Kim Possible: Ronald's Diner

Chapter 1: Blind Date

AN: After many reviews and suggests from you my loyal readers, I have decided to rewrite my fic KP: Ron's Dinner. This new version, renamed KP: Ronald's Diner, is more Ron/Bon centric and emphasis some themes while it eliminates the clone angle. It also cleans up some of the grammar and spelling mistakes in the original. This does not mean that I have abandoned Ron's Dinner, this is just a different take on the story for those who liked the story when it was more Ron/Bon focused.


Bon Jovi: Runaway

Bon Jovi: Living on a Prayor

Heart: Alone

Heart: Never

Heart: Nothin' at All


Bonnie was tired, cold, dirty, and mostly hungry. She was weak from lack of food, and the few edible scraps that she had been able to dig up over the past few days were far less than she needed so that she could recover from her recent surgical procedure. Surgical procedure, ha, that was a joke, she thought. What she had endured was as close to being a genuine medical procedure as Smartymart clothing being shown off at Milan. For just a fleeting moment the thought of trying to go back home to her parents and sisters crossed her mind, but she quickly and soundly rejected that idea. She would rather stay out here on the streets than go home again. Not after what they, her so called family, had said and done to her.

Bonnie also had to admit that on top of her physical ailments, she was also lonely. Through out her life Bonnie had had few friends, a large entourage of followers yes, but they were not real friends. That wasn't to say that Bonnie never had any friends, but the number of real friends, people she could count on to help her out, she could count on one hand and have fingers left over. Usually Bonnie would take care of her loneliness by seeking companionship, but that never really filled the void, not like her true friends, Tara and Molly used to do. With a deep sigh Bonnie surprised those feelings so she could get on with taking care of her more immediate needs, namely getting a decent meal for the night, and she knew a good place to do that.

After walking for a while, having long ago lost any sense of how much time had actually gone by, Bonnie found herself standing in front of a small local diner. She had heard about the place before, and knew that it had a rep for having good food at a decent price and it catered towards the teenage crowd. But most importantly the owner was known as a real nice guy. She really didn't want to go to him for help but she had pretty much run out of options. Besides with a little luck he wouldn't even remember her, or recognize her in her current state.


Ronald let out a tired sigh as he flicked off the lights to the small building which housed the diner that constituted his lively hood. It had been another long hard week working at the diner. But then again they were all long hard weeks, and they were catching up to him. With his Naco royalties rapidly dwindling and the bills for the diner starting to pile up it seemed like no matter what he did he just couldn't seem to make ends meet. Plus Ronald couldn't remember the last time that he had taken a day off, be it for the weekend or otherwise. Quite frankly all the long hard weeks were really beginning to catch up to him, badly. Even in the poor light outside of the diner, Ronald could see the dark circles under his eyes in his reflection from the window. Well in a few more days all of that won't matter much, he thought to himself, since I'll be closing down the diner for the last time. Locking the door for the night, Ronald turned around and was about to head for home when he was surprised to see that some one had walked up behind him. She; or at least Ronald assumed it was a woman, was dirty looking and seemed to have a bit of an offending odor about her. She was also a bit thin looking, as though it had been weeks since she had had enough to eat. However, it was when she spoke, that was when Ronald was the most surprised.

"Excuse me sir, could you spare something to eat? I don't need much, just any leftovers you were going to throw out."

Ronald looked at the woman for a moment as he contemplated what to do. The woman looked familiar and Ronald was pretty sure he had seen her before. He knew there were a few homeless people that lived around the neighborhood of his diner, so he had probably seen her then. It was no secret among the homeless community among Lowerton that Ronald's diner was a good place to get some food. Unlike most people who simply tossed any food they wished to dispose of in to a trash can, Ronald would gather his food and place it neatly in to a box or some other sort of container and place it just out side the door of the back of his diner. This simply act allowed many a homeless person the ability to get a half way decent meal with out the humiliation of having to dig through a trash can. Ronald figured that the woman was probably someone who had picked up the left over food he had set out one night and that was why she looked familiar.

