Slice like a knife, your middle name's Danger
Hunting tonight, you kill the park ranger
Saving the life of any old stranger
Your are large as a planet, but
Locked to ground with attitude for days
Rock to the sound of any song you play
Shocking the crowd, smile on your face
I just can't understand it, no

She had chosen. It took her far too long yet again to realize that sometimes what we dream for really can happen. She almost lost all of this due to her disbelief.

And her strong conviction that everything above depended on her. But she depended on one person, one man. Had she left for the last time, her lifeline would be severed indefinitely.

All that mattered in this instance, however, was the fact that she did indeed stay and she did indeed intend on marrying her lifeline. So many questions that had remained unanswered had been answered now that she stayed. The Bandersnatch wasn't against her; he merely missed the girl that had saved his eye. The one that had given him freedom and grace. Absolem didn't think she was a stupid girl- as much as he called her that- he just knew that Alice was hiding from the truth. Situations make Alices run but insults make Alices fight.

She was home. But at the same time it was still surreal; she had heard about this from the shores of America where people were getting land and discovering gold. Things that many of them had only dreamed of and now that it had come true it was too hard to accept.

It was extreme.

She didn't know what it was at first. Perhaps it was this new world; perhaps it was the fact that she was seen as normal for one day in her life. She didn't feel too small or too tall. She felt like Alice.

But the other thing that had shocked her had been discovered one night on the balcony of Marmoreal as she sat and talked with someone she only had dreamed of (or so she had once thought).

"You seem a bit…distracted my fair one." Tarrant said he approached her from behind. She blinked and took a moment to let his words register in her head.

"Mmmm possibly. Overwhelmed is more the word I think I would be searching for."

"Then you may have it." Tarrant replied with a wistful smile. "What is engulfing you?"

"All of this." She extended her arms about her motioning to the world which she now inhabited. "I feel like for once I belong to something."

"I don't quite understand why one would find that troubling." He answered coming to stand beside her as she overlooked all of Marmoreal.

"All of this just seems so…loseable. That one day I shall wake up and all of this adventure will be gone. I will be the odd one once again among my crewmates and to my husband." Tarrant shook his head as he took her hand in his. She blushed as he pressed her hand to his lips in thought.

"Please don't think of anyone besides me having you." He finally said, his dull green eyes looking up at her in sadness.

"No Tarrant, it is I who should be asking that. I've been a bully and an idiot girl taking advantage of all you had to offer to me. Of taking advantage of your body. I threw my virginity at you not even caring if you wanted it. I threw my temper tantrums…yet you stayed by my side through it all." She shook her head. "Most men I know would have left me for the attitude that I had trapped you with. But you waited, you were patient."

"One of us has to be," He said with a smile and brought her into his arms.

"How is it that I find one who gives very good advice that I will always take?" She looked up into his face. His crimson lips spread into his familiar gat toothed smile. "You are something that will always be too extreme for me. Something I will never understand."

"I think you know me better than any other will. We are together Alice. We are not Tarrant and we are not Alice. We are TarrantAlice." He said with a kiss to her forehead. Alice smiled and pressed her temple to his chest as she just stood there. This was going to be hard to come to grips with but she liked what it was she struggled against.

White picket fence, the typical picture
Think you should know that's not what I'm into
I'm not an ordinary girl, got your scent and
I'm gonna follow it
All of the girls think I'm a bit psycho
Maybe I am but that's the way I roll
And when I gotcha watch the whole world know
I am truly original
Don't you think you are a little extreme?
Don't you think you are a little extreme?
Maybe, but then again this life is short

Alice had become accustomed to roaming the halls of Marmoreal in her spare time. She didn't want to interrupt everyone in their work but she didn't yet risk going out into Underland herself. It was turning into a very complicated puzzle. She wanted to leave but she didn't quite know what lurked outside but she was kept in the bubble of Marmoreal's whitewash walls so she was kept from what was outside. A conundrum that confused even her. Tarrant had been gone from the castle for days and their long chats at night had ceased now that he barely stayed at the castle overnight. She didn't doubt his love for her but she missed the company that he had brought her. She missed him whenever he wasn't around the way that a baby missed its mother if she is gone too long. And the topic of babies always made her think of her mad man. Lost in thought Alice didn't even realize that she had nearly run into Mirana who was elegantly floating down the hall sans courtiers. Mirana's grace was the only reason that impact hadn't happened.

