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God why won't the fucking bell ring? I've been sitting in this class bored out of my mind for what feels like hours. Of course when I look up at the clock it's only been fifteen minutes. Why does this class have to be so goddamn BORING? I decided to doodle in my notebook and ignore the rest of the world. I started writing down some new lyrics for a song I was writing. I was just starting to get into it when suddenly my best friend, Frank Iero, poked me in the arm with his pencil.

"What the fuck was that for?" I hissed.

He silently pointed at the door where a boy walked in nervously. He was extremely pale with greasy black hair reaching down to his shoulders. His eyes were surrounded by thick black eyeliner just like me and Frank's. He was wearing black skinny jeans with a tight black Misfits tee. Over his tee he was wearing a red tie. He looked a lot like a vampire. I had never seen him around the school before so he must have been new. He must have seen me staring because he looked over at me and smiled. God, he was so cute! He handed his slip to Mrs. Hunt and she introduced him to the class. "Everyone we have a new student" she said. Well isn't that just a bit obvious. She had to look down at the slip again to find out his name. "This is Gerard Way." I already loved his name. He walked over to my row and looked right at me. He smiled again and sat down in the empty seat in front of me. He had looked right at me! I smiled back and braced myself for the rest of the extremely boring period.

When the bell finally rang I put all of my school crap in my Nightmare Before Christmas backpack and tried to find Gerard. Of course with my luck he had already left. I walked over to my locker and shoved all of the school crap into it. Suddenly someone grabbed me from behind and yelled, "VIOLET!" Of course it was Frank behind me. I turned around and tickled his stomach while yelling, "Frankie!" We both laughed for a minute and got all of our stuff for our next class. Me and Frankie had virtually the same schedule. Our next class was music. Next to art it had to be my favorite class.

As we walked to the music classroom I wondered what Gerard's next class was. When we got to the music room I found out that he was in my music class. I wondered over to where he was sitting by himself and I introduced myself.

"Hi there I'm Violet" I said while I sat down next to him. Frank sat down on his other side and said "Hey, I'm Frank." After a short silence he said "Um … hi I'm Gerard." He seemed sort of nervous but Frank either didn't notice or didn't care and started asking him questions. "What did you think about your last class?"

Gerard chuckled and said "I didn't know a class could be so boring."

I was about to say something back but class was starting. Music was one of the only classes I could stand going to. Mrs. Rogers announced that we were just going to practice whatever instrument we played. Everyone split off into their separate groups based on their instruments and started playing. I turned to Gerard and said, "Do you play an instrument?" All he did was shake his head so I dragged him over to the group that was singing. He didn't really do much, he mostly just sat and watched everyone else practice until I sat down next to him and asked him to sing. He started belting out a song I had never heard before and I was in shock. He had the most beautiful voice I'd ever heard. I must've had an extremely shocked look on my face because he said, "Was it really that bad?" with a corny smile on his face.

"Holy shit you're amazing!" I exclaimed.

He smiled shyly and said, "I probably wasn't that good."

Before I could tell him how wrong he was the bell had rung and everyone was leaving. Just as he was about to leave I jumped up and said, "Next period is lunch why don't you come sit with me and Frank?"

"Okay just let me drop some stuff in my locker." He said with a smile.

I walked over to join Frank at our usual table with a huge smile on my face.


As I walked over to my locker I couldn't help but daydream about Violet. She was so beautiful. I cant believe she was really talking to me. The second I had walked into that first class I had noticed her long jet black hair with her perfect purple streaks. I couldn't get the image of her out of my head. She had looked right at me with her amazing blue eyes. They were the most amazing light blue eyes I had ever seen. Come on Gee stop thinking about her eyes and just go sit with her! I thought to myself.

Just as I was closing my locker someone fell onto me. I looked up to see who it was and looked directly into a familiar face. It was my baby brother Mikey and someone had given him a bloody nose and broken his glasses! He looked really pissed off and sad at the same time.

Whoever had done this to him was long gone now and I dragged my brother into the nearest bathroom and started to clean the blood off of his face. I was extremely pissed that someone would do this to Mikey. "Who the hell did this to you?" I yelled.

"I don't know" Mikey mumbled obviously lying.

"Come on Mikey will you please tell me what happened?"

Mikey simply nodded his head and started crying. Something was obviously wrong, Mikey never cried.

"A stupid bully decided it would be funny if I fell … and I decided it would be funny if he got punched in the face." then he cracked a faint smile.

That actually made me smile. My baby brother was finally learning to stand up for himself. Once I had finished cleaning up his face I told him to follow me out to the lunch tables. I was going to go find Violet and Frank and see if they had an idea of who would do this to Mikey.


Gerard still hadn't showed up at the lunch table. I sat down with my slop (apparently it was pasta) and made patterns in it with my fork. I sat there with Frank waiting for about ten minutes until Gerard ran up to us with another kid right behind him.

"Hey guys" he said. "This is my little brother Mikey, he kinda got into some trouble."

Gerard told us everything that had happened and suddenly it had clicked.

"I know who did it." I said quietly.

"Really? Who?"

I could already see that he wanted to get revenge against whoever did this to Mikey.

"It was the worst bully at this school … Jesse."