"Hey everyone, I haven't updated this story in over 2 years. I kinda forgot about it, huh? Regardless, I looked over this story and realized that I was very amateurish when I wrote this fanfic and I needed to fix it to line back up with the Multiverse Chronicles anyway. So I give you the New and Improved The Second Boy From Earth!"

"I do not own MAR, or any characters and Ärm except for the ones that I create in this story."

(Sean POV)

It was around midnight when I had that strange dream, a world of magic, wonderful people, and destruction. I was wielding two flaming chakrams and there was this big, flaming Wolf thing protecting me.

It's fur was a combination of crimson and orange with yellow highlights along the tail, ears, and sides. The paws were ablaze, covering the legs in an inferno. Solid obsidian eyes with red sclera were gazing sadly down upon me. It seemed to have taken a lot of damage.

It felt like I was going to die when the beast fell down, and then…

"Sean, wake up! We're going to be late for school!" I heard the call of my main girlfriend, Aqua. I shot up out of my bed and looked at my alarm clock, 7:45 A.M. Great! Of course I forgot that it was the first day of school after Summer Vacation!

I got dressed in some of my usual cargo pants being held up by a dark brown belt, black boots with red soles and straps, and a red t-shirt. I grabbed my backpack and a pack of gum (seeing as how I didn't have the time to brush my teeth) and ran out my door into the kitchen, where I saw Aqua all dressed and ready. I gave her a good morning kiss and grabbed a piece of toast before we ran out the door.

My name is Sean Sky, or Sean Sky-Uchiha if you wanted to use my unofficial full name. I'm 16 years old and I go to Blaze High School in the 11th Grade. As I was running and swallowing the last of my toast, I popped a piece of gum in my mouth. That was when Aqua and I ran into my friend Jessie Plain. But there was nothing plain about her, her long brown hair, her hazel eyes, and the way she doesn't make fun of me when I tell her about my crazy dreams.

Then again, not many people do since I saved all their asses from the Unversed with Aqua and my other friends, Jessie included.

"Hey Jess, I just had that dream again. Only I was wielding flaming chakrams and was being protected by a giant wolf." I told her as she just smiled.

"Not surprising, since wolves are your favorite animals Sean!" she pointed out. I sheepishly rubbed the back of my head while the girls were making morning small talk about the summer.

We walked all the way to school, and then we had math, Phys Ed, Science, a peaceful lunch with Lucas, Doran, and Elias, Music, and now the dreaded History Class. I usually fall asleep half way through the lesson, like today for example. But hey, can you blame me? Of course I would find normal history boring with all my adventures that I've gone on spanning from last school year through summer break. Especially since I had that temporary move to France for the last half of the school year before I came home for summer.

I was having another dream, only this one felt strange. It was pitch black everywhere I looked. 'We are now connected!' A strange voice called to me. I woke up and everything went black, just like in the dream I had a moment ago.

Suddenly a large stone door with chains on it and a cross-eyed clown ghost appeared. Weird thing is, it was talking even though it's tongue was sticking out and it's mouth wasn't moving for jack.

"You have been chosen, the number on the dice will determine who gets to cross over." The clown threw a single dye, about as big as my head, and it landed on a 1, "You alone, have been allowed to enter boy." The clown said. I looked over all my classmates, especially Aqua and Jessie.

"Don't worry guys, it's just like my dream, only for real. Besides, this is just another normal day for me." I said as I flashed them a thumbs up. I turned around and pushed the door open, I then walked through into a whole new world with the door and clown disappearing behind me.

Now, I was falling from the sky. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I neared the ground outside a small town. I crash landed, but it didn't hurt. I got up and looked around to see a field with a few trees and flowers and a near by town. I walked over to a tree and decided, 'Hey, if I survived that landing, then this shouldn't hurt!' I reared back my fist and punched the tree, which in turn snapped in two!

"I don't believe it, I couldn't do that in my world! Not unless I went Bankai or Super Saiayn!" I yelled at no one. "Okay, gotta get over to that town and ask for some directions or even what this world is called." I ran over to the town and realized I was there in a little less than 10 seconds.

"Okay, so my physical strength and speed have increased to super-human levels. Cool." I walked over to a nearby shop, which had these weird pieces of jewelry on display. "Excuse me, miss?" I asked the lady sitting at the desk.

"What do you need kid?" she asked. She seemed to be in her early twenties. He had black hair done in long braids that was being held up by a blue bandana, wearing a frilled white shirt and a black skirt. She had light tan skin and brown eyes, red lipstick applied to her, well... lips.

"I don't think you have the right to call me kid, since there's only a few years between our ages. Anyway, what are these pieces of jewelry?" I asked her.

"Those are Ärm." Okay, I'm lost now.

"What's an Ärm?" I got a strange look from the woman.

"You're kidding right?" I shook my head and got a sigh from her.

"Okay, Ärm are items that are classified in many categories. Basic Ärm are normal average day items like shovels for example. Weapon Ärm are various types of weapons like swords, hammers, etc., some with extraordinary powers. Guardian Ärm take the forms of various types of creatures to help you in a fight, like animals, Golems, Ghosts, and even Fairies. Dimensional Ärm take you to different dimensions or turn into items to travel across different lands. Nature Ärm give you the ability to control different aspects of nature like fire, water, stone, and so on. Darkness Ärm place curses on people, but at a price. And finally, there's Sacred Ärm that can break curses and even heal people. We even have a Sacred Guardian Ärm called Fairy Healer, it can bring anyone back to perfect health even when they're on the verge of death, but it can only be used twice. It's $30,000,000" I finally understood and pulled out two identical bracelets.

