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Chapter 1

Hermione rushed after Ron, only a couple steps behind on the narrow staircase, and burst into the bedroom which was until recently shared by the twins. She swung around the doorpost just in time to see Ron bounce onto the bed and hit a black and tousle-haired figure, saying something excitedly in an unusually high voice.

"Ron, don't hit him!" She cried as she too landed on the bed. Harry reached out for his glasses, looking a little lost, and slid them onto his face. Hermione reached out and hugged him and immediately Ron launched into what looked like a game of twenty-questions. Hermione felt a little sorry for the poor boy who was clearly still half-asleep, but she knew even she couldn't stop Ron's chattering. She looked at him fondly, taking in his red hair and freckles and gangly frame; between the Weasleys and Harry, she knew she had all the siblings and more she didn't have at home. The Burrow was one place she felt truly happy; although she had only been here two days (or was it three?) it felt like a lifetime. She couldn't wait to go back to Hogwarts, obviously, but she was determined to enjoy the rest of the summer first.

As if her thought had been a command, Ginny came into the room to greet Harry too. She danced in like a ballerina, her hair flowing down her back in straight waves of gorgeous auburn. Hermione caught herself staring and quickly looked away, gesturing for Ginny to sit next to her on the end of the bed. Catching Ginny's mood, which was written all over her face, both the others fell silent. Hermione looked up and drank in Harry's familiar features. He caught her looking and gave a small, uncertain smile; she returned it, blushing, and berating herself. She knew her and Harry were just good friends, but she also knew not everyone knew that and the gossip was bad enough as it was because she chose to hang with Harry and Ron. Through thick and thin she had stuck with them; that didn't mean any of them would get together. Hermione shook her head, feeling her bushy brown hair move around her, and thought how immature and naive people could be.

As she brought herself back to the present, the brunette picked up on the conversation and heard Ginny finish a sentence. "...as if I'm about three." Hermione did not have to ask who she was complaining about; it had been the subject of many a night-time talk for them since her arrival.

"I know, she's so full of herself." Hermione agreed.

"Don't be so hard on her!" Ron objected.

"Who...?" Harry started to ask – but his question was answered for him when the door burst open. Hermione felt the duvet beneath her jerk violently and found herself on the floor as a beautiful woman put a breakfast tray across Harry's knees and kissed him on both cheeks, saying something to him. Hermione pulled herself up and dusted herself off, then turned to help Ginny; she wasn't the only one who had hit the deck, clearly.

She rolled her eyes at Ron's slightly unfocused eyes and slack-jawed expression. Harry too looked a bit dazzled. Hermione exchanged a glance with Ginny, both rolling their eyes, before becoming aware of Mrs Weasley stood in the doorway, wearing a similar expression to Ginny's. Hermione almost giggled.

Hermione sat at the kitchen table with her head in her hands, trying to hold back the tears. Mrs Weasley fussed around her, trying to remove the stubborn bruise, but Hermione was more worried about the impeding O.W.L results.

"You're actually disappointed, aren't you?" Hermione heard Ron ask from what seemed like a great distance away. Hermione shook her head, but she couldn't help but feel a slight stab of regret as she looked at that one black 'E'. Ginny pulled her into a hug and she held her fast, blushing furiously. She didn't want to let go.

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