24 in 24
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

And now, the long-awaited conclusion, presented completely uncut...

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Chapter Seventeen - Collection, Complete? - Part 2 (05.23.11)

The 'masked' Blaineley was ready to execute Bridgette, who had been strapped into an electric chair against her will. Bridgette begged for mercy with her eyes, but Blaineley had no intention of straying from her evil intentions.

Blaineley used one swift motion to pull the activation lever down, and Bridgette closed her eyes, waiting for a lethal amount of electricity to suddenly be jolted into her body.

But after a few seconds, she reopened her peepers, none worse for the wear.


She thought Blaineley had spared her, but as she glanced over to the former gossip show host, Blaineley had not relented at all. In fact, she was rapidly pushing and pulling the lever back up and down, attempting to get the electricity flowing. But it was no use.

"Damn it all!" she cursed, stomping her foot in disgust. "This wretched old place! Fuse must have broken."

Blaineley walked over and petted Bridgette on the head, in a demeaning fashion.

"Looks like you get to live for a few more minutes, kiddo!"

"She'll get to live a lot longer than that if we have our say!" a defiant male voice declared from afar.

Both blondes turned towards the door, and they saw Noah and Ezekiel standing there. Noah had a determined scowl on his face, while Ezekiel was foaming at the mouth as if he was ready to tear somebody limb from limb. Bridgette was delighted to see them, though Blaineley could not say the same.

"How did... that's the last time I employ Chris' useless inter-"

"AAAAAAHHHH!" Noah and Ezekiel screamed as they charged forward.


Both guys leaped forward at Blaineley, tackling her and knocking her to the ground. The back of her head hit the concrete floor, and the impact was hard enough to knock her unconscious instantly. The boys stayed on top of her body long enough to make sure she had been knocked out - and for Ezekiel to generate a small puddle of drool on Blaineley's stomach - before Noah got up and pulled Ezekiel up with him.

"Am I glad to see you guys!" exclaimed Bridgette as the duo came to her side.

Ezekiel went to work breaking the metal restraints. First, the two on her wrists, and then the one around her ankles. Meanwhile, Noah lifted the helmet off of the top of Bridgette's head. Once she was completely free, she stood up and gave both of them a peck on the cheek. Ezekiel reacted to his by fainting on the spot, while Noah just stood there in stunned silent, reaching up to where Bridgette had kissed him after a few seconds.

"Gee," chuckled Bridgette, "you guys are acting as if you've never been kissed by a girl before."

Noah's face flushed a bright red.

"That's ridiculous! Of course I've been kissed before!"

The duo then looked down to see what Ezekiel's excuse would be, but he was still in dream world, twitching as if he was a dog who was happily on the receiving end of a belly rub.

"In all seriousness," Bridgette said, turning to Noah. "If there's ANYTHING I can do to repay you..."

"Well," Noah coyly recalled, "you DID say you wanted to spend some time to get to know me."

"Of course, Noah! Just the name the time and place and..."


Bridgette squealed with glee upon hearing her boyfriend's voice. She ran over to Geoff and jumped up into his waiting arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist for support, and the two lovebirds looked longingly into each others' eyes.

"I was so worried I wasn't gonna make it, babe!" Geoff told her.

"I was so worried I wouldn't be able to save you, pooky!" Bridgette said in response.

The two then leaned in and began an impromptu make-out session right on the spot. Noah frowned in disbelief as Sierra and Cody walked into the room, the former closing the door behind her. The duo headed over to Noah and Ezekiel, who had finally came out of his stupor, as they passed by the kissing couple.

"That kinda gives me an idea..." Sierra thought out loud, before staring suggestively at Cody.

"Oh, c'mon!" argued Cody. "I just survived twenty-some hours of captivity! You can't give me five minutes to relish my freedom!"

Sierra pulled out an egg timer, set it for five minutes, and placed it on the right arm of the electric chair.

"I didn't mean LITERALLY!"

"Ugh," Noah grumbled as he pulled Ezekiel off the ground. "what's a guy got to do to get THAT kind of action."

"Yeah!" Ezekiel agreed.

"We saved her from the brink of death and we get a peck on the cheek. Geoff spends almost an entire day in a cage and she's two seconds from stripping down to her birthday suit for him."


"Sometimes it makes me wish I wasn't straight."

"Yeah... huh?"

Ezekiel had a confused look on his face as he stared at Noah.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"You're into boys, eh?"


"Pfft. Whatever, eh!"

In the midst of the celebration, though, Blaineley had come to. She had gotten up, and was halfway to the door before anyone had noticed her.

"The evil temptress is trying to escape!" Sierra shouted, pointing right at Blaineley.

"YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!" Blaineley yelled.

The yelling was enough to grab Geoff's and Bridgette's attentions, and they joined the others in trying to apprehend Blaineley.

"So long, suckers!" Blaineley told them as she reached for the knob.

She grabbed it and was about to turn it, when suddenly the door was kicked into her face! Blaineley was knocked to the ground a second time, though this time she stayed conscious as pain shot to the back of her head. Blaineley peeked over the top of the door, which was now lying flat on top of her, to see who was responsible.

"Yay! I'm helping!"

"IZZY?" everyone gasped, as they saw the crazy redhead in the doorway.

