AUTHORS NOTE: So I don't know where this is going but hey, it wasn't even meant to start like this so bear with me! As always, first chapter is a little bit sucky and it shall lead to R/J eventually. This is also for the prompt "wish".

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[Ronan's Three Wishes]

That day at the office, Jackie was typing away at her computer when Stuart ended up sitting at the corner of her desk holding a cup of her favourite coffee and wearing a silly little grin. She stopped typing and looked up at him. "What do you want Stuart?" She asked and he just laughed.

"Ewan and I have these last minute tickets to this one woman show tonight in Glasgow and I was wondering..." he smiled at her and she just chuckled before holding out her hand for the coffee. She had known what he wanted because it was the same every time he needed a last minute babysitter and it was always her because everyone knew that she didn't have anything in her own life to keep her occupied. "You know she's an amazing girl to look after and take out night tonight means no cooking," he grinned even wider and she found herself wondering how he never ripped his jaw from doing it.

"Stuart, what would you do if I had something on tonight?"

"Burst into hysterical tears," he honestly admitted before stealing Robbie's chair and pulling it over to her, "then would want to know every little detail about this new guy because what kind of gay best friend would I be if I didn't demand to know." He laughed and Jackie found herself smiling too as she shook her head.

"Well I don't have a date so a night in with Ronan would be much better than spending the night on my own," she promised before taking a swig of her coffee. "So what's your play about?" She asked knowing that Stuart had a passion for his plays whereas Ewan just went with him to keep him quiet.

That night, Jackie rested on the couch with Ronan watching Aladdin when her niece turned round and looked at her. "Aunt Jackie, what would you wish for if you had three wishes?" She asked and Jackie had to admit that it was a good question to be asked by the ten year old. She shrugged her shoulders.

"You know, Ronan, I have actually no idea what I would wish for. What would you wish for?" She asked aware that it was slowly creeping up to the girl's bedtime but it wouldn't matter if she was a couple of minutes over. Jackie was starting to plait her hair so that it wouldn't get tangled when she slept while Ronan thought about it.

"First, I'd wish for a puppy. I really want a puppy but dad says it's not fair to have a puppy when we're never home but they say they might get me a pet that demands less maintenance." She said and Jackie couldn't help but smile as she'd remembered how many days Stuart had come into the office flustered because they'd had this argument with Ronan in the morning before school.

"Ronan, I know it's unfair but the puppy thing is a realistic argument." She said pressing a kiss to the top of the girl's head smiling at how happy the little girl was despite the fact she was constantly stopped from having a normal life thanks to her condition and the fact that her two fathers had jobs that involved rarely being home.

"I know. My second wish would be to have a day with a different hair colour," the girl said the minute Jackie had finished plaiting her hair and leapt up so that she could run her fingers through Jackie's. "Everyone picks on me at school and I don't like it."

Jackie picked her up and pulled her in for a hug, her lips pressing a kiss to the girl's cheek and then tugging at the hair in question that she'd just plaited. "Now Ronan, I'm going to tell you a big secret. If I had your hair colour, I'd feel like the prettiest woman in the world. It's beautiful and sure the boys tease you about it now but do you know when you're older, the boys are going to be falling for your hair colour especially with your green eyes. I actually think if you ever dyed it a different colour, you'd kill a little bit of my insides." Ronan giggled happily as she cuddled into her auntie. "And what would your final wish be, princess?" She said kissing the top of her head.

"I want a sibling. All my friends have siblings but I don't. I'd love a baby sister and a baby brother." Jackie looked down at her niece and smiled happily.

"I'm sure that can happen eventually." She promised before insisting that they started to move upstairs because even Jackie was tired and she was staying in the spare room that night.

That night, the two men walked into the empty downstairs and smiled at the Aladdin box on the table. It was Ronan's latest obsession and they'd forgotten to warn Jackie about her obsession to know about the three wishes everyone wanted. Stuart sighed. "You go in to the kitchen and get us a drink. I'll go find Jackie." He said kissing his husband before moving upstairs.

He entered the spare bedroom and smiled as he sat down on the bed. Jackie was in a light doze and she smiled at him. "Hey. What are you doing in here? You have a beautiful husband down the hallway." She teased sitting up and accepting the kiss on the cheek.

"Well actually he's downstairs, sweetie. I just thought I'd come check on you. Did you guys have a good night?" He couldn't help but smile at how child like she was when she was in a sleepy state. She rubbed at her eyes gently.

"It was fine. Did you ever watch Aladdin with your daughter, Stuart?" She asked and he looked over at her, nodding. "Did she tell you her three wishes?" He shook his head.

"When we asked she said she didn't want to talk about it. I assume she told you them?" He said and she nodded her head.

"She wants to have a pet, not be ginger and to have siblings." She said and Stuart sighed as he looked down at the floor. Now pretty much all three were wishes that Ewan and he would never be able to give her. He sighed as Jackie wrapped her arms around him. "When did being parents become so difficult?" She teased causing him to chuckle.