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Black*Star POV


That was what I saw, all I could see. That was the color that stood out so starkly, so vibrantly, with such a horrid beauty against the dullness of wet ground and grey sky. That was what first grabbed my attention. The sight made me glance over, lose focus, just for a moment. Just for one very small fraction of a second.

And that was plenty of time for me to witness my world being shattered like a bullet colliding with glass.

And it was also enough for me to realize that it was entirely my doing.


What a stupid, sickening color.

The color of hatred, of war.

Red, the color of blood.

3rd-person POV

"Come on, Tsubaki!" The blue-haired shinobi strode out in front of his partner, boldly leading the way. The white scarf wrapped around his neck, the one he'd gotten after joining the elite unit Spartoi, flapped behind him with every step. He seemed to radiate even more foolhardy confidence than usual—if that was possible. "You know we've had harder missions than this before! What's the apprehension about?"

Said girl flinched at this. It was true, there had been more difficult missions. And they'd easily prevailed in the past. Now, though, it was different. She knew this was true; he was still blissfully unaware.

"Y-yes…" she muttered in reluctant agreement. She couldn't let him know—at least not yet, she couldn't tell him. "But don't you think we should at least ask Shinigami-sama before we take this thing on?"

Black*Star laughed out loud and shook his head at her. "He'll be much more impressed when we surprise him with our witch's soul. I'll bet he'll finally admit to my surpassing him!" He paused and turned to look into his partners indigo eyes. A smirk appeared on his face, one that just barely revealed the soft spot he held for his weapon. "And then you'll finally become a Death Scythe."

Tsubaki returned his grin with a small, warm one of her own. "Right," she replied convincingly enough. But just as she did—there, it had come back again. The relentless pounding and throbbing in within her skull quickly escalated into sharp pains, like a knife penetrating deeper and deeper into her with every shaky breath she took. The pangs began to spread throughout her body like a snake's venom, using her veins and arteries as highways. She instinctively clutched her head, as though she could also somehow grab the soreness that racked her.

Black*Star had by this time gotten a ways ahead of her, not noticing that she had come to a halt behind him until now. He looked over his shoulder just after she noticed him doing so. Hastily she straightened and ran her fingers through her ebony hair.

He didn't quite buy it, casting a suspicious glance her way. "What's the matter?" he questioned, knowing fully that she would downplay whatever physical pain she was suffering and push it away. She was strong in that regard.

As expected, she gave her usual response. "It's just a headache," she said brightly, ignoring the discomfort that still had not left her. She stepped over to her Meister, who was still eyeing her carefully.

Her smile grew broader. "Lead the way."

He stared at her for a moment longer, then let out a sigh. He knew he wasn't going to get any sort of real answer out of her, no matter how much he prodded. Besides, if they didn't hurry they'd never make it to the train station on time. "Alright then, let's go." He took off at a run, and she quickly followed.

He would surpass the gods…he'd make sure of it.

Why hasn't the pain subsided by now? The ninja girl thought this as she raced to keep up with her energetic partner. It's never lasted this long before.

She refused to reveal the fact that every time her feet slammed the down onto the hard, cold sidewalk, it was a test of her endurance. Every time she so much as moved, it seemed, an electric shock would coarse through her. Something was wrong—it had never been this intense since she'd first experienced it two months ago. Should she tell Black*Star?

No, she told herself silently, fiercely. He'd never be able to do anything about it anyway. We're so close…I can't allow this to hold us back. She knew that once she became a Death Scythe, the force that was causing this agony would be overpowered by her soul wavelength. All they needed was this witch's soul. She looked at her partner as they both slid to a stop in front of the train.

…I won't let it beat me.

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