Chapter Four: The Biggest Prank Ever

Sirius is woken the next morning by Remus bouncing onto his bed, murmurs from Peter's bed suggests James is bouncing on it. "Get off I'm up all ready." Sirius barks, sounding more like his animagus form than usual.

"Hurry up you daft sod, Remus is a genius and has just come up with the best plan in the world. We need to do major information gathering to pull this one off." James grins proudly.

"James you are acting like your son has just pulled off his first major prank." Sirius teases.

"Sirius I can believe that you would compare me to any potential children of James." Remus glares.

"I could totally see that. Think about it if James was ever lucky enough to have a kid with Evans well she is a total bookworm and with James as a father any kid could totally come out a cross of the two and end up like you Remus so yeah I'm comparing you to possible children of James and Evans." Sirius rants.

"Wow you totally think she'd go for it. I'll have to ask her after she sees how amazing we all are when we pull off the best prank in the world." James grins.

The four marauders spend hours in the library looking up everything they need and then follow a Slytherin to their common room. At lunch everyone notes with suspicion the absence of the four marauders so they wait with baited breath to leave the hall until the marauders saunter into the hall and sit at Gryffindor table. The boys are just finishing lunch when five very angry Slytherins lead by Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy approach the marauders.

"How do you undo it?" Lucius demands.

"Undo what?" Sirius asks.

"The charm you idiots put on the common room." Severus answers.

"Sorry but we don't even know where your common room is let alone what ever you are saying we've done." Remus responds.


The great hall bursts out laughing and the Slytherins glare at the four Gryffindors who are laughing along with the hall faces the picture of innocence.

"Miss Black, making accusations and yelling at fellow students is uncalled for now tell me what exactly has happened." Dumbledore asks.

"They have painted our common room pink as well as all the dorms and the furniture has been charmed pink as well." She answers.

"Well these boys could not have done that then since boys can not enter the girl's dorms." Dumbledore responds.

However while the hall had been in fear over the lack marauders no one had noticed Lily Evans leaving the hall.

She had intercepted them just as they approached the common room and had agreed to help because they were always calling her a 'mudblood' James couldn't have been more proud than when she asked if she could help them. At the end of the prank James had asked her out and she had agreed to give him one chance they would be going to Hogsmead together next Hogsmead weekend.

Angry and insulted the Slytherins had allowed the teachers to enter the common room to fix the now pink zone and return it to its former state however a spell had been place on the new decorations to prevent it from being undo it would simple wear off in week or so according to Professor Flitwick who was familiar with the charms used.

Everyone was talking about it especially after pictures found their way into the other three common rooms and around the school. The prank was talked about for the rest of the year. No one found it suspicious that Lily Evans suddenly agreed to go out with James Potter.