"Alice, do you feel well?" The bell like chime in the royal's voice ripped Alice away from her daydreaming.

"Oh, I feel perfectly fine. Do I appear sick?" She asked the queen with worry.

"You seem very….misplaced." The queen responded with a smile. "Are you missing the houses and the yards of you Upperland?" She reached out to gently take Alice's hand. Alice let out a loud laugh at the thought of missing what she had left behind.

"Not at all, your Majesty. Contrariwise I never quite fit into that type of world." She answered.

"Oh I am sure you adjusted well."

"Corsets are codfish and I never appreciate slimy creatures about my waist." She said with a wink.

"Eschewing proper dress…I suppose that could be on the grounds for strange behavior." Mirana replied with a laugh. "Why is it you are roaming the halls then, if it isn't because you miss your home."

"I miss my home completely. My home is my Hatter." Alice said with a blush. She wasn't so used to people being so forward with their romantic lives. Although she didn't know too many girls that constantly slept with a man before they were wed. But Alice knew that deep down inside they were meant for each other and sometimes her body just needed his.

"Ahh, I understand, my dear Alice. He came and spoke to me concerning you the other day." Mirana turned to begin a leisurely stroll down the hall. Alice hurried to keep up, slightly flustered that Tarrant spoke about her behind her back. But wasn't that what she was doing to him right now. Her curiosity was consuming this argument, however, so she responded.

"Whatever about?"

"It seems he is worried about you. That you feel like you fit in here so well that you don't feel like you can belong here at all."

"It is a bit overpowering, all of this sudden rush of information. Someone's given me a whole pishsalver's glass full."

"Hmm, I suppose that is true, Alice." Mirana said, extending her grace to the girl. "But don't doubt that he is as madly in love with you as he is mad."

"Oh I don't doubt that for a second!" Alice hurriedly said. "I love him so much that I'm almost afraid of losing him for how will I ever be able to find someone who understands-" Mirana stopped Alice mid sentence with a jerk of the wrist.

"Alice you must not allow yourself to think that, for if you do you could risk pushing him away. Do you understand?"

"I do. Perhaps this will become clearer when we get married. That I really have him. Assuming that we do get married."

"I have a feeling that your assumption is very accurate." Mirana said with a smile. "I must be on my way but I am glad to have found you. I wanted to inform you that your presence is requested tonight in the garden. But that is all I can say."

And off Mirana was leaving Alice in an even further confused state.

I long to love you, I long to love you
I'm not enough
I long to love you, I long to lo-oh
I'm not enough
I long to love you, I long to love oh-oh
Tell me whatcha gonna do
I'm crazy baby into you
You are exactly what I'm looking for
You are the key that opens up the door
You are exactly what I've waited for
Waiting has only made me love you

Alice nervously paced the garden. She was given further instruction by McTwisp that she was to arrive at the garden in one of her favorite blue dress promptly after evening dessert. She had been here nearly a quarter of an hour and still no one showed. She was growing worried that perhaps something had happened to Mirana or McTwisp or even Absolem and that is why they weren't here already.

Her palms were sweating and she began talking to herself trying to audible convince her mind to let go of the worry. That the worry was premature and that everything was probably fine.

"People may think you've gone round the bend you keep your lips moving like that." A familiar lisp interrupted her thoughts. Alice turned with delight to see Tarrant, dressed in his kilt regalia, standing in the far corner of the garden.

