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Last chapter


Edward and I made it back to the spa by the middle of the afternoon. He told me he would cancel his participation under the pretext that he needed to take care of me and distract me, given my "limitations."

My friends rushed to see me as soon as I stepped inside the compound.

"Bella, you noodle brain, don't you ever do that again!" Esme scolded.

I could see that she'd worried about me, and I felt terrible for causing her so much stress for no good reason.

"Thank God we quickly learned that you were safe and sound," Alice added, clearly missing the sight of my bandaged hands.

Safe and sound? Shit, I wasn't safe at all when Edward found me; I barely managed to avoid being killed by a wild cat! But how did they know about my fate anyway?

"BlackBerry," Edward whispered in my ear, as if he'd been in my head for the last couple of minutes. Then he addressed my friends. "Bella had a rough day and she needs to rest, if it's okay with you."

"We were about to join Rosalie in the lounge for the next exercise anyhow. Go take a shower, Bella. You're dirty from head to toe," Esme ordered.

My dear friend Esme was more controlling than my mom, and by far…

"Jeez, Esme, do you really need to remind me that I look like a bum right now?" I said mockingly.

"Can you pass on a message to Garrett that I'm going to stay with Bella?" Edward asked. "If you don't object, that is…"

"Oh no, Edward, not at all," Esme reassured him. "It's very kind of you to offer to remain with Bella and entertain her."

"Right," Alice agreed. "Bella's very depressed seeing us enjoy our captivity here while she's left on the side."

Alice spoke very innocently of my mental state as if I weren't in the room with them. What was more, she talked almost openly about my "disability." Did she assume Edward and I discussed the matter on our way back? Didn't she realize that I should be very angry at her right now for disclosing my "problem"? However, I decided to drop it because I didn't want any more pity from her. Of course I wasn't ready to tell the truth either. I thought about what she said, and all of a sudden it appeared clear to me that something must have happened between her and Jasper… So she was right about one thing: I was the only one who hadn't had my way with my partner. Little did she know that was about to change…

"I'm sorry if you got the impression that you're our prisoners, ladies," Edward apologized. "You're free to leave the spa immediately if that's what you want."

Alice and Esme exchanged a look as if Edward just insulted them.

"That's what I thought," he concluded, returning his attention to me. "Come on, Bella, Esme IS right. You definitely need a shower. And you must be ready to drop, too."

He winked and dragged me to the spa room while I heard my friend's comment, "Did you get that, Esme? He doesn't call her Isabella anymore and he's almost as familiar with her as we are…"

"He's a nice guy, really. He wants to make up for what he can't give her. It's really a shame, though. Such a specimen of a man doesn't grow on trees," Esme sighed.

They walked away toward the lounge and I lost the rest of their conversation.

"Your friends will probably want to kill you when they learn the truth," Edward stated with a knowing look, watching them disappear at the end of the hallway.

Crap. Of course he heard what they said about him…

"I know," was all I could reply.

When we were at last in front of the shower room door, he opened it and pulled me inside. Then he locked it behind him.

Déjà vu…

"Let's keep them in the dark for a little longer," he whispered in my ear.

My heart started racing and I felt a wave of desire run through me. Edward pinned me against the tiled wall and began to trail kisses on my face. My legs turned into jelly and I was sure I was standing only because he was holding me up.

I closed my eyes. His greedy mouth ventured everywhere on my muddy face, triggering shocks of pleasure in its path.

"Edward, for heaven's sake, I'm covered with mud," I protested weakly.

But he didn't seem to mind in the slightest.

"Don't worry so much. Let go," he whispered with a husky voice.

He continued to wander his sensuous lips along my jaw until he reached the spot behind my earlobe, and back to my chin before he followed the same path on the other side. God, he was such a tease! Then he slid down my neck and on my half-naked collarbones. Each and every place that he brushed with his skilled mouth felt like it was burning from his contact. I wanted him to fuck me, and now. But Edward Masen was a man who loved to prolong the pleasure, which I'd learned pretty quickly during our first encounter.

