A/N: This is my first NCIS/Criminal Minds crossover guys, so please bear with me. I held off writing an NCIS story for a long time because I'm not sure how well I can capture the characters and since I love them and want them to be as close to themselves as possible, it took a little while.

I absolutely love Ziva, but I still cannot quite get her character right for me, so this story will take place in NCIS season 2, before Kate dies (I love Kate too, don't get me wrong, she's amazing!) And Criminal Minds season 5, after Hotch comes back to work after the Reaper is killed.

I hope you guys enjoy it! Let me know what you think of it, please!

WARNING: This story may not be suitable for children under the age of 13 due to graphic violence, mild language, blood and possible gruesome crime scenes. Parents strongly cautioned (lol, I always wanted to say that…)

But seriously, I'm not sure if there will be torture, but there will be whumpage of Reid and Tony because I love them both and if you've ever read anything I've written, you know the characters I love suffer the most abuse… I'm sick and twisted, but you're reading it so… yeah :)



"Ouch!" Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo hissed when the young man behind him stumbled over a rock and crashed into him, nearly knocking him down to the ground. "Watch where you're going, will ya?" he muttered.

"Sorry," the younger man, a skinny, slightly awkward FBI agent named Dr. Spencer Reid, murmured. "I'm still having some trouble navigating rough terrain since I was shot…"

Tony rolled his eyes, pushing up the bill of his baseball cap. "God, you sound like a freakin' Encyclopedia - Wait… You were shot?"

Reid blinked, ignoring the other agent's sarcasm. "Yeah. I was shot in the knee while protecting a man from an unsub a few months ago..."

Tony blinked in surprise, both at what the agent had said and how he had said it. In the few hours that he had known Agent Reid, the young man had listed off specifics down to the second. He shrugged it off, guessing it was just an attempt to appear normal. "Huh… Was it your first case in the field or something?"

"No." Reid frowned, catching himself before he almost tripped again. "I've been with the BAU since I was 21."

Tony stopped walking and turned around, staring at him with a confused look on his face. "Well… how old are you now? Like, 24?"

"No, I just turned 30 in March, actually." Reid said, trying not to get too offended by the other agent's surprise. A lot of people assumed he was younger and inexperienced in the field.

Tony tried not to look surprised, but it wasn't all that easy. "…I could've sworn you were a Probee." he murmured, turning and continuing down the trail that led to their newest crime scene.

"A what?" Reid frowned, stumbling to catch up with the faster agent.

"Thought you were a genius…" Tony muttered. "A Probee, you know? A Probationary Agent? Doesn't the FBI use that term? Or is there no trial period for agents in the field, 'cause that would explain a lot…"

"No, we have a Probationary period for every field agent, I've just never heard that term before."

"Well, you learn something new every day, don't you doctor?" Tony remarked, breathing a sigh of relief when they finally reached the end of the trail and came to the clearing where the body of their latest victim was supposed to be.

"Actually, that's true." Reid nodded, following behind the NCIS agent. "Did you know that expression originated in -"

Tony suddenly held up his hand and hissed, "SHH."

Reid frowned, glancing at the other man, confused. Before he could ask what was wrong, Tony put his finger to his lips and whispered "Do you hear that?"

Reid paused and looked around the clearing. If he concentrated hard enough, he could just hear the faint hum of music coming from somewhere near the edge of the tree line. "…music?" he frowned.

Tony's hand slowly went to his gun and Reid did the same, both slowly approaching the noise, Reid glancing around behind them in case someone came out of the trees. "Agent Reid, do you notice something… missing from the crime scene?" Tony asked as they got closer to the trees.

Reid's eyes swept the clearing and he breathed, "A body…"

Tony nodded, kneeling down when they reached the other end of the clearing. "Any idea why someone would report a body that's not here?"

Reid swallowed, feeling dread creeping into his stomach. "An ambush…" He whispered hoarsely.

Tony pushed branches away, hearing the music louder now. "I was really hoping for a different answer, Doc." he muttered. His hand brushed something cold and he froze, pushing away more twigs until he saw a pale hand. Further inspection revealed that it was attached to a body.

Sighing in relief, Tony looked up at the other agent. "Got a body here," he informed him, standing from his crouch and moving the larger branches out of his way so that they could take photos and process the scene before calling Ducky.

Reid holstered his gun, but still looked confused. "Then where is the music coming from?" he wondered.

"Dunno, maybe -" He stopped, eyes falling on a blinking device taped to the body, a radio playing soft music was sitting on top of it. "Bomb." Tony said, backing away.

"What?" Reid looked confused, turning to look at the body. Tony didn't give him the chance, grabbing his arm and pulling him away, sprinting into a run, yelling, "There's a bomb!"

Reid's eyes widened and he started running behind Tony, but he stumbled and fell just a few feet from the mouth of the trail. Tony turned and slid into a half crouch, yanking the other man back to his feet and dragging him back toward the trail.

Only a few seconds later the earth shook beneath them with the force of the blast, setting the trees ablaze and sending the two agents crashing to the ground. Before his vision completely blacked out, Tony could just make out a pair of muddy combat boots… This was not how he'd expected his day to end…


Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs scowled into the cell phone receiver. "I realize that our last body crossed state lines, but the victim was another female Petty Officer, that puts the case in NCIS jurisdiction." he growled.

He paused, scowling again as the Director spoke on the other end of the line. Special Agents Kate Todd, Timothy McGee and Tony DiNozzo stood at a safe distance from their boss's desk, but remained close enough to hear the conversation.

"I don't care what the Director of the FBI wants, this is my case, damn it!" Gibbs spat, almost crushing his ever-present cup of coffee in his hands. He hadn't even had a chance to take a drink from it since they'd found the fourth body early that morning. Ever since then, Gibbs had been arguing jurisdiction with the NCIS Director and the Director of the FBI.

