The Marauder's People to Prank List

A/N: The marauders are board so they make a list of people to prank. The list soon turns into a series of pranks.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. If I did then Lupin, Tonks, Snape, Hedwig, Dobby, Sirius and Fred won't have died.

Chapter One: The List

Sirius wakes up on a bright Saturday morning, He decides to wake his friends in turn because really what else is there to do. Sliding from his bed he tiptoes across the dorm to James's bed, the silly grin on his face yelling his dreams are of Lily. Smirking Sirius settles next to James ad leans across to whisper in his ear.

"James, Lily is looking for you something about a date tomorrow night," are the softly whispered words.

Even in the deepest of sleeps Lily's name is bound to wake him, predictable James is up in the blink of an eye.

"Keep it down mate we need to wake the others." Sirius hushes.

"Where's Lily?" James asks.

"Don't know Prongs probably asleep." Sirius replies.

"So you lied to wake me up?" James hisses.

"It worked and hey you sound like a Slytherin with all the hissing." Sirius responds.

The pair look at each other with equally mischievous grins. Sirius moves to Remus's bed and James moves to Peter's, James signals the count down. 1….2….3 the two boys pounce onto the unsuspecting sleeping figures. Remus shots a jink at Sirius that turns his hair bright pink; James and Peter fall off the bed laughing.

It is not until Sirius enters the bathroom and catches sight of himself in the mirror that he sees the cause of his friend's laughs. Well now Sirius's mind began to wok while he showered, a plan came to mind. When he leaves the bathroom 15 minutes later he knows what they are going to do today.

Before leaving for breakfast Sirius insists that Remus put his hair back to normal – he does only to prevent the rest of them from constant ear ache from Sirius's moaning and complaining (honestly he could be worse than moaning Myrtle when he wants to be). The four make their way to the great hall.

After breakfast the four of them where settled in the room of requirements ready for Sirius's new plan. "So today I thought we should make a list of people we should prank before the month is out." Sirius states proudly.

"Brilliant idea mate." Cheers James.

Remus sighs and pulls out a quill, ink and piece of parchment. After an hour their list looks something like.

Severus Snape (Snivellus/Snivelly)

Lucius Malfoy (He need his ego deflated)

Bellatrix Black (Bitch)

Narcissa Black (Same as her sister)

Any other Slytherin (They over react)

Our Fellow Marauders (Only we can get away with it!)

Teachers (If we don't get caught or can blame it on Snivelly)

Anyone else we feel like

A/N: If anyone has any suggestions for pranks the marauders could play in later chapters let me know.