Story title: Bill Nye and the crazy fangirls

Chapter 5: In Bill´s lab

Rating: NC-17

Bill and Sophie finally have sex. If you don´t like it, don´t read. I warned you.

Word count: 1106 words

Location: Nye Labs

Sophie and Bill entered the Nye Labs quickly.

"This is my lab", Bill said and lifting his arms. "It´s pretty cool."

Sophie looked around, noticing each corner was cluttered with things he used for the science experiments. And suddenly saw the skeleton he used in one of his shows.

"Every time when I saw this skeleton", Sophie began to speak ,"I must laughing so hard I can´t breath."

Bill smiled. "That´s nice. I don´t know that you like him so much." They smirked to each other.

"But now Bill, I don´t want to open a long conversation with you. Just one question. Where should we do it? Floor or desk?"

"What?" Bill asked her, not expecting those question. "Err… I know what you mean. You must know the answer. You daydreamed of it. Think, Sophie."

Sophie put a hand to her cheek. "Yes, you´re right. Sorry, I forget. It´s my fault to asking stupid questions I know."

"It´s okay. Can it be that you´re nervous?"

Sophie nodded. "Yes, that´s true. We both have sex for the first time. My wish is to starting slowly. I want an copious foreplay and not a quickie. No one of us make ever sexual experiences. We have nothing to do, Bill. We can do it slowly. It is Friday. That means it is weekend. I want to stay here the night. Please?"

"You can rest here the whole weekend if you want. I´m not against it."

Sophie smiled. "Really? Oh thank you, Bill." Sophie hugged him tightly and sliding one hand to his neck. She looked him deep in his eyes, approaching his face and kissed him on the mouth.

He enjoyed every kiss Sophie gave him and rejoin it with a little nip on her lips. He moved his lips to her throat and painting his tongue over her soft skin.

"Oh Bill, yes. That is good", Sophie breathed, grabbed his bony, thin wrists and placed it on her breast. He nearly backed down his hands from her, because the feeling of her breast under his fingers is new for him.

"Don´t be so afraid. Everything is okay."

"I don´t know what to do", Bill said sheepishly and he blushed a little. "Sorry."

"Bill", Sophie smiled toward him. "It´s okay. And when you make a fault it´s not bad for me. It´s just sex. Relax and breathe deeply. It all would be great. Believe me. Don´t be shy. Just do it."

He touching Sophies breast harder, make her to gasp and before she could say a word he bent forward and kissing her hard. She hardly believe she felt the tip of his tongue on his lips. She opened his mouth and pushed her tongue into his mouth. And then she felt Bill´s growing erection at her abdomen. She sliding her hands down to his hips and gently touching his ass.

"You have a nice backside. It feel so hot."

"Umm, yeah", Bill just said and noticing one of her hands grasping his erection through his pants.

"Ah, Sophie", he gasped. He felt her fingers moving around his cock and he become more and more aroused. Now she know the way to seduce him. "Bill, you love science experiments, right? Can we call sex as a experiment?"

"You have questions, Sophie. I would say yes. I love doing experiments in my lab."

Sophie grinned at him. "Let´s make a smutty experiment", she whispered with pure lust in her voice. She is standing ahead of him and pulled her tee shirt over his head and bashing it onto the floor. Then she opened her shoes, kicking them away with her feet and pulled her pants down.

Bill´s eyes went wide as he saw her standing forward of him. Sophie was just wearing her bra and panties, both dark red. He felt very dizzy from this sight. And if they don´t do it now, he would cum into his pants shortly.

"I think you need my help", she said and opening his pants. Sophie ever wondered how long his cock would be. Her hand dipped under the waistband, grasped his cock carefully and tugging it out. She let her fingertips withdraw over his erection. She smiled.

"Your cock feels the same like in one of my dreams I had for a week in the night. That´s so great."

"My cock of science is great, too", Bill said. Sophie lovingly help him to put him down and sitting herself onto his hips. She beginning to stroke him, moving her right hand up and down on him, carrying him to groan.

"Please, Sophie, I want you. It´s enough, I´m hard all the time. I can´t wait no longer."

"I know", she said, brushing a finger over the head of his erection. Then she shifting her hand away. She grabbed Bill´s hand and guiding it down on herself and sensing one of his fingers touching her clitoris.

"Oh yes, Bill", Sophie cried out loud as he stroked here there. "Please, I need you. Do it now!"

She grabbed his cock, positioning herself over him and moved down on him. Bill groaned hearable and she lie on him now. Bill felt her around his cock. It was a wonderful and good feeling. It was just amazing for him.

Sophie clenched her fingers at his coat as she let her body moving up and down on him. She biting onto his bow-tie, noticing that she was close to orgasm. "Oh, yes, Bill, ahh, you are so hot. I´m coming, Bill!"

She thrusting harder, breathing deep in and out.

"Sophie, ohh… I love you! Don´t stop!" Bill moaned. He was close, too.

"Bill, Bill, BILL", Sophie moaned, as she came, feeling Bill´s warm seed flowing into her, filling her.

Bill breathed heavily. He was very exhausted, cold sweat dripping down the side of his head. He pulled out of her and a few seconds later Sophie falling down herself next to him. She wrapped her arms around him, looking very satisfied.

"That was good, Bill. Do you think the same?"

"Yes. I want to do it again, but I´m very tired", he said and yawning.

"Have you incidentally a blanket here?"

"There must be a blanket on the desk. You can look there."

As she searched for the blanket he pulled his pants up, noticing now his lab coat and pants were messy and stained with his seed.

"I found it!" Sohie said loud, coming towards him with the blanket. She dragged it over them both and resting her head on his chest. She heard his heart beating and falling asleep a minute later.