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It was a Friday night at Dalton academy and a group of the Warblers were gathered in a circle laughing and talking.

The Wablers had a concert to preform on Monday so they all decided to stay at school during the weekend to practise. Though they all knew they would mostly just goof around. David had offered a game of Truth or Dare just to pass the time. Some of the boys agreed to stay in the common room to play while most of them shook their head of David's immaturity and left to go back to their rooms.

The only ones left in the room were David, his best friends Wes and Blaine, the newbie Kurt and two others. One was Jasper, who was a sophmore with straight brown hair which covered part of his right eye and black framed glasses. The second was Daxen who was a freshman with wavy blonde hair that was long enough to be put into a small ponytail.

The game had gone on for about an hour or so with interesting Truths like finding out that Wes and Blaine had kissed in the past, only because Wes was questioning, Daxen was caught shirtless with his brother. They were supposily wrestling, but by the way everyone laughed, no one believed him. They found other things about each other but nothing that fun to make fun of.

Now the dares were...well...more interesting. Jasper had to drink random liquids that the other boys mixed together, David had to call his French teacher and tell him that he has a sexy balding spot and Daxen had to give Kurt a lapdance. There was glaring going on after that.

Jasper raised his head from a trashcan which he was trying not to puke in and looked over at Kurt. "Hummel..ugh...Truth or Dare" He stuck his head back in a burped. Kurt thought for a moment and answered with truth, not wanting to do anything sickening like Jasper did. "Alrighty, I dare you to tell us who you would want to make out with in this room..." Kurt opened his mouth to say something but Jasper lifted a finger, head still in the trashcan. "There is more young sir. You also have to tell us what you would do to them while making out with them" You could hear the grin in his voice which echoed off the trashcan.

"A-are you joking? I'm not going to do that!" Kurt blushed deeply his eyes shifting around. Jasper pointed to David's direction. Behind him was another door which lead to the bathroom. If one didn't complete their dare or didn't want to answer their truth they would have to be swirllied for ten seconds...pantsless as well. Kurt's eyes widened and his covered his head as to block it from anything touching his hair. "Alright I'll say it!" He lowered his hands as well as his head and mumbled. "Mfhln..."

David's eyes sparkled as he moved closer to Kurt. "Excuse me? I'm sorry Mr. Hummel but we did not get that" He snickered and moved closer to Kurt to try and hear what he was trying to say.

"Blaine..." Kurt said louder. David and Wes shared a high five and you could hear a laugh coming from Jaspers cover head. Daxen motioned for him to go on and placed his elbow on his knee and his chin on his hand as if he was intreeged by an interesting conversation. Everyones eyes then went to the scarlet faced boy beside Kurt to watch his reaction. "I would uh...wrap my arms around his neck and pull him as close as I could..." Kurt kept his head down but turned it away from Blaine whose face was burried in his hands. "I would wait for arms to...snake around my waist and up and down my back..." Kurt's eyes stared to haze over as he lost track of what was really going on and who was there. "I would break the kiss and let him lift my shirt off my head and then I would take his off. My nails would drag slowly down his chest and trace over his abs..." His breathing started to get deep. Everyone watched the countertenor and the soloist as they both started to get a bit uncom fortable. "He would lower his head and nibble down my neck and to my chest...I would scratch my nails down his back and nibble at his head gently...waiting for-" Kurt stopped.

Blaine put his hand on Kurts and squeezes. "Kurt...stop...please?" Blaines eyes were closed. Kurt blinked and looked up finally relizing where he was and turned a deep red. The other boys who just stared backed up slowly and sat down in the circle again.

"Ahem...well..." Wes tried to breath the tension as he could tell the boys were a bit flustered. "'s your turn..." Kurt looked up and looked around the room.

"Um..." His face was still red and his hand was still under Blaines but with as much concentration he could give he looked over at Wes. "Truth or Dare Wes..." Wes took a breath and smiled. "Dare" He answered. Kurt was so distracted and flustered he most likely wouldn't give him a good dare.

"I dare you to go into the supply closet with David and actually make out for minutes" Kurt's lips grew into a grin as Wes' eyes widened in fear. He looked over at his best friend but he wasn't looking back. Instead he stood up and walked to the supply closet door and opened it.