Having seemingly solved that mystery, Ronald cast another glance at the woman. She looked as though she was very much in need of both good meal, and a bath. Her shoulder length hair appeared matted and dirty and the way it hung limply next to her face seemed to emphasis the rather pronounced check bones that her face showed off. Her arms, the only part of her body what was exposed besides her face, also looked to be a bit on the thin side. As if it was attempting to form a study in symmetry, the woman's clothes looked to be about as equally dirty as her hair, and as thread thin as her arms. With out a doubt she could use a hot meal and a hot shower. The former Ronald could do something about if not the latter. Besides which, the Torah said that charity began at home, and Ronald did sort of consider his diner to a sort of home for him.

"Sure, I can give you a decent meal." Ronald said with a soft smile.

"Thank you. I promise I won't bother you long, I just need something to eat for tonight."

"Hey no problem. But I warn you that I don't believe in letting any one leave until they are satisfied with their meal," Ronald said as he slid his key back in to the lock and gave it a twist. As the mechanism engaged he wasn't sure which was louder, the click of the lock as it slid open or the sound of things clicking in his mind. Removing the key from the lock he slowly turned around to take a closer look at the young beggar before him. Never in a hundred years would he have thought to see her here and in this state. Still, just to make sure, he asked the question that was on his mind. "Bonnie? Is that you Bonnie?"

Bonnie hesitated for a moment as she considered how to answer. Finally she opted to go with the truth. "Yes, it's me, Bonnie." She answered dejectedly. So much for a little bit of luck she thought. "I'm sorry, I should go."

As Bonnie turned to leave she felt a hand gently grab her to stop her from leaving. "Don't leave." Ronald said; surprise by how thin her arm actually felt in his hand, "You look like you could really use a good meal."

Bonnie didn't have the heart to stay nor the strength to pull away as she realized that she was, not for the first time, in an unattainable position. So instead Bonnie did the one thing she was good at, she put up a good front to try to protect her self.

"Why? So you can hold this over me? That the "Queen Bee" Bonnie Rockwaller had to come begging for a hand out? Just so you can get back at me for how I treated you in the past." Bonnie accused as she fought back tears. Over the past few years she had lost a lot of things, but her pride had not been one of them.

"No Bonnie, I'm not going to hold that over you or try to get back at you." Ronald said as he slowly shook his head. "I don't see "Queen Bee" Bonnie from high school, I just see another human being who's down on her luck and looks like she really needs a decent meal."

Bonnie stood there for a moment as her pride conflicted with her need for food and warmth. At first she wasn't going to accept his offer, but a gentle "Please" coming from Ronald's mouth finally convinced her to accept the offer and to follow Ronald in to the diner. "Thank you Ron."

"Think nothing of it, and please I'd rather go by Ronald."

As Bonnie followed Ronald in to the small diner where he worked, she got her first real look at the place. It was small, maybe forty feet across and while she couldn't see all the way to the back it couldn't have been more than one hundred feet long. About half of the building appeared to be dinning area consisting of four booths and three tables, it could probably sit about two dozen people max. The walls were covered in an eclectic collection of items that ranged from street signs to pictures to clothing and even a stuffed moose head. At best one could call it an odd art collection, at worst one could go so far as to call it all junk. Finishing up her visual tour of the place Bonnie became aware of Ronald pulling out a chair from one of the small wooden tables and offering it to her.

"Here why don't you take a seat while I go and heat up some food for us."

"Thank you." Bonnie said as she accepted the seat. At least Ron still knew his place in the food chain and had offered her a seat. But she also had to admit that it was the nicest thing that any one had done for her in a quite a while. While Ronald was in what passed for a kitchen of his small diner he continued to try to make conversation with Bonnie.

"Hope you don't mind having a dining partner tonight, I haven't had dinner yet myself."

"Fine, what ever." Bonnie said unenthusiastically. While she was happy to be receiving a hot meal and was grateful to Ron for giving her one, she wasn't all that excited about having to eat with him. Bonnie's thoughts were soon interrupted by the sound of a pair of glasses being placed on to the table.

"Figured you might want something to drink while the food cooks," Ronald explained as he placed a glass of water and a glass of ice tea in front of his guest.

"Is that unsweet tea? I don't like to drink sweet tea."

Ronald sighed in annoyance before answering, "Bonnie, I wouldn't worry about whether or not there's sugar in the tea, it's not going to affect your figure, and to be honest you could probably use the extra calories." As much as he used to appreciate the fact that Kim and Tara and many of the other former cheerleaders he knew from high school worked hard at maintaining their figures, there were times when their efforts almost seemed obsessive compulsive to him.

