then Captain Mitchell went into shock from the loss of so much he'd worked so hard to create and save.

Ms. Fairweather took charge at that point. "The crew is in danger. We have to evacuate."

"Evacuate?" repeated Chad.

"Yes," she said. "The Megazord has the firepower to tear this place apart. Come on!" she led them away and the evacuation began.

With the combined efforts of Ms. Fairweather and the Rangers, they were able to evacuate everyone to safety. But then they realized Captain Mitchell hadn't joined them and they went to get him before it was too late.

"Captain, what're you doing?" asked Ms. Fairweather.

"Everything I've worked so hard for, it's gone," he said.

Dana stepped forward. "That's not true, Dad." She then made him look at her. "You still have Ryan and Alia and me. And Ms. Fairweather and the other Rangers count on you."

That made him snap out of it.

"You're right," he whispered. He smiled. "Let's get out of here."

But before they could leave, the Megazord hit the connecting tube and destroying the lights and leaving them on minimal life-support. And even worse, water was starting to leak in from the cracked windows. They were trapped and doomed.


Meanwhile, Carter had arrived at the Skull Cavern and snuck inside, determined to rescue Ryan and Alia. He'd been there before in his last battle with Loki, but he still hated it. It was a dark and dreary place. How Alia and Ryan had survived growing up in such a pit, he'd never know.

After some searching, he found Queen Bansheera arousing her Batlings.

"The time has come to take Mariner Bay!" she said. "Victory is at hand! Soon, our glorious palace will arise at the hands of their destruction! Nothing can stop us now!"

Worried, Carter quickly left before he could be spotted, and resumed looking for Ryan and Alia. He found them shackled in anti-magic chains and about to be dealt with by Batlings. Quickly, he destroyed the Batlings and grabbed the keys.

"You guys, okay?" he asked.

"We're fine. Just a little woozy," said Ryan.

"Correction, I'm a little woozy," said Alia. Her eyes darkened. "Mommy Dearest decided to disown me and force me to drink some vial potion to genetically purge my demonic half and demon powers. Not that I'm complaining. I stopped considering myself hers a long time ago and I'm still a dangerously powerful witch.

"Anyway, we're glad to see you," said Ryan. "You got here just in time. The Queen's going to start the ceremony when the solar eclipse happens."

Carter was shocked. "But that's today!"

"That's why we have to hurry," said Alia. She rubbed her wrists which were sore from the shackles before doing a healing spell on herself and Ryan. "We'll figure out a way to stop her, but right now we have to leave."

They started to leave, but then stopped when they heard Jinxer's voice.

"Everything is going according to plan, my Queen," he said.

"Excellent. Now go, you must begin to put the stones in place!" she ordered.

"As you command," said Jinxer. He rose up and said to the Batlings, "You heard the Queen, move it!"

The three of them tried to leave again, but when Queen Bansheera began to come near them, Alia and Ryan faked still being imprisoned while Carter hid to maintain an illusion.

"I have been waiting a long time for this day to arrive," she said to them. "Imagine the destruction as I release every horrid creature upon your pitiful Earth! What a shame you won't be around to celebrate with us!"

"You're wrong," said Ryan. "You won't get away with this."

"Oh, I think I will, Titanium Ranger!" said Queen Bansheera.

"Your overconfidence and obsession are your fatal flaws," said Alia.

"Your faith in your loves ones are yours!" she snapped.

Just then, Carter's Morpher beeped, giving his position away.

"What's this?" said Queen Bansheera. "We have us a visitor!" Just when she got close to Carter's hiding place, Ryan and Alia broke free and began attacking Queen Bansheera and then Carter joined them.

"You're outnumbered by a million to one!" said Queen Bansheera.

"We won't let you get away with this!" said Ryan. "Ready guys?"

"Ready!" said Carter. "LIGHTSPEED RESCUE!"



While Ryan and Carter morphed into the Titanium and Red Ranger, fire burst out of Alia's hands, attacking the Batlings and Queen Bansheera and a huge battle went underway.

