Loyce Plummer had never been a very talkative person, even less so than her twin, Seth.

She preferred her comics and graphic novels to making conversation.

In fact, Loyce had been reading 'The Killing Joke' when they were given the news.

Ironic, that she was reading the story of a man's one bad day when her own had just arrived…

All Loyce could do was stare at her mother in disbelief, deaf to her older sister's shouted denial as the information short-circuited her very being.

Howard Plummer was dead.

After my dad died, it felt like there wasn't any reason for me to talk anymore.

What could I say?

It wasn't like my voice was going to magically fix everything.

Opening my mouth would be like opening Pandora's box, and I have no idea what would come out.

Now if everyone else would just figure that out and leave me alone...