Broken Heart

By Kitty cat1234

Dear Whoever,

He's gone. He has actually gone. I'll probably never see him again. We're at the docks now, getting ready to board the boat. I trust three people outside the Medusa group.

Harry, but he's left. I don't even now where he lives.

Laura, but she left with Harry.

Geri, but she killed my mother and father, and was attempting to kill me, Nico and Harry even though she'd got the disk with the info she wanted.

I suddenly felt sick at the thought that what if someone found the Medusa code, the microchip, that I'd hid in the garden of Laura's holiday home? I was the only one who knows it's there. I reassured myself. But what if a hundred years from now those archaeologist people come and dig around there? What if they find it? What's going to happen then?

To sum the last few days up:

I get a boyfriend then leave him. I find out that the person who killed my parents and tried to kill me ,was the leader of the Medusa project, then rather than taking revenge on her, I run away to a different country.

This is what having psychic powers does to you.