"Tarrant!" Alice shouted with excitement as she saw him nearing her. Her feet couldn't be stopped as she ran to him, leaping into his arms. He fumbled with something in his hand as he caught her and spun her around.

"Ah, Ah've mehssed ye." He said breathing into her hair. Alice felt the warmth of arousal spreading in the fire of her belly. She always felt it glowing when he wore his kilt, his hat half cocked upon his head, and his eyes as mad as ever. "Ah nehd ta tell ye somethin' importan', Ahlice," Tarrant said setting her down.

"Where have you been my Mad Man?" She didn't wait for him to start. She just wanted to know why he had waited so long. She missed him deeply. "You've been gone for so long and I just, I wanted to make sure that you were coming back and-" Tarrant placed a hand on her mouth.

"Shhhh, Alice." His brogue was dropping and the soothing lisp returned. "Before you get your knickers in a horrible twist let me explain." And he did. "I was at the Windmill, preparing a proper place for us, Alice. I wanted to make sure that you would approve of the place where we would be sleeping, where we would be making love, where we would be cooking food, where I would be making hats and you could come to visit me in my long hours and distract me for a bit." He led Alice to the bench in the middle of the garden and sat down with her. "I wanted to make it a place where we could grow, make babies, have children, be a family." Tarrant continued.

"We, Tarrant this is all coming so fast."

"I love to love you, Alice." He slid off the bench and dropped to one knee. "Will you let me love you forever?"

"Yes! Yes Tarrant Hightopp. I will let you love me forever. I will love you forever."

"You are the only person, Alice, who I will love." He said as he began to cry, tears slipping down his cheeks. "You're the only one I've been looking for."

"And you're the key that opens up my door. Tarrant Hightopp. You have all of my heart, all of body, all of my soul, you have all of me."

"Finally," Tarrant breathed as he pulled her to the ground with him and they began to kiss.

You are exactly what I'm looking for
You are the key that opens up the door
I'll take anything from you
I'd long to love you
You are exactly what I've waiting for
Waiting has only made me love you more
Tell me what you're gonna do
I'm crazy into you

Tarrant and Alice Hightopp were married by Old Father William himself on a beautiful day at the tea table. It seemed an appropriate enough place to become one forever, seeing as each time they had come together before it was at the long table and the many chairs. People couldn't stop congratulating the two who were deemed mad enough into each other.

Alice received good news from McTwisp later that week that Bayne had confessed to a man in a drunken stupor on what had happened to the poor harlot and was now spending his days in a prison. No money would ever be able to get him out.

Hamish had written Alice that he had married a nice young Oriental lady that he had met on one of his first journeys over. His father had passed and he had inherited the company completely. He also had whispered into the ear of a man named Charles Dodgson the tale of his friend Alice and her life in Wonderland. He was sorry that he didn't know the real place from which she hailed from.

Alice and Tarrant settled into the Windmill house. Alice became acquainted with Underland and was able to go about as she pleased giving her freedom. Freedom that she enjoyed for only a couple years because soon after; she and her Mad Hatter welcomed the newest Hightopp clan member into the world. She would go on to have five more children and become a wonderful mother (Tarrant always knew she would). Tarrant's business prospered and he went on to become quite wealthy; they would never move, however, because neither he nor Alice could bear the thought of leaving the Windmill to move closer to the castle at Marmoreal. Mirana visited often enough until she too married. The visits happened only less frequent. The six children of the Hightopp couple would be sent to the palace during the week in order to receive the best education in all of Underland. They would go on, just as their parents had, to do greater things.

How does this story end? Well, we shall leave it to pass that Tarrant and Alice remained madly in love with each other for the rest of their lives and their lives after that.

But how could one expect any less from a Mad Hatter and his Muchy Alice?

Don't you think you are a little extreme?
Don't you think you are a little extreme?
Don't you think you are a little extreme?
Don't cha, don't cha, don't cha don't cha, oh