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"Can someone explain to me what is going on again?" Sam asked.
"We're going to save my sister from a nest of vampires," Jacob told him.
"You make that sound easy," Sam said.
"It is, relatively speaking," Jacob muttered.
"I don't think Sam meant the goal," Dean said. Jacob glared at Dean once.
"My mother was a succubus and my father a vampire. What more do you want?" Jacob asked.
"How you came to be family to Death. He doesn't seem the parenting type," Sam said.
"My sister made the deal. It was two months after I was turned. My father had just promised her to Henry. My sister had been a vampire for a few decades. She made the mistake in trusting our father and he tried to kill her," Jacob whispered.
"So she bargained with Death. Why?" Sam asked.
"She knew father was going to use me as a killing machine and the only person standing in the way was Des," Jacob answered. Dean and Sam exchanged looks but couldn't say anything because Jacob yelled something.
"Here!" Jacob said.
"It's more desert," Dean pointed out.
"I know, but this is where Des always comes. I've got point because the scorpion won't kill me." Jacob said. The boys shook their head. They got out of the Impala and Jacob waited impatiently as he waited for them to grab whatever they needed.
"When you say decades, how long has your sister been around?" Dean asked.
"Are you curious for curiosity's sake or are you interested in dating her?" Jacob countered.
"Just answer the question," Dean snapped.
"She's been around since Ancient Rome. She was turned two weeks before it fell. She was twenty-six. I was born twenty-four years before Henry the Eight took the throne. Henry had just taken the throne when I was turned," Jacob answered. Dean nodded his head and the boys walked into the desert. They hadn't walked very far, when Jacob stopped them. He knelt down and picked up a black scorpion.
"That's not native, is it?" Sam asked.
"No," Jacob said. Jacob hissed when it stung him.
"Was it supposed to do that?" Dean asked.
"I think so," Jacob said as he set the scorpion down. It scurried off and the guys watched as part of the desert floor opened.
"Bingo," Jacob said as he stood. He held Valkyria up and went down into the hole.
"Why are we doing this again?" Sam asked.
"To stop the killings," Dean answered as they followed after Jacob. They had barely cleared the stairs when they saw a large chamber with Des standing at the end in a white dress. Henry stepped out and chuckled.
"You've come to save your sister?" He asked.
"That was the plan," Jacob replied.
"I'd like to see you get through the rest of my coven," Henry said.
"I don't have to. Only you," Jacob said.
"What are you talking about?" Henry asked.
"Desideria, catch," Jacob said as he threw Valkyria at her. Des caught the sword and pointed it at Henry's throat. The moment that happened, vampires were everywhere. Dean tossed Jacob a weapon and they started in on it. When they reached Des, her white dress was stained red and Henry was dead at her feet, as well as the black haired and brunette women in the desert who had threatened Jake. Des looked up at Jake before she hugged him.
"You're in one piece," She whispered.
"So are you," Jake said as he held his sister. Des pulled back and was about to say something but Jake paled.
"Sis, they're coming home today," Jake whispered.
"He's there. No no no," Des said. She looked at the carnage.
"TESSA!" She yelled.
"No need to yell, Des," Tessa said as she materialized in front of them.
"Don't even ask, Des. I'm not protecting them. I'm a reaper not a guardian." Tessa said. Des huffed.
"It's important," she pleaded.
"Nope. I have your mess to clean up." Tessa said. Des released a small growl before she closed her eyes and started whispering something. Dean caught the words "Cas" "protect" and "please". Des's eyes opened.
"We have to get home," She whispered.
"Why?" Sam asked.
"There are lives at stake," She answered and strode out of the nest.
"No thanks necessary or anything," Dean muttered as they followed her out. She was standing impatiently by the Impala by the time they got there.
"You want a thanks, Winchester?" She asked with a tilted head. Dean opened his mouth to say something but couldn't. Des had silenced him with a kiss. She pulled back and winked at him. Dean actually sputtered.
"You didn't?" Jake asked.
"Jake, I can control it better then you can," Des answered as she slid into the car. Sam shrugged and got in. Dean and Jake did the same and were quickly on the way back to their house. Des didn't give the Impala time to stop before she jumped out and headed into the house.
"Feel free to let the car stop," Dean muttered.
"She doesn't have time," Jake said as he followed his sister. Dean and Sam followed and walked into the house to see Des glaring at her father.
"Get out and don't contact us again. If you do, I'll kill you myself," Des growled.
"Fine, but remember I can break you, Des." He said before he left. Des turned to the couch and breathed a sigh of relief.
"You guys are okay, right?" Des asked.
"Yes Aunty Des. We're fine," A boy's voice said.
"Thank you." Des said as she turned.
"Anytime, Desideria," Castiel said.
"Cas?" Dean and Sam asked.
"How do you know them?" Dean asked.
"It's a long story," Castiel said.
"I'll make it shorter for you. My mom was a guardian angel and then she got tempted by Lucifer. She fell and became a succubus. Before that she was an item with Castiel," Des explained.
"Which changes what?" Sam asked.
"My brother, nephew, nieces, and I were born to the blood of an angel." Des answered.
"If you don't need anything else, we need to get them to sleep," Jake said. Des took a step forward and touched Dean's cheek.