"I fell in love with you before even really knowing you, Bella Swan," he said between kisses, emotion transforming his voice. "But after I was finally able to touch you, I became crazy with desire for you, like never before-"

"Kiss me, Mr. Masen," I cut him off, gasping.

At that very moment, I couldn't care less whether I was the only woman in his life or just another notch on his headboard, as he'd put it himself. I just wanted him to take advantage of me, at last, because he more than deserved it. I was thinking about his pleasure first, and mine only secondarily. But it was as if he really could read my mind, for he replied, panting, "It's your pleasure that comes in first Bella, not mine."

"Then do as I ask and kiss me, Edward!" I almost begged.

Instantly his mouth was on mine, with even more urgency than earlier in the woods, and I thought I was going to collapse on the tiling. He deepened the kiss, his tongue moving sensuously, with a sweetness intended to slowly excite me. His hands worked to remove my soiled clothes while his mouth continued to tease my desire and deprive me of all my brain functions. I could hear the fluttering of my heart in my head, and feel my arousal increasing.

When I was completely naked, Edward let go of my lips and lifted me in his arms. "I could feast on your exquisite mouth for hours, Bella darling, but my expertise is too much for you and every time we kiss you almost faint; frankly I don't want to be forced to stop like what happened yesterday," he said.

He carried me to a large shower stall, dropped me in the center and turned the water on, adjusting the flow and the temperature. Then he quickly took his own clothes off, and joined me under the multiple water jets gushing from three walls. His majestic body was stunning, but I already knew that… I felt my insides were going to tear apart at the sight of Edward naked, his erect dick driving me insane with desire. Jeez, what if I was to come just by brushing against this beautiful man who claimed to be madly in love with me?

So be it, girl! Too bad for him if you climax in the next few seconds… that's what he gets for being so damn hot!

Edward took another step toward me and gently slid his hand between my legs. My heart skipped a beat.

"You're adorable when you can't hide the lust that consumes you," he said with a raspy voice.

"Take me now, or else I'll combust in front of you," I threatened.

"You wouldn't do that, would you?" he scolded.

"I don't have your self-control, and besides I made you wait long enough as it is."

"Not so fast, Bella," he said. His voice was huskier by the second. "I want to clean you before…"

What the heck? Was he kidding me? If he was to do that, he was going to be the death of me…

The anticipation of his caresses made me even wetter. Edward started with my hair. He put me directly under one of the streams of water and applied some citrus shampoo from a wall dispenser. He massaged my scalp for a long time, avoiding the sensitive bruised area, then he rinsed it with a showerhead extension. I tried not to think about the place where I desperately needed to be reached with it. I was ashamed for feeling so turned on.

"Bella, honey, I don't want you to feel bad or guilty if you get your release before I do. I know how sensual you are, and it's just one more reason that I love you, you know," Edward reassured me.

He must have realized that I was on the edge of the abyss and that I risked falling over at any moment. He had the opportunity to study my reactions very thoroughly yesterday. He put shower gel on a washcloth and began to soap the nape of my neck before venturing down my back. A very enjoyable current ran through me, and I let out a moan of contentment. It felt so good! And he hadn't even touched me there yet. Lord God, there was a good chance I'd pass out before leaving this room.

Edward inexorably moved down my spine with the washcloth, and I prayed for him to go up again before I lost it. Aroused as I was, I wasn't even sure my heart was going to stand what was coming next. When he reached my butt, instead of continuing downward, he turned me so he could wash my front. Well, I was no longer convinced it was the best circuit to take if he wanted to avoid making me come immediately. Then again maybe it was his goal: to give me an orgasm to release my tension, so I let him proceed without complaining. He softly rubbed the washcloth on my belly and my stomach, inducing waves of pleasure that grew stronger as he progressed toward my chest.

When the hand that was massaging me reached my breasts, I felt Edward's other hand on my pussy and he inserted two fingers inside, stroking my clit while doing so. I surrendered to the assault and suddenly burst into thousands of fragments of pleasure as I tried to muffle a scream.

