Blood and Name

Summary: WARNING: Spoilers to HP series and Supernatural up to Season 05 ep 10 "Abandon All Hope".Sequel to In Mac's Bar and Coming Home. Castiel Potter just started school. But in his family, school was never a safe business.

Category: Romance / Adventure

Pairing: Harry/Dean, Cas/Scorpius,

Author's Notes: This is an experiment. I it sucks please tell. If it's not interesting, please tell me. If you've got ideas, show your heads!

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The first time he heard of Castiel Potter he was on the Hogwarts Express.

He was sitting in a compartment with Appie (Appolonia) Crabbe and Percy (Percival) Zambini, both were childhood friends of his. Maybe "friends" was too strong a word but he had played with them countless times when he was little since their parents were good friends from their time at Hogwarts.

Truth be told, they bored him a bit, but he wouldn't risk a compartment full of strangers. He felt a bit of a coward but he didn't mind it. Slytherins were cowards by nature, that's why they survived most of the time when the Griffindors died the heroic deaths and lived on in legends only. He knew pretty well he would be a Slytherin. His mother has always told him, his father's whole family was Slytherin and his mother… Well, she had always taught him, better to be breathing coward than a dead hero. He knew that was the only reason there were still purebloods around. They had deserted the Dark Lord as soon as they had seen the possibility of their deaths and ruin and had begged the Ministry for forgiveness. He knew all that because he was such a curious boy. Because he was always asking all the questions he could about the Wars. It was a morbid subject but it fascinated him. His father had even screamed at him a few times for asking too many questions. For those which went unanswered he searched for books and people who had really been at the war. His quest was for the truth because he knew the books could lie just like people. He always had wanted to know how it was, really. Most his childhood friends said their parents were heroes for deserting the Dark Lord, but he knew they had only been scared. They were slytherins after all, better be at the side a merciful Ministry ready to make deals for information than that of an unforgiving Dark Lord.

Once, he had caught his father drunk at his office. It was late at night long after his bedtime and he had asked his father, Lord Malfoy, how he had survived the war. His father had answered: "Harry Bloody Potter saved me from death." It had been bitter and sad and he had been only 8 at the time. But he had never forgotten and he treasured it as one of the few truths his father has ever told him. He knew purebloods to lie all the time. To be treacherous among their own blood and to rarely trust. But he knew the power of Firewhiskey. His mother was a very wise witch and taught him all he needed to survive. Or so he thought at the time.

He remembered that afternoon so well. Frederic Thomas had passed their open compartment for the food cart and commented with a blond girl who reminded him a lot of his father's friend Pansy Rockwood: "Harry Potter's son is on the train." He had said and they headed for the front of the train where the infamous heir would be. Scorpius was itching to have a look at the boy but he thought it could be inconvenient. He knew he could be really inconvenient at times.

When they arrived at the school, he was full of wonder. The tall man, Hagrid, that welcomed them, he had never met anyone that tall, people said he was half-gigant. The Casttle looking over the lake, it was like a dream. Fully restored. Perfect again. He had seen dozens of pictures of a destroyed, burning Hogwarts in the books about the War, they never did the real thing any justice. It was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. It didn't have that ominous look most castle's he had known, had.

When they were at the stairs he caught a glimpse at the boy. There was no mistaking, he had to be Harry Potter's son. Scorpius had seen all pictures available of the man during the war. It was the same hair, the same eyes, but there was something different, he only didn't know what.

He was sorted just as he expected. Even though the Hat said he could be a great researcher if he engaged in Ravenclaw. He told the Hat he couldn't risk being the first Ravnclaw in the family. As always, he had been afraid, this time of his father's reaction to it. As he sat on the slytherin table, he kept staring at the Potter boy. He was talking with a girl, Weasley, said Appie by his side. Said the girl was the daughter of Ronald and Hermione Weasley. The two remaining members of the Golden Trio. Scorpius felt himself itching with questions, he wanted so bad to talk to their parents, but he knew they would never want anything to do with a slytherin, that they were the future pride of Griffindor. They both were Weasleys in blood, and there never had a Weasley out of Griffindor just like it was unimaginable to have a non-slytherin Malfoy.

When Potter sat on the stool he couldn't help but keep staring. To the whole hall's surprise the Hat announced:

"It shall be Slytherin!"

