Author Notes:

Hey everyone I know I don't own any of these stories, but everone wishes they could but sdly only Stephanie can. Well I hope you like this its my very first and I know that its short but I do hope you will enjoy. I write very fast so almost everyday I will try to publish if not dont fret I will put a notice up as soon as I can it may be a notice on a chapter or a notice chapter telling why I can't publish so I do hope you enjoy it all!

The Dreamer

Leah P.O.V

"Yes I know what happens when one disobeys the treaty dad."I snapped

"Good then you know what we must do right?" he smiled misheviously

"Yes father I know" I was scared but wasn't showing it but that wasn't what I was concerned about it was the fact that why my own father seemed to be enjoying the fact that he was giving me the punishment.

"Whats wrong with you?"he snapped "I'm giving you the worst punishment of your life, but yet you still call me your dad, your father, and you also look calm. I must not scare you, it doesn't bother me that I don't but still you are gonna go through with this?" He was so close, I could probably kick him, but even a kid knows that you can't get out of chains, faster than a man who got kicked. I sat there listing to the steps he took, the things he moved. I can't see in here the room is dark, but I can see that he has night vision goggles.

"I will never be afraid of the punishment I must get for my actions, but now I see that they were for righteousness and not for evil. So give it your best." I am suprised by my confidence normally I'd been quite and took what I got, but not this time.

"You worthless piece of crap me and your mom gave you everything, but no you had to break the rules of the treaty." he was pissed I knew it, but I couldn't rap my finger around this picture it look wrong. I know I'm about to get the punishment but here I am trying to figure out what is wrong here. He was screaming, but that didn't bother me but what he said next did. "Don't you dare say what you did was right! You broke the rules so now I'm gonna break your bones! Finally your gonna get what you diserved since your bratty butt was born! Mwhahahahaha!" He sounded evil like I didn't even know who this man, who happened to give birth to me, even was anymore.

I barely saw him coming at me with a spear and a whip. I wanted to scream in agony but I couldn't. Then it hit me why this place was wrong. This was our basement the one me and Seth played Super Sluethes. The things were all rearanged. The photos of the family were supposed to be by Seth's favorite baseball bat. The tools were every which way. What was really happening?

"Leah, wake up sleepy head. I made waffles." The voice was kind and lurring me from my sleep. " Okay, save me some..." I muffled then they screamed "Get up and get your own breakfast Leah. No more breakfast in bed!" I jumped up "Hahaha that did the trick now look outside and tell me watta ya see?" I Looked out the window "Noway it snowed last night!" I was excited we loved the snow expecially when it was deep. "Yep 10in. not as much as last years 11in. but its close enough." "Wow this makes my dream so much better" I muttered.

"What dream sis?" My brother asked so understanding. He was a great listner and I was happy for the girl who would snap him up as mom liked to say. "Well it wasn't like the others." For some reason I started to cry. I needed to tell him. "We were in the basement." I said "Me and you sis?' He was confused but then again I hadn't gaven him anything to understand. "No me and dad. It was funny at first, but then it got serious." I Was still crying while I spoke to my brother.

I wanted to change the subject so badly. "What was it about?" he spoke so calm so patient. I wanted to hug him and tell him he didn't have to stay and listen to me babble on about my nightmare. "Well I was out running and I phased feeling my fur rustling in the wind. Then I smelled something wrong. I ran to the direction were the feeling got worse. The suddenly Vampires surrounded me every where. I was in defese mode." I was trying my best to remember all of it. "Whoa there were vampires all around you?" He was amazed by vampires. He knew we could phase and stuff. Even though he couldn't yet. He was older than me but yet I got the luck and changed sooner.

"Ya, anyways I said "I'm just out for a run. So let me by and I won't hurt you." They snarled at me and said "Noway Benny its a girl wolf. Lets see were is your pack?" "I'm not the leader but I'm out by myself." They all looked hungry. "Hahaha this makes it sooo much easier." They all agreed to what the tallest said. "Then I'll just have to make up my time after I'm done with you bloodsucking creatures." They all were soo graceful as they ponced. I destroyed three on my own then I noticed my pack members were coming this way with dad with them. "No I yelled get him outta here!" They came anyways. Dad grabed me and the rest of the pack destroyed them. "What the H*** were you f****** thinking? You could of got killed!" He was pissed sooo pissed." "Wow sis that sucks."

"Ya I Know Seth. Ya but it gets worse..." I said shamefully "Then the rest of the pack said "Henry, she passed the line when she killed them." "What in the h*** were you thinking? Huh? Now that you broke the rules your gonna have to get it, the punishment." I couldn't go on any more it was to shameful. "Its ok sis, I'm here for ya." He said it nice and huged me. Why did my brother have to be so nice? I guess my life wouldn't be the same without a funny understanding brother.

"Thanks Seth but i think we better go eat those yummy waffles you made." I was trying to be calm and funny. "okay but then we go sledding and a snowball fight." he was excited with this snow. We literally loved it all the way. "Are you sure you wanna get your but whiped ina snowball fight?" We loved saying smack talk. He knew we would get into a big thing and in the end I would win. "Oh your not gonna win this time sis I got that covered." He grinned misteveously at me. "Noway Seth Clearwater you better tell me what you did!" I chased him around for awhile but he never budged.