"It's so unfair for you," I complained, breathless.

I felt even more indebted toward him now. Shit. I noticed an indentation forming a bench in one of the walls, and I went to rest on it while I steadied myself. My over-swaddled hands made me look ridiculous. "Gosh, I won't even be able to satisfy you manually… It's not your lucky day, Edward," I said cynically.

"You can do plenty of other things, if you want to, but for now I'd just like to feel your amazing body against mine," he replied, piercing me with his emerald gaze which was veiled by his pent up longing for me.

Without worrying about his disapproval, I undid the bandages and then examined my hands closely. I decided they could survive the plan I had in mind. I turned my attention back to Edward and snatched the washcloth from him. Yes, I would comply with his request, but not before I helped him along. I was done receiving and not giving anything in return. It was becoming pathetic.

So I began to clean the gorgeous man who was standing in front of me; I did exactly as he'd done to me. First I washed his hair, taking the opportunity to run my hand through his silky bronze mane. He didn't resist and I heard him breathe louder under my disguised caresses. I gently pushed him under the water stream to rinse him and then I started to massage him with the soapy washcloth. However, rather than cleaning his back, I delicately rubbed his chest, relishing the view of his pectoral muscles and his copper-colored chest hair. I felt my desire returning with a vengeance, and my arousal was evident as Edward stared at my hardened nipples with lust. He grabbed a breast in each hand and caressed them with the circular motion I was applying to his chest. My heart rate increased again under his touch, and I had to make a huge effort to stay focused.

"Please stop touching me or I might faint again," I said while I was still able to speak. I was already so euphoric…

"Listen, you devilish creature, you're driving me crazy with your arrogant tits!" he replied with a mischievous grin that made him look ten years younger.

But he did let go of me and at last I could concentrate on his own pleasure. I slowly moved the washcloth toward his groin, then I reached my target, namely his balls; when I began to caress them with my fingers, Edward moaned. After spending a minute marveling at the genuine pleasure I seemed to be giving him, I turned my attention to his shaft, which I gripped as tightly as I could with the washcloth. I stroked and worked it up and down while continuing to play with his testicles. Edward groaned louder.

He caught his breath and said, "I can't take anymore of this, Bella. I need you, now."

Before I had time to respond, he swiftly turned me so that my back faced him, and he pulled me against his chest. He bent his knees slightly and his hands circled me; the next thing I knew, he slipped inside of me. I thought he was going to come right away, but instead he stepped back and squatted on the bench, and his cock sank deeper in me. God, the sensation of him so far inside me was mind-blowing, and when he continued caressing my breasts, another wave of intense pleasure went through me. I let out a moan as he started moving; an orgasmic wave started to build, rising with each of his thrusts. I didn't count the number, but eventually I couldn't hold back any longer and I came undone around him. He released almost at the same time, tensing and groaning as he reached his peak.

He slowly slipped along the edge of the bench, dragging me with him and I could feel his racing heart against my back. We remained silent for a long while, spooning on the floor of the shower stall with the water streams still on. The sound of the water was soothing and soon I drifted straight to dreamland.


When I woke up I was in Edward's bed, wrapped in a giant fluffy towel. The night had fallen and I was starving. Suddenly, the door opened and Edward appeared, holding a tray of food.

"The others are convinced that you've been sleeping ever since I brought you back," he said as he dropped the tray by my side.

It was clear he was trying to contain his laugh.

"Alice, Rosalie and Esme always say that I sleep like a dog, so I've got my ass covered," I replied, grabbing a piece of baguette spread with liverwurst.

Edward joined me in the bed and took a slice of quiche Florentine. If I wanted to continue to have my way with the sex god sharing my meal, and he with me, we needed to regain our strength. So I ate with gusto… and I pondered while my mouth was full.

