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Santana closed her eyes momentarily, enjoying the soft breeze toying with the locks of her hair; she was walking in the park together with Brittany who was at the moment very intrigued by the ducks swimming in a little pond.

The Latina's sleeping habits had settled down once Quinn started to sleep 'over' more, though Santana would say it was due to hard physical and emotional labor, not the blonde's presence in her bed.

She had also started to revive her social life, beginning with her blonde best friend who was now trying to pet the ducks, making Santana smile softly as she sat down on one of the many benches in the park to watch.

Her phone suddenly vibrated in her pocket and her heart jumped a little as Quinn's name appeared on the display.


"Santana? Where are you? You have to come home, please!-"

The connection was broken off and Santana jumped up in concern, yelling at Brittany that she had to go; the blonde just waved her hand before running after the ducks on shore.

All kinds of scenarios played in Santana's head, what could it be? Was Quinn save? She had sounded so scared over the phone..

The brunette gave everything she got, running faster and faster along the many streets to the Fabray House, ignoring red lights, honking cars, people shouting and dogs barking.

Quinn, I need to get to Quinn, faster, this isn't fast enough! Quinn!

Sweat settled on her forehead and shone in the sun as she entered the right street and saw a boy playing baseball; she acted on impulse and took the bat from him.


"Quinn!" she yelled as she ran through the already open door, a vase laying shattered on the ground.

The Latina looked at it momentarily when she heard more glass shattering in the kitchen and immediately she ran towards it, bat clammed in sweat hands.

"Quinn, what-"

The question died on her tongue as she saw Russel standing there, beard unshaven, shirt not tucked neatly in his pants and generally looking like a drunk homeless guy.

"What the hell are you doing in my house, you filthy dyke!" he shouted at her, staggering forward, dangerously close to falling before he held himself up by the counter.

"Funny," the Latina mumbled: "I was gonne ask you the same thing.."

"Santana!" someone called out from the other end of the kitchen.

In the corner stood the two Fabray women, Quinn in front of her mother who was holding on to her cheek.

"He hit her," Quinn cried out, acting as a human shield in between her two parents.

"She deserved it!" Russel slurred, slamming her hand on the counter loudly: "A woman should listen to her husband!"

"What kind of man hits a woman?" Santana asked disbelievingly and mostly disgusted: "You're pathetic."

He snorted unimpressed before diving in his coat and pulling out a flask, most likely filled with some strong beverage, before taking a big gulp and wiping his mouth on his filthy sleeve.

"This is my house, you both will listen to me and we will be one happy family again, just like before," he decided, pointing at his ex-wife and daughter, though his gaze was foggy and he couldn't go long without having to lean on something.

"Go to hell," Quinn spat at him, holding her mother closer.

That certainly got his attention and not in a good way because he suddenly straightened, his eyes burning with anger, hate, contempt and so much more that Santana didn't dare acknowledge.

"You little whore! I will-" He roared, stepping forward with hand extended and ready to strike.

Santana's legs moved faster than her mind and she blocked his path, almost sagging to the ground under his weight before she pushed him back.

He looked at her with disbelieving and confused eyes, like he didn't know where she suddenly had come from.

"If you so much as touch Quinn or Judy, I will hunt you down and kill you, slowly and painfully and they will never find the body," the brunette said, her voice cool and collected, as she held the bat, ready to hit his head off.

He laughed loudly, thinking it was all a bluff, extending his hand once more and coming closer.

Santana's eyes narrowed and her muscles tensed, the bat flying at killer-speed through the air.

Russel cried out in pain and hastily retreated his hand, which was definitely broken in multiple places, and glared at Santana.

"That was only a warning," the Latina said in that same dark voice and she lifted the bat again.

The man grumbled something unintelligent, looking at his former family with disgust before hobbling away from them and out of the house.

Santana remained in the same tense position because that ass could come back but then Quinn wrapped her arms around her neck: "Santana, that was incredible!"

"I- I-" the said brunette stuttered, her whole body trembling from the adrenaline rush suddenly before she remembered: "Judy?"

"She's calling an ambulance and the police but she is quite alright, thanks to you," Quinn said happily, hugging the Latina more tightly: "You're our hero, my hero.."

"I didn't know what I was doing.." Santana breathed out, still shaken from the whole ordeal.

"Well, you were amazing, thank you," the blonde beamed before leaning in and kissing her soundly, again and again.

Santana lost herself in those kisses, in the sensation of Quinn's body pressed flush against her own, her hands roaming over pale skin and settling on the blonde's waist, pulling her even closer.

When Quinn pulled back, the brunette followed immediately, pressing the other girl against the kitchen counter because she never wanted this to end.

"Santana, mmhm, my mom.." Quinn huffed against her lips before softly pushing against the Latina's shoulders.

"Sorry," Santana muttered, lowering her eyes to the ground: "I was just so worried, your phone call…"

Quinn smiled slightly, hooking her fingers around Santana's chin and forcing her to meet her eyes: "I'm so glad you came," she said softly, leaning her forehead against the other girl's.

"So am I," Santana whispered back: "I love you.."

The blonde hummed happily before she frowned; "Santana, where did you get that bat?"

"Uuh, I found it?"

"Santana," Quinn said warningly.

"There was this raccoon and boom, pow,.." the brunette made all these hand gestures according to her sounds.


"It's not my fault! You made me all worried!" Santana defended.

Quinn sighed: "Fine, I will take the blame for this, now let's just return it to whoever is accusing you of theft right now…"

Santana smiled broadly and she couldn't help but join in.

Her Hero…