Bonnie stared at Ron for a moment in disbelief before explaining, "No, it's not that. I'm not worried about getting fat, I just don't like the way sweet tea tastes."

"Oh. He he, sorry about that Bonnie," Ronald said sheepishly. "It's just that I some times worried about you cheerleaders back in high school. Some of you were as thin as rails and still insisted on counting every calorie."

"I was never anorexic," Bonnie said defensively

"Didn't say you were"

"But you implied it."

"Ok sorry if I did. You're not anorexic." Ronald apologized.

"And don't you forget it." Bonnie said before softening her tone, "But thanks for caring Ron."

"Hey no big, and please I really rather be called Ronald."

"That's the second time you've told me that. Do you mind if I ask why?" Bonnie asked towards Ronald's back as he reentered the kitchen.

"Yes, I do mind. I'd just rather not talk about it. Unless you want to talk about how you wound up begging on the streets." Ronald replied some what snidely.

Bonnie simply shook her head no.

The lull in the conversation that followed lasted until Ronald brought dinner out. As she waited for her food, Bonnie again wondered why the blond haired man in the kitchen had insisted that she call him Ronald. Had he had a falling out with Kim? If that was the case then it was the perfect payback for both little miss perfect and Ron since she had been forced to be seen with him as the senior homecoming king and queen. However, as the smell of cooking food began to drift in to the dinner room from the kitchen, Bonnie's stomach loudly put an end to her train of thought as it announced it's opinion on the matter.


Later that evening as Ronald watched Bonnie finish off her third helping of mashed potatoes and gravy, he finally asked her the question that had been on his mind for the past forty or so minutes. "Bonnie, do you have any where to go, I mean like a friends house, or shelter or somewhere you can stay the night?" Ronald asked.

Bonnie simply shook her head no as she finished chewing the last of her food. In the past she would never have eaten three helpings of food in one sitting. Or yet alone let someone or some guy see her do that, but she was hungry, no starving, and she didn't care. Plus Ronald had insisted that she start with small portions so as not to make herself sick from eating too much to fast. As the last bit of food disappeared from her plate Bonnie's mind suddenly raised a large red flag to what Ronald had just said, something that the tasty hot food and his generosity had almost made her over look, something that she had learned as a survival skill over the past couple of years.

"Oh no you don't!" Bonnie suddenly shouted.

"Don't do what?" Ronald asked in confusion.

"I know what you're doing. You think because you helped me out that I owe you now. Next you're going to offer that I come back to your place and spend the night. Well forget it." Bonnie said as she stood up and glared harshly at Ronald.

Ronald sat there in disbelief at what Bonnie had thought he was trying to do. Yes he was going to suggest that she come back to his place, but that was only so that she would have a chance to get cleaned up. "Bonnie, I wouldn't do that to you." Ronald protested. "Yes I was going to suggest that maybe you could come back to my place to get a hot shower and get cleaned up." Then returning Bonnie's glare, Ronald continued. "You don't have to accept my offer, and maybe I should retract it at this point, but I want you to think about something. In all the years that you've known me, have you ever known me to be a cad, or anything less than a gentleman?" Ronald then stood, picked up the empty plates on the table and making his way to the kitchen added over his shoulder, "You can finish eating before you answer that."


"This is the living room and kitchen, the bathroom is in the bedroom," Ronald explained as he gave the nickel tour of his one bedroom apartment to Bonnie, "And both the bedroom and bathroom door lock from the inside."

"Thank you." Bonnie said softly as she reflected on her earlier mistrust of the man. Yes she had always thought of him as being a loser all through high school, but he had always been a kind and good person. Obviously those things hadn't changed over the years.

"Here, you'll need this too."

Bonnie blinked in confusion as she looked at the bathrobe and two towels which were being handed to her. "What's this for?"

"I figured you would want an extra towel for your hair, Kim always used to want one. As for the bathrobe, I don't know how long you plan on being in the shower, but I was going to wash your clothes for you and I doubt they will be done in the washer and dryer before you're done in there. Call it hunch, but I doubt that you want to run around here naked while waiting for your clothes," Ronald explained as he added a disarming lop sided grin at the end.

