A/N: whoa, it's been a bit. I'm updating all my stories so here goes an attempt at humor. In Robin's POV

Chapter (idk): It melts your brain!

I was just innocently playing a fighting game with Cyborg, when the doors swished open. I waited for some words that could verify who had came in. when they didn't come, I assumed it was Raven

"Hello Raven" I causally said. I heard footsteps and felt warm breath on my cheek.

"I am definitely not Raven, my dear Robin" Whispered the voice that was sending shivers down my spine. I looked over at Cyborg, who was gaping and pointing at something behind me. I slowly turned around and stared. It was Starfire. In a tube top, booty shorts and she was wearing make-up. Bright red lipstick, green eye shadow (which made her eyes look good), and mascara. Her hair was puffed up and curled. She looked gorgeous, and I couldn't help but stare.

"Star… what are you wearing?"I asked. She pouted…adorably!

"You dislike it, Robin?" I couldn't say I didn't… but I had one more question.

"Where did you see that…outfit?" She glowed and grinned

"A most amazing show called Jersey Shore!"

I looked over at Cyborg. Uh-oh….