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Chapter 6: A Pretty Obvious Joke

Ichigo picked up his sister and turned to his partner is in saving lives.

"Rukia." Said Ichigo turned to her.

"Yes." Answered Rukia.

"Go find them, I'm going to go take her home." Said Ichigo.

"Okay." Said Rukia.

Rukia ran in the direction where the bird was sensed while Ichigo took his sister home. He managed to get into his house with out being noticed and put her back into bed.

"There you go brat." Said Ichigo.

As he was about to leave, Karin grabbed his arm.

"Please, you have to tell him. That if he crosses over he'll be able to see his mother again." Said Karin.

Ichigo looked at her and nodded.

He then managed to leave without anyone noticing him.

Well almost… Masaki sighed and then went to the phone and called the phone.

"I know it's a little late, but Ichigo won't be able to make to school today." Said Masaki to the person over the phone, "He's sick."

Ichigo went to go find Rukia knowing that chances are she was big trouble knowing that she didn't have her powers back yet.

"I really hope she doesn't try anything stupid." He said.

Rukia was facing off against the Hollow that was after the bird. She used her Kido to try to harm. While it did make a rather good show, there wasn't really any power in the attack.

"It didn't work." Thought Rukia.

Back with Ichigo.

"She's smart enough to not do anything like that." He thought.

After a lot of running, he found Rukia, Chad and the bird, Rukia looked in very bad shape.

"Hey you guys need help?" asked Ichigo.

"No, we're doing just fine…" said Rukia extremely sarcastically, "Of course we need help."

Rukia put on her glove and separated Ichigo from his body.

"All right!" said Ichigo, "I don't care what you're doing with that little kid who is not a Magical Girl Mascot!"

"What?" asked the Hollow.

"But I won't stand for it!" yelled Ichigo.

Elsewhere in town, Masaki had to run errands for the family, that's when she went to an old shop. She entered the shop to find a large man.

"Hello Tessai, it's been a while." Said Masaki cheerfully.

"It has." Said the man named Tessai who seemed a little scared.

"Is Kisuke here?" asked Masaki.

"Did someone call me?" asked a man with blonde hair, wearing green pants and shirt with a darker green coat as well a green and white striped hat., he was Kisuke, the owner the shop.

That was when he saw it was Masaki, while he didn't say it, he did think, "Ah, crap."

With Ichigo he had learned that the Hollow he was fighting had little minions, minions that sent out exploding leeches.

"Damn it!" yelled Ichigo as he fought off the minions.

The Hollow laughed evilly.

"What would a Hollow want to do this to a little kid!" yelled Ichigo.

"You really want to know." Said the Hollow.

"Yes." Muttered Ichigo who had a bad feeling about it.

"You see I was a serial killer." Said the Hollow.

That was when Ichigo had a bad feeling. Not about the Hollow, but rather about his story.

"I had killed many people. Esspeiclly that child mother." Said the Hollow, "However right before I could kill the brat, he tripped me and I fell of a balcony."

Ichigo bit his tongue, why? Well the combination of his death and the fact that he was a serial killer. Well the joke… it was just obvious.

"So instead of killing him." Explained the Hollow, "I decided to make him suffer. I put his soul into the body of the parakeet."

"Cockatiel." Corrected Ichigo hopping it would get his mind of the joke.

"Whatever…" muttered the Hollow, "I put him in the bird, and told him if he can run from me for three months I would bring his mother back to life."

"What?" asked Ichigo who seemed angry.

"Every time I would kill one of his protectors he would beg me not to kill them, then I would point out his deer mother." Explained the Hollow.

Ichigo narrowed his eyes.

"After all that what's the little brat deserved for killing me." Explained the Hollow.

"It's not the kid's fault!" yelled Ichigo, "If you must blame anything, blame Kira!"

"What?" asked the Hollow.

"Damn it!" yelled Ichigo, "I tried… I really did. But I couldn't help making the joke."