Because of this unlikely encounter with Edward Masen, CEO of a multinational I heard about everyday in the news, my life just took a 180° turn. I didn't know what to do with this finding. If Edward was truly serious about his feelings toward me, he'd likely want to date me. I was elated at the mere thought of becoming his girlfriend, maybe even more… But Edward had his permanent home in Chicago, whereas I lived in New York City, in a little apartment near the Brooklyn botanical garden. Our relationship was doomed from the start, I realized sadly.

"It's never going to work between you and me," I stated after a moment.

"On the contrary, I think it's working great so far," he replied with his disarming crooked smile.

Ha! Ha! Very funny!

"You live in Chicago; I live in Brooklyn. Long distance relationships have never been my cup of tea," I explained.

"Who said anything about a long distance relationship? I spend more time traveling for business than at the headquarters. I was in Manhattan on business to finalize a restructuring when I saw you for the first time. I own a condo on East Central Park, located five minutes from the MoMA," he said calmly.

"I hate modern art!" I spat out, just to provoke him.

"Christ, I'm just trying to set the record straight here, sweetheart, so you understand how serious and committed I am about us," he retorted, a little upset.

"Edward, I teach literature to a bunch of kids in a poor neighborhood. You run your own company. We have nothing in common," I said flatly.

"I love you, beautiful Isabella, and you confessed it was mutual. So I certainly won't let you ruin this night with these weak arguments," he concluded.

He briskly shoved the tray away, making it fall to the floor, and he jumped on me. He grabbed the edge of my towel and whispered in my ear, "I let you rest for several hours, but I think it's time to resume where we left off."

He pulled my towel away and I suddenly found myself naked in his arms. He lay me down and held my gaze while he started to remove his clothes. But I didn't want him to undress himself. After all, it was my turn to have my way with him. I pounced on him and literally tore off the t-shirt he was wearing, and then I worked on his pants.

Once he was naked, I buried my face in his chest hair. His smell was intoxicating; I could never live without it from now on…

Edward gently made me lie down again and spread my legs.

"I thought I was going to die yesterday when you offered yourself to me like this," he said, his voice hoarse with desire. "You're so fucking beautiful!"

"I know it was difficult for you to stay in the room, Edward, but it's not my fault; I was just complying with your commands."

"Touché, Miss Swan," he replied, his gaze on fire.

I was warm and ready for him. "Nevertheless, you can have your revenge now," I said.

"You asked for it!" he teased.

Damn, the way he was staring at me made me boil. Oh yes I wanted it, holy hell…

He positioned himself between my thighs, stone-hard like in my fantasies, and slowly entered me. He started to thrust, and after the third onslaught, I was already on my way to begging for mercy.

"Oh, my angel from heaven…" He trailed off as he angled his hips and continued to move in a relentless rhythm. His breathing was uneven and he was starting to sweat.

As for me, I was all feverish, but I managed to ask, "Yes, my Prince Charming in a silver Volvo?"

"You feel so good, I'd spend my life buried in you," he confessed, completely out of breath now.

My pulse quickened and I moved my hips to magnify the delightful sensation that took over as he moved in me. His stunning face was right above mine, his arms on each side of my shoulders. He leaned closer and once again covered my face with blazing kisses. I softly cupped his face and drew his lips to mine. He kissed me passionately and my arousal skyrocketed; then he raised my arms above my head with one hand, not releasing my mouth, and started stroking my breasts with his other hand. He just sent me into orbit and probably knew it, for he stared at me more intensely at that very moment.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and threw myself to meet his thrusts which now went as deep as they could. Edward slammed into me one last time and I felt him reach his climax at the same moment that I exploded into an orgasm so strong that I couldn't help but scream at the top of my lungs, even though I was nearly breathless and completely spent.

"Edward, sweet Jesus, what did you do to me?"

The door opened abruptly and I saw Emmett and Rosalie in the frame. They watched us, both of them utterly dumbfounded. Finally Rosalie turned and I heard her yelling at all the people outside the bedroom, "Esme, Alice, you'll never guess! Edward just gave Bella her first orgasm!"

***The end***

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