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"Juliet!" Why is it that everyone enjoys screaming my name around here? Sighing I marked the page I was on in my book and looked up to see my little brother, Noah with a red mark on his forehead.

Noah was 10 now and had grown-up into a basically carbon copy of my Father, aside from the fact he had my mother's button nose. He was getting to be tall too, already 5'1".

I was 18 now, still short the same height I have been since I was 12. I look like my father, but I have my mother's mouth and hair and eyes. My personality is timid yet confident and always looking for a good adventure.

In my house I'm always the peacemaker, when someone is fighting it's me they complain to. Which is probably was Noah is standing in front of me.

"What is it this time Noah?" I asked exasperated as my brother opened his mouth to relay a long story.

"I was minding my own buisness in my room when Adeline came up and asked me to play dollies with her, I told her no because real men do not play with those toys and then..."
Pausing for suspense my eyes widened with overexagerated anticipation. Noah was always overdramatic, just like Dad.

"She hit me over the head with a frying pan!" I burst out laughing as his little face turned into a frown at my unexistent concern.

"Noah! Who taught her stuff like that?" I asked through the giggles as I wiped the tears from my eyes and wiped my hands on my ruby red floor length dress.

"Not me!" He shouted grabbing my hands "Come on...we have to stop her before she strikes again!"

Rolling my eyes, I stood up and let him pull me from the warm sitting room to the cold hallway, our feet sounding off from the stones below. I took a look out of one of the windows and saw my Mother and Father taking a stroll out in the gardens without a care in the world. Sometimes...I feel like I'm the parent.

"I think she's in the library now..." Noah whispered as he tip toed closer to the library door, I gazed at him suspiciously...why was he acting so scared.

"Noah? You aren't scared are you?" I asked amused at the abashed look on his face.

"Me? Pshhh nahhh!" Running his hands through his hair he attempted to smoulder but it just did not work.

"Come on Noah..." I sighed taking the last few steps to the door and grasping my hand around the cold iron knob.

"AHHHH!" I yelled turning around making Noah jump about three feet back and clutch his chest tightly, breathing heavily.
Shaking my head and laughing I clutched my stomach at his reaction. "Oh Noah..." I sighed as he glared back at me his eyes still filled with fear, his little pink tongue sticking out.

"Just open the door..." Noah grumbled crossing his arms over his chest ruffling the black vest, the almost exact outfit as my father's.

Gripping the knob again I actually opened the library door, walking into the bright cheery room with books laying on the various desk around the rooms and shelves filled with all kinds of books lining the walls and falling in columns. The biggest library in the kingdom.

"Addie?" I asked peeking around one of the shelves and being met with about 7 books spread across the floor all open.

"Where...is she?" Noah asked from behind me arms still crossed and looking around suspiciously.

"Maybe she's not...OWWWW!" I yelled suddenly as I was hit on the back of the head with an object that made a loud clank. Falling to the ground I rolled over on my side and turned to see who the culprit had been.

Adeline stood there, her blonde curls waving halfway down her back, small body poised to attack, in her hand was a frying pan. Then it hit me...a thought...not the frying pan.

