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Ron sat at his desk, pretending to study. He hated math, no he despised it. X+Y= this sucks. He thought sourly. Why couldn't he be good at something useful other than by being trauma sponge? The burn scars on his shoulders itched as if to remind him, but Kim was safe and dating Josh Mankey. He thought and quickly shook his head as if to clear it. He never trusted Josh's intentions were completely pure with Kim, which gave him some insight into how her father felt and the two had struck an accord about a week ago. He just kept telling himself Kim's happiness was what was important. It didn't make him feel any better.

Then, mercifully, the bell rang. School was over, and his day couldn't get any worse. Brightening alittle he grabbed his bag. There was a chimerito super combo with his name on it over at Bueno Nacho. As usual of late Kim was no where to be found. Then Ron remembered today was wednesday, cheer practice. So he went on out the doors alone. Ron swore if Josh came up to him one more time and asked if they were cool he'd...Ron was at a loss He couldn't help but feel he was losing were as close as siblings dating would have been "awkwierd" at best. Ron shook his head again. Next thing ya know I'm gonna be listening to Linkin Park and cutting myself in a corner somewhere. He thought glumly. Ron wasn't the very model of manliness as Mr Barkin had insisted on reminding him but that mental image was ridiculous. He thought to himself as something shook him from his thoughts quite violently...a car.

The next thing he knew he was flying, his bag fell open spilling books and papers and other assorted items all over the street. Then pain like he'd never felt before as he hit the asphalt face first and skidded a couple feet. The car had stopped. He heard the world as if his head was in a bucket of water.

"Do you think he's dead? That's Stoppable isn't it? Oh my god call 911! My dad's gonna kill me!" Multiple people began to gather their voices indistict.

One voice he'd know anywhere. He swore he felt something crawling over his body his head throbbed.

"NO-NO-NO-NO-NO RON!" Kim shrieked.

With great effort Ron half peeled himself off the pavement elicting astonished gasps from the crowd he turned to Kim or at least what he thought was Kim. Truth be told he couldn't see very well at this point.

"I don' feel sho' good." he slurred as he heard someone vomit. His skin was crawling and his body was making snap, crackle, and popping sounds. The sound of the ambulance siren cut through the commotion.

"Can you hear me, son?" The emt asked.

"Yeah." Ron slurred.

"You're gonna be fine I just need you to lay still." The emt soothed.

"What hit me?"Ron asked weakly.

"You've been in an accident." the emt replied.

"No kidding." Ron slurred.

They loaded him up on a gurney and hauled him into the back of the ambulance and sped off to the medical center.

Dr Possible was waiting when the ambulance arrived. While emergency room wasn't her usual post, Gloria Stoppable was in no condition to handle this. Her own son looking like he'd just been put through the grinder, the fact he was concious was amazing enough as they wheeled him in.

"My mom's gonna kill me..." Ron moaned.

"Ronald you're in shock...lay still." she said as he feebily tried to grab at her lab coat. She looked down to see something she'd never seen in all her years of medical practice, he hand was reknitting slowly before her eyes. She blinked and sure enough his hand was repairing itself.

"Get him into ICU stat!" she barked at the other nurses.


"Yes, Ronald, I'm here."

"This... sucks..." Ron said weakly.

"Ronald, that's the understatement of the century." She replied as they wheeled him into the room.

They dressed his wounds as best they could. The prognosis was difficult to explain at best. Ron was stable and that was some good news at least.

"Anne what happened?" Gloria asked nearly frantic.

"Gloria, I'm going to be honest with you it doesn't look good... he hit face first, we're still trying to acertain whether he'll come out of the coma, and even if he does brain damage is ineveitable. I'm so sorry." Anne said putting a hand on her shoulder. Gloria left in tears her husband walking her out.

Anne turned and went to her office. She picked up the phone and dialed a number she prayed she would never have to call.

"Anne? Is that you? It's been so long." a female voice on the other end said in a chillingly congenial tone.

"Yes, well, It's about our arrangement." Anne replied in a hesitant tone.

"Yes, do tell." the woman said unperturbed.

"Full regenerative capability."

"Plausible deniability and extraction?"

"He was in a car accident. He wasn't even recognizable when they brought him in. In a regular patient, I'd say the odds of survivability aren't favorable. " Anne said trying to sound as clinical as possible.

"Excellent, make what ever arrangements you need to. We'll take care of the rest." The woman said sounding quite pleased.

"So, we're done, that's it?" Anne asked trying to still the quiver in her voice.

"Yes, you're family is safe, for the time being." the woman replied.

"I got you what you wanted .." Anne said barely holding tears in check.

"And assuming he works out, I'll honor my end. Quality assurance and all that." the woman replied as if she was buying an appliance and not bartering a human life.

"Alright, I'll be in touch." Anne replied.

"You have forty-eight hours." the woman said matter of factly.

