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Jacob P.O.V

I was in the forest when I felt another wolf come on. I listened in to their conversations. Making sure not to think of anything that would get me caught. Was that Seth? Yes it was Seth. So Seth was now a wolf. He had finally phased.

I kept listening to what was going on. I heard Seth say Leah had dreams and sometimes they came true. Then it hit me. My Leah. No my used to be Leah. She was a Dreamer. They were rare. I had a Dreamer with me for so long and I didn't even know it.

Dreamers are very rare. I had let my Dreamer slip through my fingers. They were barely here anymore especially in LaPush. Since out pack has the dreamer. We will be the strongest. She will have different dreams of different things.

It shamed me to remember when me and Leah talked, walked, and ate together. If I had taken over as alpha and had Leah then we would be the strongest couple together. The best. I had jumped up when I heard exactly what they were talking about. Vampires. Seth had put down a Vampire. I was ready to race but I stayed. I looked at the picture Seth was showing them. The vampire was definitely Victoria.

I then remembered that Bella was coming home. I raced home in wolf form. I got near the house and unphased. I grab some clothes and ran inside to have old Billy Black tell me that Bella had called and was coming early. I jumped in joy. I decided that I would catch some sleep before tomorrow. I wanted to see Bella so bad. I grabbed the blanket which had been thrown over the side.

I laid down and relaxed. I didn't fall asleep instantly but I did rest. I got up because I didn't feel right. What this feeling was… was weird. I had never felt like this before. I grabbed my shoes. I took a long look. These were the shoes that I had since I first phased.

It didn't surprise me. That the shoes still fit. I had stopped growing. I wasn't taller, shorter, fatter, skinner or anything. I still had the same big feet everyone picked on me about. I put them on before I got the urge to measure my feet size. I grabbed a baggie and headed to the outside realm. I thought about taking the car but then decided to run to the airport.

I undressed and put them into the baggie which I didn't realize till now that it was tied around my ankle. I stuffed them into the baggie which had a big loop so it would fit my wolf. I grabbed on to a tree. I started climbing up it. I was going to jump and phase it was a lot of fun. I was at the top. I had a pretty clear area to jump. I got in jumping position when I heard snickers.

No not the candy kind. I turned around. There were some bloodsuckers. I phased. I knew I had to do this fast so I could pick up Bells. I growled at them. Which made them snicker louder. I jumped at them. The stronger one moved back. His hand was at his face. He held it down. He thought he fooled me. He looked up with a smile. There were like tiny fingers going through what I was thinking.

Get out of here you mind reading tape worm-Jake

"Haha you're just lucky enough for me to be in there!" The brown haired pixie said.

Then I jumped at them. They just laughed and ran away. I couldn't believe that there were so many vampires here now. I ran to the airport to see Bells walking out of the plane on her phone. She was gorgeous. I turned around to find better coverage. I went deeper into the woods to see a heavy covered place. I grabbed my bag with my teeth.

The straps unwinded and I sat then to the side. I sniffed to see what might be around. Nothing but squirrels, raccoons, skunks etcetera. The wind had picked up. The leaves were blowing like a leaf blower was on them. I unphased. Then the strong winds started to push me back. I looked for my bag. Gone.

I rephrased. Then I went looking. I found my clothes and unphased fast. It was hard to get dressed without moving away. I finally got dressed and ran to the direction of the airport. I started to worry. I knew the airport wasn't too far ahead of me. I started to phase then realized I would lose my clothes.

I kept walking in the same direction. I felt lost, stupid, and lonely. I forgot my phone so now I was officially lost. I grabbed onto my pants. I felt them slipping. I felt something. Then when I was reaching for it I felt The same weird feeling I had earlier. I knew what it had to be. Leah was imprinting. People say it's rare for this to happen. I thought me and Leah would makeup and go back to before without Bella.

If I could help it. I sat down. This felt all too familiar. I then remembered that I had felt this earlier. It was the feeling I never wanted. I bolted up. I knew that no matter what I wanted I could never have Leah. I started to wonder who Leah had imprinted with?

Embry? Maybe. Jared? No way He has Kim. Can't be Sam, Seth or Paul. Could be Quil. Maybe the Twins. So here is my list of wolfs capable too imprint with Leah.

Embry Call

Quil Ateara



They are the ones who might be imprinted with Leah. I really didn't have time to go pick up Bells so I just started to run back the house. I heard murmuring so I backed up. The ugly Vampires who showed their faces just a bit ago were back. They snickered a lot. They saw me looking at them. They ran at me with speed I had felt. They both leaped at me…

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