Carter and Ryan fought every Batling that came their way using their weapons and every single move they'd been taught while Alia used several dangerous spells such as electricity, water, wind and fire and they had nearly won, until Queen Bansheera attacked them and forced them to watch the Omega Megazord which had been hijacked by Batlings and Jinxer, place the stones in Mariner Bay.

Queen Bansheera then forcibly ejected them from the Skull Cavern. Soon the ceremony would take place and all would be lost. How would Mariner Bay survive now?


At the Aquabase, the situation was growing increasingly worse as water continued to leak in and the Batlings kept trying to get to the Rangers. Dana was getting more worried. Chad and Kelsey comforted each other through their fears, trying to lighten the mood a little. Joel was sitting quietly by himself until Ms. Fairweather put a hand on his shoulder.

"Joel, don't worry, we'll be okay," she said.

Joel stared. "What're you talking about? We're trapped in here and this place is going to cave in on our heads at any minute."

"I hope not," she said. "I was hoping when this was all over, we could actually go on that date. Assuming, of course you're still interested."

It was no secret that Joel had it bad for Ms. Fairweather, but she'd never accepted any of his offers to date until now.

"Don't joke with me about this," he said.

She knelt down beside him and shook her head, smiling. "I'm not."

Joel smiled back and then nodded as he squeezed her hand. "Okay, when we get out of here and this is over, I'm taking you on the best date of your life."

Ms. Fairweather's smile grew broader as she kissed his cheek. "I can't wait."

"Hey, guys, come look at this," said Dana.

On the remaining, working monitor, they saw the Omegazord wrecking the city and putting the stones in place.

"Guys, we've got work to do," said Joel.

They began searching through the rubble until they found a maintenance shaft that led to the submarine bay. The pathway was flooded, but thankfully, they were able to locate some air cans so they were able to swim to the bay and get in the submarine.

Within moments, the Batlings arrived and began attacking the submarine as the Megazord continued attacking the Aquabase. When the submarine cable prevented them from moving to the water, Joel, Kelsey, and Chad then had an idea and fired torpedoes at the wall, flooding the bay and allowing them to break free.

They then fired at the Megazord and got away to safety just as the Megazord and the Aquabase blew up.


Meanwhile, the stones were nearly in place and Queen Bansheera had brought the Skull Cavern to Mariner Bay and the solar eclipse was well underway. But just as the Omegazord was about to put the last stone in place, it was fired upon.

Carter, Ryan and Alia had survived thanks to one of Alia teleporting them and the Mobile Armor Vehicle back to the human world.

"Right on target!" said Ryan. "Alia, shield us and fire what you can. Carter, can you get us any closer?"

"Already on it," said Alia.

"I'll see what I can do," said Carter.

"Titanium Laser, fire!"

"Missiles, fire!"


All three blasts hit the Omegazord and they continued firing at it, but nothing they tried destroyed the Omegazord. The Omegazord returned fire, but Alia's shield kept them protected.

"I think we're going to have to abandon ship," said Alia. She placed a bag of magical explosive balls in the seat of the Vehicle. "Guys, grab hold of me and hang on tight!"

Ryan and Carter each grabbed one of Alia's hands and then she teleported them away as the Vehicle flew to the Omegazord and then exploded, taking the Omegazord with it. But not before the last stone fell into place and the ritual began.

"The last stone's in place!" said Carter.

"We're going to need some help," said Ryan.

"Carter, Ryan, Alia!"

The three of them spun around to see the other Rangers running towards them.

Dana immediately ran into Ryan's arms as he held her tight. "Ryan, I've missed you so much!"

"I've missed you too, little sister," said Ryan. "You guys got here just in time. The bad news is, the stone circle's complete."

"We've got to stop that ceremony," said Alia.

"We're on it!" said Chad.

They morphed and then headed for the Skull Cavern. When they arrived, the eclipse was done and the ceremony was beginning.

"Forces of evil heed my call, gather now as darkness falls!" said Queen Bansheera.