"Common Wes" He said and went inside. The 5 other boys stared wide eyed. Daxen stood up and yanked Wes by the arm towards the closet. "OW! Dax! STOP! You're going to yank it out of the socket!" He jumped up quickly and was then pushed towards the door by the younger boy. He stopped in front of the dark room and squinted his eyes to look in. He could vagly see David in it sitting on a box with his legs and arms crossed. He stood up and walked towards Wes, yanked him in and shut the door behind them. "Start counting!" He yelled from inside.

Jasper lifted his head from the trashcan. "Why was that so easy?" He asked before burping and sticking his head back down. The other boys shrugged and went back to the circle-now-square. Kurt and Blaine slowly looked at each other and blushed. Daxen rolled his eyes and leaned against the couch. "God dammit" He pouted.

Inside the closet Wes attempted to look around but failed with no light anywhere. "D-david? Dude what the hell are you doing?" He backed up and felt the door behind him. He was about to put his hand on the door handle to try and book it but something slammed beside Wes' head. The boy jumped and looked from where the item came from. "David...?" He reached to touch the object and felt it. It was soft and turned into a different texture as he went up. It WAS David.

"Dude what is going on? Someone was in a rush to get in the closet" Wes narrowed his eyes. He crossed his arms and waited. "Why aren't you saying anything?" His face softened and started to turn into fear. "Dave...What are you doing?" Something else, David's other arm, slammed on the other side of Wes causing the boy to jump again.

"Shut up Wes..." David spoke out. Wes opened his mouth to complain again but was silenced as something soft met his lips. Wes' eyes widened as he relized that David was infact kissing him. Wes tried to break the kiss but David's arms moved from beside Wes' head to around his waist and pulled him into him but still pushing him up against the door. Wes let a small moan slip from his lips as he left their hips rub against each other. Slowly his arms made their way up and around David's neck and pulled him into him kissing back.

The two kissed deeply for a minute or so before David pulling back and moving his hands down to untuck Wes' shirt and his lips to his neck. Wes' eyes, which he didn't relize were closed, opened slightly and looked down at the shadown attached to him. "D-david...Wha...ahhh..." David moved his lips to Wes' ear and started nibbling. During the game of Truth or Dare the boys found out that Wes' most sesitive spot was indeed his ear. Wes gripped David's shirt and moaned. "G-god!...David...ugh..." His eyes shut again and he started to slide down as his knees started to weaken. David wrapped his arms around Wes and slowly got him to slide down the door.

Wes was now sitting leaning against the door with his best friend between his legs kissing down his neck. The darker boy moved down more and lifted Wes' shirt up and over his head and kissed down his chest. Wes then relized that he David was doing almost exactly what Kurt had explained he wanted to do with Blaine. David moved lower until he was just above Wes' pants. "D-d-david!" He could feel hands moving towards his belt buckle. But nothing became undone. Instead David pulled back and stood up. He wrapped his arms undernieth Wes' arms and lifted him up and moved him away from the door.

Not five seconds later the door swung open and the two boys blinked. Blaine stood there with Kurt at his side. Both with a big grin on their faces. Farther away was Jasper head peaking out of the can and Daxen rubbing his back and holding one of his hands. "Welly well. What do we have here?" Blaine raised an eyebrow and noticed Wes' shirt in David's hands. David handed the shirt back to Wes and whispered in his ear. "See you tomorrow Wesley" Wes' face got even redder as David left the closet and made his way out of the room.

"'M going to bed. Night everyone. Feel better Jas" David smirked before rushing out. Everyone stared at the empty doorway for a brief moment before all turning to look at the shirtless boy in the closet.

"Sooooo..." Daxen raised an eyebrow. "How was your TEN minutes Wesley?" He smiled. Wes stared at him.

"But Kurt said seven..." His mouth hung open. The others laughed. "We were knocking on the door for another three minutes after time was up. Seems like you two were a liiittttttttle busy" Blaine smiled. Wes' eyes widened and he ran out of the closet and out of the room.

"Goingtobednowmkaynight" He yelled in embarrassment leaving four boys laughing on the ground.

Jasper stopped suddenly. "Uh oh..." His eyes widened and he stuck his head in the trashcan and hacked. Daxen rubbed his back and chuckled.

Blaine and Kurt made their way back to the other two and sat down. Kurt on Blaines lap. "So...whose next?" Blaine asked.

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