For not the first time that night, Bonnie had lost count of how many exactly, she had to consider the fact that maybe, just maybe, she had been wrong about Ron and that she hadn't treated him unfairly in high school. "Thanks for the thought. But please don't try to steal my panties, they're the only pair I have right now." As Ronald watched the small smile cross Bonnie's face as she made her joke, part of him wondered just how much of her statement was meant in jest.

Taking the offered towel and bathrobe, Bonnie stepped in to the bedroom, locked the door behind her, and began to shed her dirty clothes. As Bonnie was stripping her clothing off she glanced around the room where Ronald slept. The bed appeared unmade and she figured that habit was probably a hold over from his high school days too. There was a small clothes hamper in one corner which looked like it had been stuffed to beyond capacity, judging by the shirt that was hanging out of it. Again probably another habit from his teenage days. Her gaze then turned to the dresser cabinet that sat opposite the foot of his bed. The surface was covered in what looked like mail, a newspaper, a stick of deodorant, and other assorted junk. But on one side of the dresser, the only spot that was relatively clean and uncluttered, sat a framed picture, a picture of Kim Possible. Seeing her former high school rival for the first time in a long time, Bonnie idly wondered what she was doing and why she and Ron were not together. Bonnie wanted to ask Ron about he and Kim but decided to save that for later. She didn't want to appear too noisy and loose her chance at a nice hot shower.

Unlocking the bedroom Bonnie quickly entered the bathroom and holding the door open just a crack, she called out for Ron to retrieve her clothes before she shut and locked the bathroom door. Yes Ronald was a nice guy, but she wasn't about to start trusting him any more than she trusted any man when she was in this vulnerable of a position. Turning the water faucets, soon hot water was pouring from the spout and the feel of the rising steam was like a siren's song to Bonnie as she stepped in to the shower. The hot water felt heavenly as it poured over Bonnie's hair and down her skin. It felt so good that she didn't even care that the soap and shampoo she ended up using were some generic guy smelling types, probably purchased at Smarty Mart, and not the usual fruity herbal scented girlie types that she used to use in the past. But then again it had been so long that she couldn't remember the last time that she had a chance to use a girlie shampoo. Back when her life allowed her the luxury of choosing between brands of shampoo as opposed to choosing between food or shelter for the night. Finishing her shower Bonnie stepped out of the tub and after quickly draying off before wrapping a towel around her body and one around her hair she put on the bathrobe and made her way to the living room.

"Feel better now?"

Bonnie nodded her head as she sat down on to the couch. "Yes, much better."

"I thought you would. Your clothes should be about done in the washer, I'll go and put them in the dryer in a few minutes."

"Thank you."

"No problem." Ronald said nonchalantly.

"No, but you made me your problem tonight." Bonnie answered soberly. "I won't pretend that I didn't treat you badly in high school. In fact you have no reason that you should be helping me now, other than your doing it out of the kindness of your heart."

"Well you know me Bonnie, I'm just a nice guy."

"I know, and tonight you've shown me more kindness than I've seen in a long time. But I won't impose on you for much longer tonight."


"If you don't mind I'll just wait until my clothes are dry and then I'll be on my way and out of your hair."

"You're not in my hair." Ronald protested.

"Look Ron, I do appreciate what you've done for me tonight, but I don't want to stay here ok."

Seeing the confused look on Ronald's face Bonnie explained further. "I just wouldn't feel comfortable with it ok. You're a guy, I'm a girl…"

"I wouldn't take advantage of you." Ronald said incensed at just what Bonnie was implying.

"I wouldn't take advantage of a good looking girl like you. Ha, I've heard that one before." Bonnie retorted. "Or I'll still call you after we sleep together."

"Fine, think what you want Ms. Queenbee."

"Don't call me that!" Bonnie shouted.

"Why? Can't take a little name calling? You were pretty good at dishing it out in high school."

"I just don't like to be called queen bee ok." Bonnie said sounding a little deflated.

Sensing Bonnie's change of attitude, Ronald like wise amped down a bit. "Sorry. I promise not to call you queen bee if you promise to call me Ronald. Deal?"


"Good. But Bonnie, you really aren't in my hair." Ronald said as he stood up. "Now if you'll excuse me madam I need to put your clothes in the dryer."

