Earth Explanations

A/N: Okay my friends are very perverted so I'll post variations of their jokes on here because I want to xD. This is an actually thing one of them said while we were driving to Mc Donald's.

Chapter 1: Work It Harder (The beginning)

There were many things that confused poor Starfire of the Teen Titans, but for all of those there was me (her best friend), Robin, to explain them to her. But of course there were always thing that I didn't even want her thinking about but because she lived in a giant T with 4 other people, and 3 of them were boys (but only 2 of them were immature) she was bound to hear a perverted comment or joke.

In fact at this very moment she had that curious look (and what an adorable look it was) on her face because Cyborg had made a very perverted joke while they were listening to "Harder, better, faster, stronger" by Daft Punk.

Work it harder... do it faster... more than ever, our work is never over.

One line and Cyborg just had to use it to embarrass me and he did it only one sentence: "So you and Star must say a lot of that." And wait for it…

"Robin, what does Friend Cyborg mean?"

"Ya see Star, um it means…" I could hear Beast Boy snickering. I'll double the training for both of them.

"Yeah Robin, Tell the girl what it means" Make that triple the training and 5 laps around the tour.

"He's being perverted Starfire. Remember what I told you? Just ignore him and don't ask Robin questions about this, he's becoming really red." My savior Raven, Thank God.

"I'm sorry friend Robin; I didn't mean to embarrass you." Star was being so innocent and sweet about this

"It's um, okay Star"

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