"Very well. I'll have him ready in less." Anne replied with a decided lack of enthusiasm.

"That's why you were my favorite Dr. Grey. You always were a go getter, shame you chose to leave us." the woman on the other end said, making Anne shudder.

"Window has closed to twelve hours." the woman concluded.

"He'll be ready."

"Excellent, goodbye, Anne."

"Don't take this the wrong way, Ivanna, but I hope I never see you again after today." Anne said plainly.

"I'll dispatch some agents, they'll meet you at the helipad." Ivanna said hanging up.

Anne hung up, and took out her key, walked to the controled substances locker, and loaded a syringe.

She pasted on her best motherly smile and went the Ron's room.

Ron had seen better days that was for sure. My day can't get any worse me and my big mouth. He thought ruefully. Truth be told the pain was becoming more and more managable, though his bandages itched something awful and his flesh felt like it was crawling. His parents must have been sick with worry, he didn't even want to contemplate what Kim was going through.

He was scared out of his mind at the next thought that occured to him. Was he going to be a cripple for the rest of his horribly disfigured days? For the first time in years Ron began to pray. If God was listening he'd go to synogogue, he'd give up bacon and go kosher full time, he'd give up bueno nacho whatever it took. He was getting ready to swear off masturbation when he heard the door open.

"I have something for the pain, Ronald." Dr. Possible said coming into the room and shutting the door behind her. Ron was in no position to protest seeing as his jaw was wired shut. She looked sad for some reason. He stroked her hand weakly.

"Forgive me Ronald." she said as she injected him. For Ron the world went fuzzy and then black.

Anne sprung into motion, Guilt was a luxury she didn't have time for at the moment. She called for a nurse and recorded the time for the death certificate and had his body transfered to the morgue. With Ronald's condition necessitating a closed casket funeral that was covered. Next would be getting the body from the morgue to the roof. She checked Ron's ID, sure enough organ donor. A charitable soul to the end. She thought sadly. The Stoppables would more than likely cremate the rest. Then it would be her unpleasant duty to inform the family.

"Twenty years and I'm still doing Ivanna's scut work." she muttered annoyedly to herself as she went down to the morgue later that night. Late nights were par for the course for her so her family thought nothing of it. Kim was devastated, Josh was there to hold her through it, which spoke volumes for his character, she hoped.

"Dr. Possible what brings you here at this hour?" the coroner asked nervously.

"I could ask you the same Dr. Ford..." Anne said, her sharp analytical mind taking in the scene. That's when she saw it: the teenage overdose from yesterday laying out in a rather scandalous fashion. Dr Ford knew the jig was up.

"Ok, here's the deal you're going to assist me and I won't ruin your career." Anne said in tone that startled the little man.

"What do you require?" he replied head bowed.

"I need a John Doe." She said.

"Of course. height weight hair color?" The coroner asked.

"Five,eight, roughly one hundred and sixty pounds." She said walking over to where Ron was being kept.

"I have that right here. What may I ask do you need it for?"

"This man is entering the witness protection program that's all I can say." Anne lied through her teeth.

"I see. So a switch then?"

"Yes, and seeing as you're not supposed to be here to begin with you should probably leave as soon as we're done here." Anne said plainly.

"Yes, yes, I do need to put her away though."

"Yes, get to that." Anne said after the switch was done, suppressing a look of utter revulsion.

"We have a deal, then?" Dr. Ford asked sheepishly on his way out.

"Yes, quite, I'll hold up my end if you stay silent, but don't test my generosity, ."

"If I may say you you're a bit more morally flexible than I gave you credit for Dr. Possible." He said on his way out.

"You have no idea." she muttered to herself as she pushed the gurney to the elevator. She took out her cell phone.

"Hello?" the voice on the other end asked.

"Do it." Anne said.

"Erasing footage now. We're good now right?" the voice asked hopefully.

"I'll see your mother in surgery first thing next week, count on it." Anne replied in her usual chipper fashion.

"Thank you Doctor." the voice said sounding relieved.

"No problem, you take care." she said hanging up the phone, as the elevator opened to the roof. She pushed the gurney out to the waiting chopper. Two men dressed as emts were waiting for her. A large black man with blonde dreadlocks poking out the back of his hat, and smaller hispanic man with a goatee. They didn't look much older than Ron.

"This the package?" the black man said loudly over the chopper's rotors.

"Yes, take good care of him." Anne yelled back biting back a sarcastic remark.

"Senora, if you know who we work for, you know we can't promise that." the hispanic man said looking sympathetic.

"I know, oh and one more thing..."

"Si?" the hispanic man replied.

"Try to resist the urge to shoot me in the back, give Ivanna my regards." Anne said walking away. The two men gave each other a knowing look and packed the gurney into the chopper.

"What do ya suppose his power is?" the hispanic man asked as he strapped himself in.

"Who knows, from what I heard homeboy's lucky to be alive." the black man said with a shrug as they took off.