"… We don't need any help. We can solve this case by ourselves." he snapped. He took a deep breath, listening to the man on the other end of the line. Finally, after a long, tense pause the former Marine tightened his jaw. "Yes, sir." he said tersely. "I understand. We'll wait for the team to arrive at NCIS headquarters before we process any more evidence."

The three agents looked shocked. Gibbs actually agreeing to work with FBI? Since when had that happened? He snapped his cell phone shut angrily and glanced over in their direction. "Are you three gonna stand around eavesdropping on my conversations or are you actually planning on getting any work done?"

The blinked and stumbled forward again, Tony speaking first. "Our victim was ID'd as Petty Office Jessica Landing. She was in Virginia visiting her mother and sisters, on her way back to South Carolina and her body was found just across the state line in West Virginia…"

Gibbs frowned, "Anything I didn't already know?" he demanded, looking to Kate and McGee.

"…Um… Petty Office Landing was engaged to Lieutenant James Hollingsworth, in the Army. He's currently stationed in Afghanistan and hasn't been notified of her death yet. She was staying at the Royal Hotel, about sixty miles from where her body was discovered and according to the clerk, she never came back after leaving to go to her mother's… I'm checking through security footage now to see if anything unusual shows up." McGee said, stuttering slightly and glancing up every few moments from the paper in his hands.

"She fits the same pattern of the other three victims. A Petty Office, young, blond with green eyes who was staying alone. The only difference is that he didn't dump the body near the Navy Yard this time…" Kate said, frowning over the folder in her hands.

"Yeah, I know that. Why?" Gibbs frowned, taking a drink from his coffee cup and scowling.

"…Well… if he has any knowledge of law enforcement -" Kate began to theorize.

"Let's assume that this bastard knows something about law enforcement." Gibbs interrupted. "He's been dropping bodies outside of our headquarters for almost six months."

She took a breath, nodding. "Ok, then he could've known that dumping the body across state lines would force us to call the FBI. It's clear from the lack of blood at the scene that she was not killed at the dump site… But what would getting the FBI here accomplish?"

"Pissing me off…" Gibbs muttered.

"I'll remember that sentiment, Agent Gibbs." A gruff voice behind them spoke. Tony, Kate and McGee almost jumped, surprised that someone else had Gibb's talent to sneak up on people. The man standing there had dark, harsh eyes, short black hair and hard lines around his mouth. He didn't look like he smiled much. There was a small group of people behind him who looked less severe but still reeked of FBI.

"Agent Hotchner." Gibbs looked surprised, standing from his seat and holding out his hand to the man. "Last time I saw you, you were a prosecutor, working the Fidel case…"

"You two know each other?" a strong looking black man in a thin tee-shirt and jeans asked, raising an eye brow. He didn't exactly look like all the other FBI agents they'd ever met before.

The other man, Agent Hotchner, nodded. "And the last time I saw you, you were barely passed you're probationary field time, Jethro." There was a small twinkle in his eyes.

"Maybe if I'd had more experience, we could've put that bastard away for good."

Hotch nodded, "Maybe."

"So you're in the FBI now?"

"Yeah," the man nodded, "Supervisory Special Agent in Charge…" his smile was small, but to the agents behind him, it was an immense improvement over the last few months. "And this is my team, SSAs Jennifer Jareau, Emily Prentiss, David Rossi, Derek Morgan and Doctor Spencer Reid."

Tony cocked a brow and grinned flirtatiously at Agent Prentiss, who smirked and shook her head, suppressing a laugh when Kate hit him with a folder. Agent Jareau was a pretty blond woman with wide blue eyes, Agent Morgan was the muscled agent who'd spoken before, Agent Rossi was older and looked vaguely familiar to Tony and Kate, though they didn't know why and Agent Reid was thin and gangly with slightly long curly hair and looked the least like an FBI agent… of course, Agent Hotchner had said he was a doctor, maybe he was like a coroner or something…

"David Rossi?" McGee spoke up, eyeing the older man in awe. "The David Rossi? The writer?"

Rossi nodded, a smile quirking his lips. "That would be me…"

"I am such a fan!" McGee grinned, looked excited. A harsh look from Gibbs cut him off. "But… uh… we have more important things to worry about. Sorry, Boss."

Gibbs turned back to Hotch, "So, Hotch, you're profiling now?"

"Seemed like a good way to get the bad guys before I prosecuted them," Hotch nodded. "And just so we're clear, Jethro, this is still your case. We're just here to help."

"Mostly because Strauss wants us out of the way and is hoping we screw something up…" Prentiss muttered under her breath. Hotch chose to ignore the comment. "We'd like to see the latest crime scene and the body."

"Alright, you can send a couple of your guys with Agents DiNozzo and Todd." He nodded to Tony and Kate. "I'm going to see Ducky right now. Come with me. McGee, see if Abby was able to find anything from her clothes."

"On it, Boss," McGee turned and headed toward the elevators.

"Reid, you and Prentiss go with Agents DiNozzo and Todd to the dump site. Rossi, you and Morgan talk to her mother and sisters. JJ, keep the press out of this for now. From the sounds of it, this guy wants recognition and we're not going to give it to him."

The agents nodded and hurried to their assigned task. Gibbs almost cracked a smile, but he still didn't want to work with FBI, even if one of the agents was practically an old friend… "Autopsy's this way. Kate, DiNozzo, get moving!"

Tony nodded quickly, putting down the folder he'd been holding in his hands. "On it, Boss." he said, leading the way as Kate and the two FBI agents followed him to the elevators.

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