"Wait Jake. Let's introduce them to the kids," Des whispered. Dean didn't know why but the look in her blue green eyes floored him. Des lead him to the front of the couch and gestured to the three kids sitting on the couch. There was one boy and two girls. The boy had short black hair that was slightly messy with chocolate brown eyes. The girl sitting next to him had dirty blonde hair that brushed past her shoulders and was straight with light blue eyes and the other girl had strawberry blonde hair that brushed her shoulders with chocolate brown eyes.
"Dean, Sam this is Devyn, Andrea, and Abigail, my brother's children," Des said.
"My name is pronounced Devon but its spelled D-e-v-y-n." Devyn said. Des smiled and looked at Dean.
"Are they human?" Dean asked.
"Part human and part succubus/incubus." Jake answered.
"We won't turn them unless we have to," Des whispered.
"Say thank you to Castiel and go get ready for bed," Jake said.
"Thank you," the three voices chorused. Castiel nodded and watched as they left.
"Des, you have to be careful," Castiel said.
"I normally am. I slipped one time with Henry." Des whispered before she left. Dean didn't know why, but he followed after her. Dean watched as she carefully laid Valkyria on the dresser. She must have known Dean was there.
"Will you untie the back of the dress?" She asked. She had moved her red hair over her shoulder. Dean walked over and started untying the ribbons. Dean's fingers brushed her bare skin.
"Thank you." She said. Dean nodded his head and watched as she slipped behind a door. Dean looked around the room and noticed that only two pictures were on the wall. He looked at them. It was Des and Jake with Death and Castiel in front of a house. The other was of the three kids playing around. "You admiring my pictures?" Des asked. Dean turned and saw her standing there with her arms crossed. Dean wasn't sure what he expected but she didn't seem any different.
"I don't want to be too forward but can I take you back to my hotel?" Dean asked. Des chuckled.
"Do you know what you're playing with?" Des asked.
"No, but you seem like the type that would be too bad," Dean said. Des shook her head.
"What about your brother?" She asked. Dean sighed.
"Point taken," he said.
"I know a couple of places we could go." She whispered.


A year later


Dean and Sam were once again heading down the road. Dean's thoughts couldn't help but drift. Des would want to know about Eve but she wasn't in California anymore. They pulled into Middletown, Connecticut. They were following a lead. They already had a hotel room, but they were looking for a place to eat. It was late, so they pulled into a bar called "Midnight Dreams".
"It shouldn't be too bad." Sam said. Dean nodded his head and walked in. Dean and Sam found a seat at the bar and looked at the menus.
"Weirdest bar," Dean muttered.
"You're telling me," Sam said.
"What can I get you, hot stuff?" A feminine voice asked. Dean looked up from his menu and saw a 5'6'' woman standing there. She had curly brown hair with golden tips that brushed her shoulders. She had a nice bust and a good body. Her eyes were cerulean blue.
"Mary, Deanna. What did I say about that?" A voice asked as she walked over. Dean blinked. That red hair looked so familiar. Only difference was that it was extremely curly and her eyes were emerald green.
"Not to, mommy," Mary said with a smile.
"Go help your brother," The woman said as she rested her hands on her hips.
"Sorry about that. She's my most strong willed one. Sort of like her father," She said.
"You own the bar?" Dean asked.
"Sort of. My brother and I are co-owners," She answered.
"You have a name?" Sam asked.
"Yes. Destiny Midnight," She said.
"Mom! Mary's doing it again," A man called.
"Samuel, deal with it," Destiny snapped.
"I say you make her go home," Another man said as he leaned against the bar. He had messy black hair that was kept short and a lean build. His eyes were emerald green.
"Xander, you know I can't do that." Destiny said.
"It's worth a shot. You know where Kat went?" Xander asked.
"No, I don't know where Katarina went. You go find her," Destiny said.
"You don't look old enough to have kids into their twenties," Sam said.
"You're right Sam. I don't have kids in their twenties," Destiny said.
"How do you know my name? I didn't give it," Sam said.
"Really Sam? You don't recognize me?" Destiny asked.
"Should I?" Sam asked.
"Maybe. You rescued me from a nest of vampires and Castiel dated my mother," Destiny said.
"Des?" Dean asked.
"Spot on, as always, Dean," Des said with a smile.
"You had kids?" Dean asked.
"Four. They're all a year old and Mary has your temperament thank you." Des said.
"Names? Father even?" Sam asked.
"Mary Deanna Winchester, Samuel Devyn Winchester, Xander Castiel Winchester, and Katarina Samantha Winchester. Your brother," Des answered.
"How?" Dean asked.
"Really, Dean? You were there," Des answered with a sigh.
"Destiny, you want to do a number?" Jake asked as he walked over. Jake looked like he normally did.
"Not really," Des said.
"Ah. I'm going to go keep Mary in check then," Jake said as he went to go hunt down his niece. Des looked at Dean and shook her head.
"If you're in Middletown, it can't be good," Des said.
"Eve's up and about," Dean said. Des paled and looked away.
"Crap," She whispered.
"Ma'am, can I get a drink?" A feminine voice asked.
"Of course. What can I get you?" Des asked.
"Whatever's on tap," She said.
"It been that kind of day," Des said.
"You have no idea," She said. Dean watched Des and he blinked.
"Lisa?" He asked.
"Dean?" Lisa asked.
"I'll get you that drink now," Des said.