24 in 24
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

So this is my second multi-chaptered 'Total Drama' story, and hey, maybe you'll like this one as much fun as the first... that being "Total Drama Fantasy." This isn't a sequel to "Fantasy" (though I am debating whether or not to do one). This one's gonna be more drama than comedy... though there'll hopefully be plenty to keep your funny bones satisfied.

Bridgette is the lead here, and she's another one of my favorite characters. So again, this should be fun.

I'm also using this story to experiment with shorter chapters once again. In the old days, I averaged 40 KB. When I resumed writing last year, I shot for 20 KB. Now I'm halving it again to 10 KB. You know, with shorter attention spans these days... gotta get to the point quicker. I'm hoping this won't sacrifice quality, but given I'm trying to write a few weeks ahead of schedule again, it'll work out. Until said schedule catches up with me...

But enough babbling from me! Story start!

Disclaimer: The characters of the 'Total Drama' series belong to Fresh TV, Inc., Teletoon, and Cartoon Network, not me.

Warning: This chapter contains suggestive sexual dialogue.

Chapter One - The Night She'll Never Forget (01.24.11)

"So... which one should I go for?"

Bridgette was rummaging through her closet, tossing undesirable outfits over her head and onto her bedroom floor.

"The green one's too Christmas-y," she said aloud as she sounded off each of her choices. "The sky blue one is my fave, but it's the one Geoff saw me in when I had to apologize to him. The red one is smokin'... but maybe it shows a bit too much cleavage? And I'm pretty sure I can't pull off the 'little black dress'... and I have NO idea what I was thinkin' when I bought that one!"

It wasn't immediately clear if Bridgette was talking to herself or not, until she walked away from the closet and back to the pile of dresses she had created behind her. It turns out she was talking on her cell phone, which was sandwiched between her right ear and right shoulder. But as she picked up the blue and red dresses again, she froze temporarily, as she tried to focus on what the person on the other end was saying to her.

"Wait," Bridgette spoke up. "I'm gonna have to put you on speaker. I can't understand a word you're saying."

She reached up and moved her phone to the top of her bed. She then pressed the speaker button, and a familiar voice rang out from it.

"Not like I have better things to do... but why are you calling ME for dating advice, gurl?"

"LeShawna," Bridgette identified the caller. "I usually girl-chat with Gwen... but we're kinda not speaking to each other... right... now."

She said those last three words very slowly, as she was reminded of the reason why she was keeping her distance from her best friend from the show. But she couldn't let that keep her down for more than a few seconds. After all, the biggest night of her life was ahead of her, one she had been anticipating for weeks.

"So," LeShawna's voice snapped Bridgette back to reality. "you're actually thinkin' about doin' it?"


Bridgette ran back into the closet, but she could still hear LeShawna talking aloud.

"I know you two are totally into each other, but now you wanna be IN each other? You sure your head's on straight? Did you actually take the time to THINK about the consequences of taking the plunge?"

"Yes, Mom," Bridgette joked as she emerged, holding a strapless sparkling silver dress.

"Really? Really REALLY?"

"I'm well aware of the health hazards. I had to sit through two weeks of sex education in health class, just like everyone else."

"Alright," LeShawna eased up. "It sounds like you know what you're doing."

"Yeah. Still..."

Bridgette's confidence was beginning to waver...

"I'm so nervous. This is what both of us want. But..."

She sat down on her bed, her mile running a mile a minute as she played out her first night alone with Geoff in her mind. She didn't need LeShawna to remind her of what bad things could result from their first night of intimacy. She had been thinking about them virtually every second since they agreed to do it. She knew that her life, as well as Geoff's, would change the moment they hopped into the same bed together. For better or worse.

She knew the risks were great, but the reward was going to be worth it. If her anxiety did not talk her out of it first.

"I'm pretty sure you're gonna ignore me if I tell you point blank to NOT do this at all," LeShawna stated, drawing Bridgette's attention. "So here's what I want ya'll to do."

Bridgette leaned in over her phone as LeShawna gave her advice.

"When it's time for you two to get it on, I want you to ask yourself, out loud, do I wanna do this? Then ask Geoff the same question! If both of you can't say yes without any hesitation or second thoughts, back out! Once you lose your virginity, it gone forever, girlfriend! That's a fact!"

"Okay," Bridgette complied to LeShawna's request. "I promise to walk away if we can't commit."