"Is the reason you are running around with a frying pan because your getting your first haircut today?" I asked her as she glared at me clutching the frying pan tighter.
"They are not cutting my hair!" So it hadn't been about him playing dollies with her, it was all about the haircut.
Adeline was 4 but she was very smart for her age, she was also very fast, but Addie was different from Noah and I. She was my Mom made over, the personality and the looks, but she also had a defensive side and was always trying to get her way, don't get me wrong she's not a spoiled brat just the family baby, I guess if I was I would be the same way.
"Addie...everyone has to get their haircut at sometime..." I sighed standing up and brushing off my dress, carefully watching as Addie tightened her grip on the kitchen utensil again, her brown eyes squinted into little slits.
"Well...not me!" She exclaimed running past me and down one of the many columns of books. I looked after her shocked at how fast she was then turned to Noah who had been just standing there this whole time.
"Well...after her!" I told him as we both took off sprinting past row after row trying to find our little sister. I had to be careful running in my dress though because I had a high risk of faceplanting if I tripped over the fabric.
Finally on about the fifth row I found her, blonde curls bouncing frying pan still swung over her shoulder, looking behind her she saw me. Running she turned the corner running along one of the rows of books against the wall.
Suddenly I got an idea, I ran after her but when I reached the latter that was laughing against the wall and climbed up to the third bar, thanking the servants who worked in here that this one had wheels on the bottom.
Pushing off of one of the shelves I began to roll down the long walkway until I was right behind Addie. Swiftly I picked her up and clunged her next to me as she wiggled and tried to get out of my grasp.
"Juliet! Look out!" I heard Noah yell but it was to late, I looked up and we were headed right towards another shelf.
"Bang!" Crashing into the books they began to tumble to the ground and on top of us. They wern't huge books but they did hurt, accidently I let go of my little sister and she was already sprinting for the door.
"Noah!" I yelled as she passed right by him but he didn't move to get her, standing up I realized a pain in my ankle.
"Owww!" I gasped as I clutched my now swollen ankle, I guess one of the books had landed on it, or I had fallen on it wrong.
"Juliet are you ok?" Noah asked coming over to me, his rough hand grabbing mine and pulling me to a standing position.

"Yeah...we have to catch Addie," We began to run towards the door well I had to limp, but when we reached the hall we could still hear Addie's feet pattering against the floor, near the front of the palace.

"Come on!" Noah yelled as he took off down the hall, I didn't follow right away though.

Looking down at my ankle I realized it had a slight purplish tinge, and had to groaned. I probably had injured it pretty bad.

Limping I went the way that Noah had, turning corner after corner, and coming out to the main hallway that lead to the grand entrance.

"Addie? Why do you have that?" I heard my Mother's voice say from up ahead, turning the last corner I just had to laugh at the scene in front of me.

Noah and Adeline were glaring at eachother, arms crossed and pouts on their faces. Addie still held onto the frying pan in one of her tiny hands, and Noah had another bump on his forehead. This is so typically my family.

"Nothing Momma," Adeline said sweetly as she flashed her hazel eyes up at our Mother, she looked absolutly innocent but my parents didn't believe it especially after looking at Noah's head.

"Addie..." Daddy said warningly pushing his hair back as he crouched down to take the kitchen utensil from the little girl, no one had even noticed me yet.

"No!" Adeline screamed at him clutching it to her chest when he tried to take it away. She ran over to Mom and hugged her legs looking up at her.

Yes...Addie is still a Mommy's Girl.

"She doesn't want to get a haircut..." I told them a slight smile on my face despite the pain in my ankle. Both looked up at me with a bit of disbelief on your face.

"Oh Addie stop this nonsense...haircuts aren't scary and they are certainly not a reason to carry a frying pan around," My mother scolded as she picked the little girl up and fixing her little purple dress, which had once been mine. Prying the pan from her hands, Adeline pouted as my Mother walked past us and took Addie to get her haircut.

"Juliet?" I turned to see Noah looking at me concerned, I nodded for him to continue. "Your ankle looks really bad are you sure your ok?"

I nodded and walked over to my father and brother but couldn't mask the pain on my face as each step hurt more than the other.

Dad looked at me concerned and smoothed my brown hair back.

"Ohhh Juliet you try to keep the peace and your the one to get hurt," I could tell he was trying to keep things lighthearted but one look at my ankle and his face fell, he hugged me close to him.

"Dad I'm fine...really!" I tried brushing it off like someone would say to a bruise but even my brother didn't buy it.

"Come on Julie..." Dad said as he put one of my arms around his shoulder and Noah put my other arm over his.

"But...I don't like the doctor..." I sighed as they practically dragged me down the hall, Noah snorted.

"Right now I don't care as long as you don't hit me over the head with a frying pan!" I smiled down at him and ruffled his hair with the hand on his shoulder.

"No promises"

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