Hey guys! Well, I have to say I have written a lot of Twilight stories and a Glee story. But theres something else I love. HARRY FREAKIN POTTER!:D So here is my Ron/ Hermione Fanfic.

The warm Australia air was breezing, and the sky was dim. Everything was quite and serene, Mr. and Mrs. Granger had just gotten home from a quick run from the supermarket. Mr. Granger sat in the living room, as Mrs. Granger was in the kitchen making tea.

She was making Mr. Granger's favorite, green tea.

"Are you almost done, love?" He called out.

"One moment dear." She gave the tea a couple more stirs, and retreated to the parlor. "Here you are dear." She handed him the hot tea.

"Thank you."

At the blink of an eye, the lights gave out. "What the-" Before he could finish, the lights turned on. Followed by the doorbell. Mrs. Granger stood up with a jolt.

As she made her way towards the door, she noticed a cold feeling in the air. A feeling of uncertainty. It rang again.

"Coming." Mrs. Granger announced.

As she opened the door, blackness took full effect.


I know, not the best. But trust me it will be better!


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