The hall went silent and everyone looked at Potter as if he was a death eater. He looked at the boy for a moment, as he headed down their table. Scorpius wanted to pity him. How would he tell his father? How would he explain this? It had to be a mistake. The boy on the other hand didn't seem afraid. He smiled at the Weasley girl who only looked mildly curious and ignored the nasty looks he received from his housemates. Scorpius looked at him and saw a kind of confidence he never saw on anyone before. On impulse, he had never done a thing on impulse before so it was quite a new experience, he decided to talk to the boy. Before he could stop he was babbling but he knew he had done the right thing when the boy, Castiel, extended his hand to his and smiled.

He would never forget that day nor that smile.

Three days later, he received a letter from his mother in answer to the one he wrote the night of the sorting ceremony. She congratulated him for making slytherin and asked to take care of himself. From his father he received a short missive congratulating him dryly and warning him to not get any close to the Potter boy, because Potters were beneath Malfoys even though they held higher titles of nobility.

He thought about his father's request and about his recent involvement with Castiel Potter. He analyzed it for all angles he could, after all, he was a fan of warfare study so he liked to analyze all possible courses of action before actually doing something just like any self respecting general would do.

It was three days since he started school and extended a hand to Castiel Potter. His life had turned south ever since, or so one would think. His boring friends had turned their backs on him and yesterday he had just met and befriended a Gryffindor, a Weasley, nonetheless, who according to his father were the scourge of pureblood society.

Rose Weasley, Castiel's cousin, the one he was talking to at the sorting cerimony, was surprisingly a very charming person and, on top of that, someone that could, actually, keep up with him when he was talking books. He had asked Merlin and all Magic above to send him someone who could grasp his theories and know the authors he knew. And to think it would be a Gryffindor! Like him, she read the books to prepare for lessons and really liked comparing authors. He laughed to himself briefly remembering that Castiel had even complained of a headache after following their conversation for an hour.

Cas, as Rose called him, wasn't an idiot either, he just didn't have patience enough for his or any other studies. He was a person with flawless magical instinct. So much so it came close to irritating. But he was a very interesting conversationalist on other matters. Scorpius loved to talk to him. Everything sounded better, inspiring and positive when it left his mouth. And he had a rough charm and a kind of drawl that reminded him of Americans.

Even if he was such nice person, most people feared him in school. Hated him even, not for himself, mind, but for what his father and his last name stood for.

That didn't change Cas, though. He was ultimately good and caring with those who deserved it. He was also a very simple person who abhorred formalities. He had taken to Scorpius so much that he would take him everywhere and present him to every one of his cousins, which were a whole bunch of people (Weasleys being definitely a big family).

On the other hand, he had his Father. Scorpius had always tried the "best son" act to see if he could please his Father. Never really worked. His father was stern and serious and had just one thing in mind, get back what Lucius Malfoy lost during the War. The money, the prestige, the influence… He was always working on that, and Scorpius knew he was just a piece on his father's chess game. A Male Heir, someone to carry the bloodline and family name.

His mother was the one that cared about him, not like the other mothers, she was a cold woman, but she was the one who taught him everything he needed to survive. He cared a lot about her, but she didn't had the power of attraction Castiel exerted over him. That's why even though his mother had warned him countless times about how stupid it was to befriend the brave, he made his decision.

Between his sour Father who would seldom grant him a word and Castiel who smiled at him at all times, who called him by his first name, who had grabbed a bed by the window on the far end of the dorm so he could have only one "bed neighbor" and asked if he, Scorpius, wanted to be this one neighbor.

He had decided.

To befriend the brave bids ill to oneself, his mother used to say. Keep company of the coward, they are easily bend and never inspire stupid actions of love and friendship for their friendship is empty and weak. When he decided, those words were the ones he most took to heart for he knew they were the ones most true. His mother was crude sometimes and cruel sometimes but she never lied.

When he decided, he knew maybe his destiny would be to die beside his friend like many had died for the Potters before him, and that decision was his first ever act of courage.

As he burnt his father's missive, he felt his heart warm with a taste of rebelliousness.

At least, he would live his life so fully it might as well make it matter as following his father never did.

Castiel who sat by him just smiled at him, his mouth grossly full of eggs and bacon.

They were having Care of Magical Creatures, first thing in the morning down on Hagrid's hut. He was so excited… It felt like the first day of a whole new life.