A beam of purple light hit the tomb, the Golden Key began to turn and the tomb was opening.

"Brisingr!" shouted Alia.

Fire hit Queen Bansheera's wing as she spun around to face Ryan, Alia and the Rangers.

"Ceremony's over, Queen Bansheera," growled Alia.

"We're here to make sure of that!" said Ryan.

"You're too late, nothing can stop me now!" said Queen Bansheera.

"Nothing except us!" said Carter. "And that's just what we're going to do!"

"Attack!" yelled Queen Bansheera.

Everyone began fighting the Batlings and the battle was in the Rangers' favor as they were winning. Queen Bansheera grew furious and turned back to the tomb.

"Just as darkness conquers light, let evil triumph over right!" she yelled. Then the tomb was opening.

Alia stopped fighting the Batlings and lunged for Queen Bansheera, only to be blasted back and landing painfully into a column.

"You think you can defeat me? What daughter could ever defeat her own mother?" said Queen Bansheera.

Alia rose to her feet as she was filled with rage. "YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER!" she shouted. Powerful spells shot from her hands and kept hitting Queen Bansheera until the Queen fell into the tomb.

Just as the Queen fell, she latched onto Alia, pulling the girl in with her. Alia found herself barely hanging on to a ledge in the tomb.

Ryan appeared and reached for her. "Lia, give me your hand, I'll pull you up!"

Alia tried, but could not reach her husband's hand. "I can't reach you!" She tried to pull herself up, but Queen Bansheera's weight kept pulling her down.

"Don't let go!" said Ryan. "Just hang on!"

"If I go, you're coming with me!" said Queen Bansheera.

More purple light kept coming into the tomb. Alia could not use anymore magic as the powerful ones she'd shot at Queen Bansheera had tired her out.

"Close the lid!" she yelled.

"Never! We're not going to let you go!" said Ryan. "I am not losing you!"

The other Rangers appeared and tried to help, but to no avail.

"You're not leaving this tomb!" said Queen Bansheera. "I'm taking you down into the Shadow World with me!"

Just then, a familiar golden light appeared and turned into Diabolico in his spirit form, laughing.

"Diabolico, just in time to help!" said Queen Bansheera.

"I am here to help, help the Rangers and Alia destroy you for good!" he said. He fired a blast at her, that forced her to let Alia go and she fell into the Shadow World and never emerged again.

A rope fell down to Alia's hands.

"Lia, grab hold!"

Alia grabbed the rope and managed to climb out of the tomb and into Ryan's arms as Carter yanked out the Key and lid of the tomb closed. For a moment, they all just sat there, catching their breaths.

"We did it," said Carter.

They then began to cheer and rejoice, but then the Skull Cavern began to collapse, forcing them to flee. They made it out just as the Cavern crumbled into dust, taking the tomb along with it. This time, there would be no chance of return for the demon, not ever.


After enjoying a celebration over their victory, everyone met up at the pier. With the demons gone, it was time for the Rangers to hand over the Morphers and resume their normal lives.

"I'm sorry about the Aquabase, Captain," said Carter, as he handed him the Red Morpher.

"Well at least Queen Bansheera and her demons didn't win. Mariner Bay is safe again," said Captain Mitchell.

Dana smiled as she came up from behind the Captain, Ryan and Alia and said, "Now we finally have time to be a normal family."

"Sounds great to me," said Ryan, who had an arm around Alia's waist as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"Now I'll have a chance to get back to my surfing," said Chad, pulling off his Morpher and handing it in.

"Plus, there's an Extreme Sports Competition I've got to start training for," said Kelsey. She placed her Morpher with Chad's.

"Here you go, Cap," said Joel. He was out of his usual cowboy garb and in a handsome outfit for his long overdue date.

"I'll bet we're all ready to return to a normal life," said Carter.

"I heard that," said Joel.

"Well, as normal as we'll ever be," said Alia, smiling. "You know what they say, 'Once a Ranger, always a Ranger.'"

