Friday night

Chapter 1

By jaycob bunker

Hey Sam said Freddie hey Benson don't call me Benson said Freddie okay Benson said Sam o by the way how is your mother asked Freddie good I think with a shrug she's on a date said Sam with who? Asked Freddie with Mr. Franklin said Sam the head asked Freddie yup hopefully she dose not ask him to fuck said Sam well yeah he dose not want siflus said Freddie fuck you Freddie said Sam the Sam hit Freddie in the face real hard Freddie screamed owe real loud look here comes carly hey Sam hey Freddie hey carly said Freddie and Sam so Sam want to spend the night at my hose to night sure said Sam 11:00 pm on a Friday later that night hey carly can I just get naked and be like that whatever said carly hey carly I brought some porn want to watch said Sam sure said carly / carly can I use your dildo sure Sam said carly ima ganna finger myself to this Sam is moaning real loud carly starts to eat Sam out Freddie sneaks in the house he goes upstairs to find Sam and carly fucking in carly's bed so Sam says Freddie come join the the start to have a 3way.

7 weeks later

Hey carly said Sam hey Sam said carly iv been pukeing all week said Sam really why I took a pregnancy test it came up positive said Sam who's the father said carly Freddie said Sam and the thing is I love Freddie said Sam damn said carly yeah said Sam I'm 7 weeks along I don't have insurance to get a abortion or even have the baby at the hospital so a home birth said Sam wow said carly lets talk about sum else said Sam okay said carly the last day of school is today school's out for the summer later that day at Sam's house hey mom said Sam yeah Sam I'm pregnant said Sam what theā€¦. What said Sam's mom yeah said Sam by who said Sam's mom Freddie Benson said Sam that dork face loser said Sam's mom yeah but I love him said Sam you do said Sam's mom yeah said Sam well talk to you later said Sam okay said Sam's mom.

Chapter 2

Hey Freddie what Sam im pregnant said Sam you're what said Freddie Pregnant! Said Sam holy hell said Freddie am I the daddy said Freddie fuck yeah said Sam

9 moths later

Holy fuck screamed Sam what Sam said Carly im going into labor holy shit said Spenser what said Freddie o my god said everyone what to do call Freddie's Freddie goes to the phone hey mom yes baby sams in labor really now yes ok they go down stairs they get into Ms Benson says push Sam pus push push 32 mins later Sam as the baby the Freddie says it's a baby boy Freddie yes Sam I love you I love you too Sam 13 years later the son has a baby of its own the baby is a girl

Sam & Freddie's baby name is Marshall

Marshall & his girl baby name is Sara