After Ronald had left Bonnie began to look around the rest of the apartment. Most of what Ronald had told her during the nickel tour had gone in to one ear and out the other. But now that she was clean and had nothing to do as she waited for her clothes to finish washing, Bonnie decided to take a look around. This part of Ronald's apartment was actually fairly clean compared to the bedroom, which meant that Ronald wasn't a slob, but rather just lazy about what rooms he spent the effort to clean up. On the walls hung a few pictures, one contained a thin, tall woman standing next to a shorter more round looking man with blondish hair. Held in their arms between the two was a small, Asian looking, toddler. It didn't take a genealogist to figure out the adults were Ronald's parents, but the toddler Bonnie couldn't account for. On another wall across from the first, was another picture with two people in it. The person on the left was Ronald with his arm around the slim waist of a female read head know as Kim Possible. For the second time that night Bonnie wondered what was going on between the two of them. It was obvious that Ronald's apartment was very much a bachelor pad, so the two certainly weren't living together. Did that mean they were still dating? As Bonnie pondered these questions she leaned back against the couch she was seated in and closed her eyes for a moment.

Two minutes later Ronald returned from the laundry room. Opening the door to his apartment he found Bonnie, still sitting up, with her eyes closed and fast asleep on his couch, fast asleep. "Figured she would spend the night" Ronald chuckled to himself as he carefully lowered Bonnie's head and lifted her legs up on to the couch before retrieving blanket and a pillow from the linen closet. Gently draping a blanket over Bonnie's body Ronald moved to lift her head in order to place a pillow underneath.

Just as Ronald was placing the pillow underneath her head Bonnie, who had been awakened by the moving her of her body, opened her eyes to see Ronald not more than a few inches away and had his hands on her head. Bonnie's fight or flight response quickly kicked in as she let out a scream and pushed Ronald away from her. She then quickly retreated as far away as she could from Ronald but found herself trapped by the corner of the couch.

"Stay away from me!"

"Bonnie, it's ok, it's me Ronald. I'm not going to hurt you." Ronald said in a soft soothing voice as he held his hands up in an unthreatening manner.

Bonnie sat there for a moment as her mind digested what was in front of her. "Ronald."

"Yes Bonnie, it's me Ronald."

Bonnie seemed to begin to relax a bit.

"Are you ok?" Ronald asked worriedly.

"I'm fine. Just leave me alone."

"You sure you're ok? Because you don't look ok, you look frightened to me."

"I said I'm fine. I just want my clothes so I can leave." Bonnie demanded.

"Bonnie, if you do leave after getting your clothes, where do you intend to sleep?"

Bonnie simply shot Ronald a dirty look as if to say it was none of his business.

"Look I'm not asking to be nosy, but you look exhausted, like you haven't had a good night's sleep in a while. Why don't you stay here and get a good night's sleep tonight?"

"See, I knew you were going to bring that up!" Bonnie accused. "Next you'll be offering that I sleep in your bed."

"No I was going to offer you the couch. It must be comfy enough since you already feel asleep on it."

Bonnie sat there for a moment and considered his offer before answering, "Sorry Ronald, but I just don't trust you, so I would rather not sleep here."

"Oh, how about you sleep in my bed then?"

"See I knew it. You mean are all pigs." Bonnie retorted.

Ronald let out a sigh, "Ok bad choice of words. How about you sleep in my bed and I will sleep out here on the couch?"

Bonnie opened her mouth to say no but then a thought occurred to her. Ronald's bed room locked from the inside. That meant that he couldn't get in. That meant that she could sleep soundly, and safely. Bonnie was about to give her answer when a large yawn escaped from her mouth.

"I'll take that as a yes." Ronald said with his usually lop sided grin.

"Ok, I'll accept your offer. But I want you to stand over in that corner while I walk there." Bonnie said as she pointed to the far end of the room.

"Bonnie, do you really not trust me that much? Was it something I did to you in high school?" Ronald asked as he moved to the far end of the room.

"It's not you Ronald, I just don't trust anyone." Bonnie said as she walked in to the bedroom and proceeded to lock the door.

Ronald stared at the door for several seconds before he uttered, "Good night Bonnie. I hope someday you will trust me."