"How much for these?" The woman took the bracelets and then looked at me.

"You have good taste, these are the Blaze Chakram Weapon Ärms. I'll give these to you for $1,000 each." My jaw dropped at the price. I didn't even have my munny pouch on me, nor was it in my armory in my pocket dimension. So I had no access to it.

"How am I supposed to pay for that?" She pointed to the structure behind me and I went over while she held onto the chakrams for me.

I went inside the building and saw posters with local bounties on them. I saw this one guy who was worth $3,000. His name was The Fox Thief, he's an Ärm thief. I took the poster off the wall and went out to find this guy. Lucky enough I saw him running away from the Ärm shop I was just at.

"Stop him, he has the Fairy Healer and Fire Wolf Guardians!" The shop owner yelled. I chased after him into the field I landed in and cornered him in front of a mountain that I had no idea was even there when I crashed and took a look around.

"Give it up Fox Thief, you have nowhere to run!" I yelled. He turned to face me and what caught me by surprise is that this guy was an actual humanoid fox. At first, I thought it was a costume, but the swaying tail and twitching ears ruined that theory, especially when he spoke, causing his muzzle to move.

"Oh yeah, Weapon Ärm: Long Sword!" A chain around his neck glowed and turned into a sword.

"Alright, bring it on!" I raised my hands in self-defense as he charged at me. I dodged every slash he threw at me lazily. This guy had no form at all and was swinging his weapon around wildly using nothing but raw power. He was clearly going to tire himself out soon, but I felt like humoring him.

"Alright, bring it!" I shouted as I summoned Oblivion to my hand and parried one of his sword strikes with the black Keyblade. He staggered back a bit, but I caught his wrist and squeezed it harshly, breaking his wrist and making him drop the blade to the ground, where it turned back into the necklace. Fox Thief let out a cry of pain, but I quickly pulled him forward and slammed my knee into his gut, making him lurch forward and cough up a bit of blood. Then I slammed the handle of Oblivion into the back of his neck to knock him out. I took back the Guardian Ärm that he stole and his Weapon Ärm along with another Ärm in the shape of a ring.

I dragged him back to the building, making sure to dismiss Oblivion right away, and collected my reward because he was just unconscious by the way, not dead. I went back to the Ärm shop after that and returned the Guardians.

"Here, I got these back from the thief." I handed the shop owner the Ärm, but she just pushed my hand back.

"No, keep them. As a reward for stopping that guy, he has stole from this shop for the past month and nothing we did could stop him." She explained sadly.

'Wow, talk about pathetic.' I thought. Then again, all my physical abilities have been enhanced beyond normal levels, so maybe that's why it seemed easy. That, and my year of training and combat that I've endured.

"I still have to pay for the Chakram Bracelets don't I?"

"YEP!" I paid the $2,000 and put on the bracelets. I also gave her that Ärm ring and Weapon Ärm to look at.

"What does the ring do and how much for the Weapon Ärm?" She looked at the ring and back at me as she did before.

"This is a Weapon Ärm called Rock Breaker. It creates a metal gauntlet on your arm and doubles your strength, you could break through shields and armor, trees, and rocks. The sword however is worth a little more than usual because it was made to fit Magic Stones."

"What are Magic Stones?" I got the same look from her again that said, 'Are you an idiot or did your parents drop you on your head when you were a baby?'

"Magic Stones can be put in some Weapon Ärm that can give them new powers and abilities, only $300 each." I took the Long Sword and saw one indentation for a Stone. So I paid the $300 and placed it in the handle guard. I was thinking of a new power, something fire based. 'Got it, how about it becomes engulfed in a dragon shaped flame and can fire blazing slashes at my targets.'

"Dragon Fire!" The stone glowed brightly then dimmed out.

I took all my new Ärm and left to look for some help, thanking the shop keeper as I walked away. But something caught my eye before I truly left, it was a pair of black fingerless gloves with two red straps instead of being a single strap or a slip-on. I walked over to them and found the price to be $500. I smirked and took them back to the counter of the shop keeper.

"One last purchase before I make my departure." I said. She took the gloves in her hands and smirked.

"You really do have good taste. This was made out of high quality leather and it was fitted with padding for a more comfortable fit and extra protection. The original price was $1,000, but no one would take them because they felt it was a little pricy for gloves. So I cut the price in half half-an-hour before you walked in earlier." She explained. I nodded and gave her most of what cash I had left. She gratefully accepted and I put the gloves on my hands.

I will admit to this, they WERE really comfy on my hands, like they were made for me. I thanked the owner lady one more time and really made my leave this time. With what little money I had left, I walked out of town and just looked down a trail.

"Might as well save what I've got for the next town over. Time to take in the sights and look for a way home." And with that, I started walking away from the small town and into a brand new world.

"Ah, that felt good. This is by far, one of my favorite projects that I started, as I loved the MAR series to death when I was younger and started picking it back up again a couple years ago. But as you can see, I plain forgot about this one as well, just like I did with Aqua in Real Life. I plan on fixing this problem though. I'm going to re-edit anything and everything in this fanfic that I can find and make the proper adjustments to make it fit into the Multiverse Chronicles once again."

Sean: "Yeah, please do. I'm sure that a couple people who actually like this have been wanting you to work on it for a long-ass-time."

"Yes, I realize that, and I apologize to everyone out there who has read this in the past. I have been having absolutely zero inspiration for this until I recently re-read this and realized that it needed severe work. I promise to update regularly for the rest of the summer to the best of my ability. My next two updates are going to be fixing the other two chapters of The Second Boy from Earth."

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