Abby was bored. Another day, another criminal put behind bars. She sat at McGee's desk with her legs resting on his desk, keyboard on her lap. He wasn't around, something to do with poison ivy… or something- not like she was concerned. She was staring intently at Gibbs who sat a yard or so away from her- behind his desk. She studied his features as he went over some last minute paperwork and tapped away lightly at his computer.

Taking a keen interest in his hands as they moved slowly over the keys. A grin washed over her features as she reminded herself where those hands had been. On her. On her cheek, down her arms, up her thighs, over her…

"What'cha smiling' at, Abs?" A husky voice from Gibbs pulled her from her thoughts.

The Goth looked up at him from his hands, then scanned the room. DiNozzo and Kate had stopped what they were doing to take interest in their conversation. Turning her attention back to her silver-haired fox. You, she signed.

What about me? He signed back.

She wiggled her fingers in front of him. This caused him to look down at his own hands.

My fingers? He asked, signing again.

Not just them, Gibbs. She started as she signed out the letters of his name, Where they've been. She finished, grinning at him.

Thinking about her statement for a moment, he finally got it. "Oh." He mouthed and sent a wink her way.


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