Hello everybody. I´m back now. With a new Bill Nye the Science Guy fanfiction. In this story, a group of fangirls founding BNtSG and kidnapping him. I hope you like it. Now we begin with Chapter 1. Here it goes:

Title: Bill Nye and the crazy fangirls

It is Friday. In Seatlle, Bill Nye the science guy is walking to Nye Labs. On this day, he is going to shoot the episode about magnetism. Actually. He is very excited. He had made many episodes and it seems that the stage-fright is never going away. But Bill didn´t feel very well on this Friday. He noticed something bad is going to happen. Maybe he would came too late to work. Maybe? He just has a bad feeling since he wake up this morning.

He is standing on a crossroad, looking at the bending cars. One car stopped and Bill goes over the street to the other walkway.

Far away, he saw a group of girls standing there. There were five girls, maybe 17 or 18 years old. It looked like they´re looking for something. Now Bill was 25 miles away and suddenly he noticed a girl turned around and screamed Bill´s name.


"Who?" screamed another girl.

The first girl pointed towards Bill Nye.

"There! Can you see him?"

"Oh yeah, that´s really Bill. You´re re right", said Sophie, the leader of the group. She is knowing so much about the science guy and has a secret crush on him. "Ok, you four. You know what we should do now. GET HIM!"

The five fangirls started to scream loudly. They allocated and run towards Bill. They passed a few walker who shooked her heads as they saw the group.

"Oh my god", cried the scientist. He began to run, but the girls are faster than him. He felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Sophies hand.

"I touched him!" She smiled. "I never wash this hand."

The other four girls reached the science guy and nearly bumped into him. The five are all around Bill, because they´re afraid that Bill can escape and they won´t never see him again.

"SCIENCE RULES!" screamed Emily, the youngest girl. She was seventeen.

"BILL! BILL! BILL!" all sang in a choir.

"What are you want from me?" Bill asked nervously. He can´t understand why this must happen on the last day of the week. He just want to go to Nye Labs and then home to have weekend.

A blond girl brushed her fingers over Bill´s cheekbone. Her name is Kate. He shrugged under the touch of her cold fingers.

"We just want you", Kate breathed into his ear.

Bill tried to lift his hand. He wanted to slap that blond girl right in the face. Emily grabbed his arm.

"Calm down, Bill", Emily said. "First, we must bring him to another place as here on the street. Sophie, what should we do now?"

The leader hesitated a moment. "I know where we could bring him. Come, get him to my house. He could sleeping in my bedroom." She grinned at Bill. "Isn,t that cool, Bill?"

"No, please, I must go to Nye labs. Because of you five I come too late. Get your hands off of me! No!"

He dragged him over the street towards Sophies house. And the next days, the people of the town Seattle, didn´t say him.