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With a violent shudder Quinn was wide awake, hoping, praying that she just dreamed her name being shouted loudly – unfortunately…

"Quinn! Hey Quinn! Get your ass over here!"

The blonde was out of her bed in seconds and ran towards her front door, hopeful that her mom hadn't been awakened – again a slap in the face when she saw the woman already standing in the frame of the front door.

"Quinn," she sighed deeply: "This has been the third time this month," she pinched the bridge of her noise: "When will this end, dear, we've been receiving complaints from the neighbors.."

"She needs me, mom," Quinn's head dropped in defeat as she shuffled past her mother, onto their front lawn.

Standing there was Santana, totally wasted with an almost empty bottle of vodka in one hand, her hair messy and her make-up smeared out all over her face.

"Tubbers! What took you goddamn long?" She shouted, a grin only a drunk could have, painted on her lips.

"Santana, why are you here?" Quinn asked her friend, her voice cracking because she knew what was going to follow, she always knew.

"Because I love you, Q, I always have," the Latina smirked and stumbled forward, almost falling on her face if it weren't for Quinn's fast reflexes.

"I love you so very much," Santana croaked, pulling herself straight again before starting to kiss Quinn's neck viciously, biting and nipping at the skin.

"Stop it, Santana!" the blonde pushed herself free, resulting in the Latina staggering backwards, nearly landing on her bum.

"Come on, Q, you know you want to," the brunette smirked mischievously, putting the bottle to her lips and downing a large amount of liquor before wiping her mouth with her arm.

Once more Santana lashed out at Quinn, trying to pull her close, to feel some kind of contact; of course the blonde could easily evade these advances because Santana's movements were slowed by the alcohol.

That went on until the Latina tripped and fell, this time Quinn didn't help her but watched as her friend slammed into the ground painfully and she had to rub away a tear from her cheek.

After a few moments Santana managed to get up onto her knees, groaning as soreness ripped through her body.

"No! No! No!" She wailed pathetically as she saw her bottle of booze laying on the grass, most of the fluids already seeping into the ground below: "NOO!" She cried angrily as she took the bottle in her hands and threw it away with all her strength, only to see it shatter on the pavement.

She collapsed back onto her knees as the anger left her system and her shoulders shook by the violent sobs as her head hung far below her shoulders.

Quinn stepped closer, sitting down in front of the brunette before wrapping her arms around her friend who wept freely and loudly into her chest, gripping her shoulders hard but Quinn didn't care if she had bruises, Santana needed her.

"Why did they leave(?)!" the Latina screamed between cries: "Why did they all leave me(?)!"

The blonde embraced her more tightly, rocking their bodies softly as you would with a small kid while 'shh'-ing because she didn't know what else to do.

"Why did they leave, Quinn?" Santana asked when she had settled down quite a bit, no more tears left to cry.

"It was a car accident, some guy ran a red light, no one could've done anything," Quinn explained softly, trying to get through to her thick-headed friend.

"I was right there," Santana's eyes were suddenly clear as the night's sky: "When it happened, I remember every single detail…" Suddenly tears whelmed before her eyes once more: "The last thing I said to my Mami was that she shouldn't such a prude… I didn't even get to say goodbye!"

And she was back to crying, her head pressed into her hands and those hands down on Quinn's thigh, who could do nothing more than softly pat her friend's head, letting her know she was there.

After dozens of minutes Judy Fabray stepped outside her house to the girls who were still slumped down onto the lawn and she softly put a wool blanket around the Latina.

The girl looked up, tears in her eyes.

"Come inside, Santana, I'll draw a nice warm bath for you and prepare a bed," the elderly blonde smiled softly as the brunette dumbly nodded.

Quinn helped her friend up and almost carried her inside to the bathroom where she undressed the silent girl before she sat down next to the tub, her arm loosely hanging over the side as she watched Santana just lay there, staring at the ceiling.

Next morning

Santana shook awake suddenly, her eyes wide open in a split second as she sat up straight, taking a deep breath, regretting it immediately as her head felt like it was splitting in two.

"Fuck," she breathed as she rubbed her temples , trying to get the tension to go away.

"Don't rush," a soft voice rang from the door, making Santana look up, only to see Quinn standing there, a genuine smile coloring her face.

"Lay back down and drink this," the blonde said, offering Santana a glass of water and some aspirin.

"I did it again?" the brunette sighed pitifully, her hands falling lifelessly in her lap after she had put the, by now empty, glass on the nightstand.

Quinn nodded slightly, tilting her head as she saw Santana curse inwardly, her brows scrunched together in anger.

"I'm so sorry," the brunette whispered, her head hanging in defeat.

"It's okay," Quinn said quickly: "Hey, Santana, look at me," she took the brunette's chin and lifted it, forcing their eyes to meet: "It's okay," she repeated, her hand softly cupping Santana's cheek.

The said brunette smiled momentarily, wondering where she had deserved such kindness as she placed her hand upon Quinn's, enjoying the warmth of it against her skin.

A soft knock on the door, made them both look up as Judy Fabray walked inside the room, stopping at the end of the bed with a stern look in her eyes.

"Mrs. Fabray, look-" Santana started but she was interrupted by a raised hand.

"Santana, I will not lie and say that I don't find your nightly visit .. inconvenient but I am willing to help you; You may stay here, move in with me and Quinn but there is one condition," the elderly woman spoke, handing a piece of paper to the brunette.

"AA-meetings?" the said girl gasped in surprise, feeling rather offended: "Mrs. Fabray, I'm not an alcohol-addict.."

The woman snorted: "That coming from the girl that is momentarily hung-over? Na-ah, you are going to these meeting, whether you like it or not!"

With that she left the room, claiming she had work to do or something, Santana didn't listen very well as she stared at the paper in her hand.

"Quinn, I don't wanne go to an AA-meeting," she whined, her eyes pleading with the blonde but she would have nothing of it.

"It won't be that bad, S.; please, do it for me?"

"You're lucky I love you…" the Latina grumbled under her breath, crossing her arm in front of her chest like a little kid.

"I know," Quinn whispered contently before pressing a soft kiss upon the brunette's forehead: "I know…"

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