"That's all I ask, girl. You two lovebirds are definitely meant for each other... but that doesn't mean you gotta be rabbits! Be safe!"

"Speaking of safe," Bridgette suddenly remembered, "I still need to pick up some... protection."

"Say no more! I'll let ya finish prettying yourself up! Let me know how it goes, sugar!"

"I will! Thanks!"

Three hours later, a taxi cab pulled up to a fancy restaurant downtown. After a few seconds, the passenger door swung open, and Bridgette swung her legs out onto the sidewalk. She then used her arms to pull the rest of her body up and out.

"Thank you!" she exclaimed, waving farewell to the driver.

The taxi pulled away, and Bridgette, wearing the silver dress, which fit snugly to her hourglass figure. It was loose enough that it did leave a little to the imagination, but simultaneously tight enough that the only way she could walk was to put one foot directly in front of the other. She wasn't helping her mobility by also wearing three-inch topaz-colored high heeled shoes, but on this night, looking her best was more important than being comfortable.

Until she got to the sex part. But that was still hours away.

As per usual for high-class functions, she had her long, blonde locks tied up in a bun. To complete the outfit, she was wearing cute, pin-sized sapphire earrings and a small hand-held, strapless blue purse, which she had pinned against her left thigh with her left hand as she walked for the door.

But as stunning as Bridgette thought she looked, even she didn't expect the open-jawed stares she got as she walked into the waiting area of the restaurant. From both the workers and the other diners.

"My boyfriend has a reservation," Bridgette said, speaking to the female hostess, who was only a few years older than her and was amazed by the beautiful girl in front of her. "For two, under Geoff."

"Your boyfriend must be the luckiest guy in the world," the hostess said with a smile.

She then motioned for one of her co-workers, a male the same age as her, to show Bridgette to her table.

"He will be after tonight," Bridgette replied, with a nod and a wink.

As she was shown the way, she felt her purse vibrating. Or, rather, her cell phone, which was inside of it. She pulled her phone out and smiled as the caller ID displayed Geoff's name.

"Hey, Sweetie!" cooed Bridgette. "I just got here... the restaurant is unbelievable! It's everything you said it'd be!"

She went quiet for a few seconds as Geoff talked on the other end. She continued to listen as she arrived at the table the two of them would be eating at, and took a moment to compliment the host as he pulled the seat out for her and then push her in.

"Okay," she said after awhile, "we need to stop! Not another word until you're sitting here across from me!"

"Your wish is my command, Bridgey Bear! Be there in ten!"

With that, Geoff hung up. Bridgette returned her phone to her purse, then took a deep breath as she tried to calm her nerves. The host had left the menu for her to think about what she was going to get, but she wasn't in a rush to satisfy her stomach.

She instead decided to satisfy her curiosity, as she started looking around the room at the other diners near her. Her ears quickly picked up on a conversation between three 40-something women, dressed up as if they were at a country club. Not that it was hard to listen in... they were talking loud enough for everyone in that section of the restaurant to hear them clearly.

And they seemed to be chatting about a topic Bridgette knew a lot about. Although she was content to just listen instead of chiming in.

"Did you see the looks on our girls' faces when they got in line at that bookstore?" one of them asked the other two.

"Indeed," one of them agreed. "Ah, to be young, and fawn over cute boys who steal your hearts through song."

"Aye," added the third. "We had our New Kids, they have their Drama Brothers. Yep... there's always a boy band there to reduce teenage girls to mush."

"It's like a rite of passage," recalled the first. "It's part of growing up..."

Bridgette smiled dreamily as she imagined the Drama Brothers being constantly surrounded by girls. Justin, Trent, Harold, and Cody, having all their fantasies come true before their eyes. Particularly Cody, who had the majority of the ladies around him.

"Heh," Bridgette chuckled lightly, "even in my thoughts, Cody thinks he's a ladies' man."

She placed her purse on the table and rummaged through it. Given its small size, it did not take long for her to find what she was looking for. It was a newspaper clipping advertising a book signing for the Drama Brothers, going on at that exact moment at a bookstore about 15 blocks west of where Bridgette was.

"Sorry," she apologized to the 'boys' in her mind. "I did wanna come out and support you. But..."

She put the clipping back inside her purse, brushing against a small box with the back of her right hand as she did.

"I've already got the rest of my night planned out. And it's gonna be the best night EVER!"

To be continued...