"I know that joke." Said the Hollow, "You read too much Manga kid…"

That was when Ichigo glared at the hollow. The Hollow felt like if he was wearing pants, he would crap them right now.

"Um… Chad…" said Rukia.

"Yes." Said Chad.

"Does Ichigo hate it when someone tells him that he watches too much anime or reads too much manga?" asked Rukia.

"Yes." Answered Chad.

Rukia watched and sweat dropped. The Hollow didn't stand a chance.

Back in the shop, Masaki and the man known as Kisuke had just finished a conversation.

"I see that's what's really going on." Said Masaki.

"Yes. I'm sorry I didn't tell you." Said Kisuke.

"I understand. It is unsettling that he would do that." Said Masaki.

"Are you going to get involved?" asked Kisuke.

"No. But I am going to tell him that I know when the time is right." Explained Masaki.

"I see." Said Kisuke.

Masaki got up and headed to the door.

"Don't worry, I also won't tell him what's going on with Rukia. It's best if he learns it himself." Said Masaki.

"You know you're too nice." Said Kisuke, "When I lie to you, it feels like I'm kicking a puppy."

Masaki said nothing and left.

Kisuke shrugged and got up as well.

Back with Ichigo's fight he was destroying the Hollow's minions left and right, until there was nothing left, he began to cut up the Hollow.

"This is for using that little kid!" yelled Ichigo cutting him, "This is for dragging my friend into it!"

That was when Ichigo did one more stab into the Hollow head, "And that's for telling me that I read too much Manga."

When Ichigo did that instead of the Hollow disappearing, evil looking gates appeared. They opened up and a huge creature could be seen. The creature took out a giant pitchfork and stabbed the Hollow. The creature dragged the Hollow into the gates screaming. The gates closed and Ichigo was extremely confused.

"What was that?" asked Ichigo.

"The Zanpakuto only cleanses Hollows of their sins as Hollows. If a person did horrible sins in life then they are dragged to hell." Explained Rukia.

"I see." Said Ichigo.

They turned to Chad and Cockatiel. Chad looked somewhat confused.

"So… what are we going to do?" asked Ichigo.

Sometime later Rukia decided to examine, the spirit of Yuichi. She found that his Chain of Fate had severed a long time ago.

"We have to perform a Konso." Said Rukia.

Ichigo nodded, then looked at Chad, knowing the little boy spirit wanted to say a few words to Chad.

It ended in a promise that should they ever meet again Chad would carry him. Ichigo performed a Konso and Rukia erased Chad's memories of the Hollow events… but left everything else about bird… she didn't know but she felt it would be important.

Later the two walked home.

"So how close are you two?" asked Rukia.

"It's a long story, but we're pretty close." Said Ichigo, "I'll tell you another time."

"Okay." Said Rukia.

"Ichigo!" came a voice.

Ichigo realign that everything took all day saw Orihime running towards them.

"Orihime. Hey." Said Ichigo.

"I heard you were sick so I brought you your homework." Said Orihime, "I guess you were really fighting a Hollow."

Ichigo and Rukia looked at each other.

"Did you call in sick?" asked Ichigo.

"No… you didn't, did you?" asked Rukia.

"That's really weird." Said Orihime, "But it's good. I was afraid something really bad happened to you, easily since Rukia wasn't in school."

"Let's just solve thus mystery another time." Said Ichigo, "I'm sure we'll find out who called me in sick."

"Wait… I wasn't called in sick?" she asked.

"No… you weren't." said Orihime.

"Let's just forget about it. Everything's fine and we don't have to worry about." Said Ichigo.

Rukia sighed and decided to shrug it off. After all, it was better to it Ichigo's way. But she couldn't help wonder, just who called Ichigo sick… and if the person knew about it…

Next Time: Rukia gets Ichigo an artificial Soul that will let him transform with out having to need her. However it turns out it's defective. How is defective? Find out next time!