"That's my name!"

She then unclenched her fist and showed that she had four small electrical fuses in hand.

"I pulled these out of that little metal box down the hall," Izzy told them. "Hope they weren't for anything important!"

"Ohhh..." groaned Blaineley as she lowered her head back down.

Twenty minutes later, everyone was gathered outside. A gaggle of RCMP officers had converged on the site. Many were tasked with interviewing everyone in order to get the complete story of what had been transpired.

A squad car holding Chris' two rogue interns sped away, and the back door of another was being opened by one officer as two more brought the handcuffed Blaineley towards it. On the way to the car, though, Blaineley passed by Bridgette, Noah, Ezekiel, and Sierra.

"Wait a minute!" Blaineley exclaimed. "What about the two of THEM?"

She pointed to both Bridgette and Sierra.

"Is what she's saying true?" one of the officers asked Bridgette.

Bridgette stood there, shaking in fear. Even though she had been told to help Blaineley and her cronies, it was not like they threatened her with a weapon. She could have easily opted out of helping, and have gotten help. But she decided to assist Blaineley's plot in order to save Geoff, over the safety of the rest of her friends.

"Um... um..."

"C'mon," the officer pushed. "Is it true?"


Then, out of the blue, Noah came to her rescue.

"It's completely untrue, officer! Bridgette had NOTHING to do with these lowlifes."

Noah then turned to Sierra...

"And for that matter, neither does Sierra! They're both innocent victims, just like the rest of us!"

The officer stared into Noah's eyes, trying to discern if he was telling the truth. Eventually...

"They're clean. Blondie here's the last one!"

"WHAT?" screamed Blaineley. "They're obviously lying! Don't you see that?"

The officer snapped his fingers, as if recognizing who Blaineley was.

"Hey... aren't you Blaineley Stacey Andrews O'Halloran! You used to be on that show... 'Celebrity Manhunt!'"

"Yes! Are you a fan?"

He frowned.

"No. I HATED that show. You'd always make celebrities look bad. Put her in the car, boys!"

Blaineley was tossed into the back seat of the squad car. Before the door could get slammed behind her, she yelled back at Bridgette and the others.


Bridgette gulped, but her fear quickly went away when Noah and Ezekiel appeared on either side of her, with their comforting hands on her shoulders. Blaineley continued making threats, but none of them could be heard as the door was slammed shut and the driver was signaled to head off.

"She better not try and come after Bridge, eh!" Ezekiel proclaimed. "Else she'll have to deal with The Zeke!"

"That makes two of us," Noah told Bridgette. "We'll make sure she'll never lay a finger on you ever again."

"Thanks, guys! Again, I really appreciate it!"

"I appreciate you, too!" Sierra said, as she came up and squeezed Noah in a bear hug. "I'd offer to go out on a date with me as a reward, but my Cody-kins already has dibs on my jelly!"

"I'm sure he's beyond thrilled," deadpanned Noah.

Geoff walked up to the group, happy as can be.

"I'm clear to go!" he said.

"That's great!" shouted Bridgette.

"And I believe I owe a certain someone a date with all the fixings! Including a private after-party, if you catch my drift."

Bridgette giggled. "Geoff... not in front of everyone!"

"Hold on, eh!" Ezekiel jumped in. "I was promised three dates if I helped Bridge rescue you, eh! And I'm using one of them tonight!"

"Heh heh..." Bridgette chuckled nervously, "now's not the time..."

"Funny," Noah interjected, "because Bridgette promised me some time for us to get to know each other. Given I put in just as much work as the formerly-clinically-insane here, I deserve just as much alone time as he does."

Geoff looked miffed at Bridgette's so-called promises.

"Geoff! I can explain!"

But instead of getting angry... he laughed with glee.

"You were desperate enough that you offered up dates so the guys could help you? Bridge?"

"Yeah... ha! That's what I did!"

Geoff pushed Bridgette in-between Noah and Ezekiel.

"I've got no beef with a few harmless dates. Have at her, boys!"


"If that's the case," Noah said, putting his arm around Bridgette. "I get the first date!"

"You?" Ezekiel growled, pinching Noah's hand off of Bridgette. "I called first!"

"When did you do that?"

"When you were lounging around in Courtney's house, eh!"

"She's too good for you!"

"And she's too bad for you, eh!"

"That doesn't make any sense!"

"You don't make any sense!"

Bridgette slipped away as Noah and Ezekiel continued to argue amongst themselves. But as she kept both eyes on them, she ended up bumping right into Geoff, who was grinning from ear to ear.

"You were gonna LET them take me out?"

"I was having some fun, babe! Gimme this one... I spent almost an entire day in a dark room! And I lost my fave hat to boot!"

"Well," Bridgette smirked, "I'll forgive you if..."

Geoff patted his breast pocket. "A hands-on session in private? Done! Let's blow this place! But... are you sure you're ready?"

"Oh... after everything that's happened the last 24 hours... I'm ready for anything!"

The two shared a kiss, as Geoff held his hand in the air to signal a taxi to take them to somewhere where they could 'go all the way' in private. All the while, Noah and Ezekiel continued to argue, unaware that their dream girl had already left with her dream boy...

The End

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