Just then, a car honked and a black convertible came into view. Ms. Fairweather was all decked out and ready for her date with Joel.

"Let's go, cowboy!" she said, smiling.

Joel grinned. "Excuse me, that's my date."

Everyone smiled and turned to Captain Mitchell, saluting once more and then going their separate ways. Captain Mitchell, Ryan, Alia and Dana got into the Rescue Rover and drove off to begin their now peaceful lives.

In the backseat, Ryan kissed Alia and held her tight. As bittersweet as the whole experience was, he wouldn't have traded a single day of it for anything. Now he could live a new life with the woman he loved, just like he'd always wanted. It was all just perfect.


It was late in the afternoon when Ryan came home. Ever since Queen Bansheera's destruction, Ryan had been working with his father and Alia had opened a small apothecary and magic shop. They had a nice house of their own in Mariner Bay close to their friends and family.

Everyone at Lightspeed had normal lives now. Chad was a lifeguard and married to a mermaid called Marina and thanks to the necklace from Alia, she could go on land as well as sea. Dana worked at a pediatrician at the local hospital and was married to Carter and he'd gone back to his job as a fireman. Joel had married Ms. Fairweather. And Kelsey was still zooming around doing her sports and had a boyfriend.

Ryan had had a long day. Vypra had returned the grave to summon a powerful demon called Quarganon, in Silver Hills, but thankfully she and her demon were stopped and destroyed with the combined effort of the Lightspeed Rangers and the Time Force Rangers. Ryan would've brought Alia along, but as she was six months along with their second child, they'd agreed it'd be best she stay home.

They had a son, William, named for Captain Mitchell, who was a few months old with his mother's dark hair and his father's blue-grey eyes. He was doted upon by their friends and family.

Ryan had had to admit he'd been a tad worried he wouldn't be a good father when Alia told him she was expecting, given how he'd grown up, but when their son was born, he'd taken naturally to William. He loved his son dearly and couldn't imagine life without him.

William was in his playpen in the living room with Alia when Ryan came home. William looked up and reached out his arms, as he said, "Dada."

"Hey, buddy," said Ryan. He picked up William. "Were you a good boy for your mom, today?"

"He was very good," said Alia, getting up and kissing him. "I'm glad you're home. Did the mission go okay? What were the Time Force Rangers like?"

"It went fine. Vypra's gone for good now," said Ryan. They sat down on the couch with William in Ryan's lap, playing with his teddy bear. "The Time Force Rangers were great and said they'd love to meet you sometime. The other said hi and they'll see us for Sunday dinner next week."

"That's good."

"So, how did it go at the doctor's? Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, everything's fine. In fact, the doctor told me something he forgot to tell us last time," said Alia. Her eyes sparkled. "We're getting a double dose, beloved—both girls."

Ryan's eyes widened and then he smiled. "Twins? That's great. Looks like William will get to play the protective-older brother role twice."

"I'm sure you can give him a few pointers on that. Ooh," said Alia, placing a hand on her swollen stomach. "The girls are kicking."

Ryan placed his free hand on Alia's stomach and smiled when he felt his daughters kicking; he smiled even more and then kissed Alia again.

"I love you," he said.

"I love you too," said Alia. "So, do you have any ideas for names?"

"We promised Dana we'd name one of our girls after her and we know much Kelsey loves William, so how about Dana Kelsey Mitchell?" said Ryan.

"Has a nice ring to it," said Alia. "I want to name the other after my birth father, but 'Morlock' is hardly a human's name, is it?"

"What about 'Moira'?" suggested Ryan.

"And Angela for her middle name?" said Alia. "Yes, I like it. Dana Kelsey Mitchell and Moira Angela Mitchell, they're perfect."

Ryan smiled again. "This, our life, is perfect, Lia," he murmured, kissing her again and then hugging William closer to him. Their quiet little life was far from the exciting, danger-filled one they'd had before, but it was a happy one with the people they loved and best of all, it was all theirs.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.