Remember on The Last Wilderness that Ujurak hoped that the real Toklo would never hear about Teddy Bear Toklo? Well, watch what happens when Ujurak lets the cat out of the bag.

Disclaimer: I will never own Seeker Bears! It belongs to Erin Hunter! Plus, this is my first-ever Seekers solo FanFic.



(Ujurak, Kallik, Lusa, and Toklo are fishing at a stream)

Ujurak: Hey, Toklo?

Toklo: Yeah, Ujurak? What is it now?

Ujurak: (Shuffles his paws) Do you remember when the flat-faces took me away? You know, the ones with the black pelts that took me into that metal bird?

Lusa: I remember! We were so horrified when you were taken! We thought you were a goner!

Kallik: But it's thanks to those little wooden bears that the healer gave you that led us to you.

Ujurak: I hear ya. Anyways, of the other healers in the flat-face building took care of me and explained all the things that flat-faces do. They even have different items that we don't have!

Toklo: Like what? Flat-face food? 'Cause I've too much of it for a lifetime, thank you very much.

Ujurak: No! Not that! This! (Takes out Purple Toklo)

Kallik: (Stares at Purple Toklo) Ujurak...what in the name of the ice spirits is that thing?

Ujurak: It's a bear.

(Each bear looks at one another weirdly and step forward to sniff Purple Toklo. Each bear had their own exclamations.)

Lusa: Aww! It's so cute! They have some of these at the Bear Bowl!

Kallik: It is rather cute. But I think a real bear cub is cuter.

Toklo: (Angrily) That's not a bear! Bears aren't purple! They're supposed to be black or brown or white!

(Ujurak remembers himself thinking that. But he suddenly remembers something)

Ujurak: Oh yeah! Guess what I named it?

All three bears: What?

Ujurak: (Pauses) Um... (Pauses again) Um... (Pauses for the final time) Um...Toklo.

(All three bears gaze at Ujurak as if he had gone crazy. Then...Lusa and Kallik began laughing with amusement. Toklo, however, was super ticked off.)

Lusa: (Laughing) That is SO funny! I bet you were happy about that!

Kallik: I agree! I wish I was there to hear you say that! ...even if we couldn't understand flat-faces.

Toklo: (Roaring angrily) That's not funny, Ujurak! Imagine flat-faces finding out about my name! How could you name that little useless purple sack after me?

Ujurak: I figured that this bear could be brave to lead his friends along the journey, feeding his friends, and making sure everyone stuck together like moss on a tree. So I named him after that brave grizzly bear. And if any of us had cubs one day, we'd name that cub after you.

(Toklo stares at Kallik and Lusa, who nod at him, and he turns back to Ujurak, realizing who he was talking to.)

Toklo: Guys, I'm sorry. I've been acting like a cloud-brain. Ujurak, I'm glad that you named that...bear after me. Can...can I play with him?

Ujurak: (Nods happily) Sure!

(Toklo takes Purple Toklo and begins romping around with him.)

(A few hours later...)

Lusa: When is it gonna be MY turn to play with Purple Toklo?

Toklo: In a few minutes! (But it turns to hours...)



That's all. That'll make Toklo less grumpy and Ujurak happier.

See ya next time!