Emmett Gets Pranked

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Chapter 1 – Stronger

Bella's POV


It's been 10 years since Renesmee was born, ten years since I became a vampire, ten years of denying my thirst and resisting the sweet smell of human blood; and yet, here I am, red eyed and filled with guilt and remorse.

Esme and I went for a hunting trip and there I caught the sweetest scent I have ever smelt before; a young girl about fifteen was wondering the woods alone. As soon as I caught her scent, I didn't think about anything besides the sweet smell. So without thinking I ran towards the direction of the girl. The sweet smell filled by brain and the monster in me rejoiced.

I think Esme was trying to stop me, but I couldn't be sure because all I could think of was that I was the predator and she was my prey and the sooner I get to her the sooner I could put a stop to the burning pain in my throat.

When I reached her, I didn't waste time; I launched myself onto the girl and snapped her neck so she wouldn't have to suffer the pain while I was ruthlessly quenching my thirst.

I sank my venom coated teeth into her soft skin on her throat. The most sweetest blood ever gushed into my mouth, the taste was amazing. It was warm as it flowed down my throat quenching my thirst.

After I finished, that's when I realised what I did and regret filled my mind as I encountered the sight before me. The young girl lay lifelessly in my arms. Her beautiful face was pale and her dark, curly hair swayed in the wind, it was ruffled and untidy. Her arms and legs were broken by my aggressiveness. Her broken neck was tilted to the side revealing my teeth marks. My vision became blurry as tears that would never spill came into my now crimson, monstrous eyes.

I took a life. I have no right to take lives, I am not God; in fact I am the total opposite. She was an innocent young girl, with a whole life a head of her. She could have dreams, ambitions, family, friends and a bright future ahead of her and I took all that away from her. I bowed my head and silently prayed that her innocent soul may rest in peace.

I was startled when someone gently tapped my shoulder; I turned around and found it was Esme; Alice and Edward were right behind her. Alice must have seen it.

"Edward, you take Bella home and Esme and I will take care of the body." Alice said with an unfathomable expression.

Edward helped me up, and ran me home. All the while he was chanting words of comfort to me. When we reached the house I almost died of regret and embarrassment when Carlisle opened the door and looked straight into my red, guilt stricken eyes.

I ran past my family as they watched me with concern and pity. I ran to mine and Edward's room. Edward followed me, we spent the rest of the day there and I should say Edward knows all the right things to say and do at the right moments.

The next day I thought my family needed an apology, so I called a family meeting and apologised. They all were very nice and forgave me.

Present – End of Flashback

It's been almost a week since that incident and we moved to a new place, so no one would suspect anything of us. I was still feeling down and everyone was just very quiet.

That was until Emmett started to pull pranks on each of us. He ruined Edward's piano and Volvo, Alice's Porsche and Clothes, Rosalie's clothes, Carlisle's Mercedes and doctor stuff, Esme's furniture, Jasper's books and he was playing stupid jokes on Nessie and me.

We were all pissed off and decided it was time for revenge. All of us including Carlisle, Esme and Rosalie planned strategies to play pranks on Emmett.

I laughed evilly as I realised that since I drank human blood not very long ago, I was a little stronger than Emmett. A wide grin crept onto my face as I got an awesome idea to prank Emmett. This is going to be fun.

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