Blood and Name

Summary: WARNING: Spoilers to HP series and Supernatural up to Season 05 ep 10 "Abandon All Hope". Sequel to In Mac's Bar and Coming Home. Castiel Potter just started school. But in his family, school was never a safe business.

Category: Romance / Adventure

Pairing: Harry/Dean, Cas/Scorpius,

Author's Notes: It's the end!


That same year the whole Winchester/Potter Clan descended upon Bobby. They had gotten special leave from school since the school lost them and Ted was given his vacation early so he could recover. Bobby hated crowds but their family only grew despite all expectations. Despite life expectations of hunters, saviors of the world, Winchesters or Potters, which were all exceedingly low rated. He wasn't the kind to admit it but that made him happy. Filled the Scrap Yard with kids' laughter as Karen had always wanted. He loved them. Exactly as they were. But sometimes he wondered why those boys couldn't have had more girls... Or at least, gone for girls. Or stayed with some. Jane was such a blessing sometimes…

He bit his tongue, though.

Sting had brought a full box of bottles of something gray and gooey looking. He said it was a home made medicine to easy pains and afflictions. Bobby didn't want to drink that stuff… It looked nasty but he couldn't say no when those boys looked at him with that puppy stare they had to have learned from Sam.

As long as they were there, he drank the stuff after all meals. It didn't taste as bad as it looked.

Sometimes he would catch Sting following him around looking at him funny. He didn't know what it was about. But he would catch an expectant look from Cas once in a while. He didn't know what they were expecting until a week after he was drinking the the gooey thing.

Johnny was bringing in for his mom a cup of water. In his hurry, he tripped in the carpet and fell. The water on the cup wetting Bobby's legs and his wheel chair.

The funny thing?

He actually felt that.

In a few months time he could stand on his own. Grabbing onto things to steady him he even managed to walk a few steps. The more he worked the more it came back. In 8 months he was walking on his own. In a year and 3 months he was already running. Sting put every new experience Bobby told him in note pad and explained it would help him to perfect the formula to help other people. Maybe other hunters.

The more they grew, the more he knew Castiel and Sting were faces of the same coin. Like Sam and Dean. Like him and Rufus. Partners in the fight.

They were partners elsewhere too, more like Harry and Dean, but that wasn't any of Bobby's business.

It didn't take long for them to finish school. When they did, they went through Auror Training with Rose. They graduated with honors but that was not the life they wanted for themselves.

They left it all behind. Reformed an old car with Dean's help and hit the road. The first Wizard hunters ever.

And Bobby had lived to see it and be pestered by their problems just like the Winchester boys before them!

Bobby was convinced, more than ever before…

Family went far beyond Blood or Name.

OWARI (The End)